X Factor’s Max and Harvey: What are they doing now? Are they related?

They’re social media superstars


by Hannah Mellin |

Max and Harvey are pretty much social media superstars, so it’s hard to miss their online presence. However, if you're not completely up to speed on the duo since their X Factor: Celebrity appearance in 2019, we're here to give you the lowdown...

Who are Max and Harvey?

Identical twins Harvey Kitt Mills and Max Lucas Mills are best known as singers Max and Harvey.

The duo rose to fame posting singing videos all over social media but their following increased dramatically when they appeared on The X Factor: Celebrity in 2019, where they reached the final alongside Megan McKenna and Jenny Ryan.

max and harvey x factor where are they now

The pair began singing when they were just eight years old and went on to have careers in the West End and a short film for Channel 4.

They then joined musical.ly (the old TikTok basically) in 2016 where they began creating lip syncing videos to Shawn Mendes and Bastille songs. In 2017, they landed their very own CBBC documentary My Life: Max & Harvey, a documentary produced by the duo, which gave fans an inside look into their lives and career.

They went on to release their debut single One More Day in Love in December 2016, shortly after their rise to fame.

The twins then released a cover of DJ Snake and Justin Bieber’s Let Me Love You in January, 2017, which gained them millions of views on YouTube

After releasing more music, Max and Harvey took part in The X Factor: Celebrity and came second. Since the show, they have gone on to host their own podcast School Daze with Max & Harvey, release even more music and become Charity Patrons for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity. They also have a HUGE following on social media, boasting almost 1m Instagram followers and 6.4m Tik Tok followers.

Busy boys, eh?

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How old are Max and Harvey?

Being indentical twins, Max and Harvey were born on 31 December 2002, making them both 18 years old.

Where are Max and Harvey from?

They’re from Berkshire.

Where do Max and Harvey go to school?

The twins went to school in Yateley, Hampshire but haven’t revealed which one. However, Yateley School tweeted about their success in 2017, so it looks like that’s where they went.

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Are Max and Harvey related?

Yep, they’re identical twins! Max is younger than Harvey by two minutes.

Are Max and Harvey single?

After having a quick stalk all over social media, it looks like Max and Harvey are both single which should please their huge fan base. However, celebrities can be notoriously private when it comes to their love lives, so they could be dating in secret.

Are Max and Harvey gay?

Neither Max or Harvey have spoken out about their sexuality, but they have both dated girls.

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What are Max and Harvey doing now?

max and harvey 2021

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In 2021, they released In my DNA, an emotional tribute to their grandfather, who was diagnosed with Alzheimers.

Speaking about the single, they said, “This song means more to us than anything we’ve ever put out into the world.

“We wanted to tell our Granpop’s story and talk about his life and it took us a long time to work out the perfect way to do that.

“Whilst writing the song we also had in the back of our minds, the sad fact that our Grandma had been diagnosed with cancer.

“Sadly she recently passed away, but we were able to play her this song before we lost her, and when she heard it she started to cry.

“The fact that she knew right away exactly what the song was about meant a lot to us, and we’re so sad she couldn’t be around to see the world hear it.”

The pair are also active on Instagram and TikTok where they post song snippets and hilarious videos.

Max and Harvey's most recent public appearance was at the Nickelodeon Slimefest at Blackpool Pleasure Beach Arena alongside other celebs like Fleur East, Diversity and Wes Nelson.

Max and Harvey Instagram

Go and follow their Insta antics @maxandharvey.

Max and Harvey TikTok

Possibly the most dedicated TikTok-ers we've come across. @maxandharveyofficial.

Max and Harvey Twitter

The twins tweet over at @maxandharvey.

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