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This 19-year-old One Direction fan isn't just any old One Direction fan, Mallory Adams who attends Utah Valley University in Utah, USA has become a bit of an Internet sensation after her university presentation on the popular boyband has gone viral.

Admittedly it's not everyone's choice of subject for a presentation at university, but Mallory put it all out there, explaining how she had been a One Direction fan for six and a half years.

She starts off her presentation saying, "I know what you're thinking. This is pathetic, you're 19-years-old, grow up. First of all I agree with you, but second... One Direction is a lot more than just a band, because they shaped me."

Take a look at One Direction through the years:


One Direction through the years - slider

One Direction1 of 11
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One Direction auditioning on The X Factor

One Direction formed on The X Factor in 2010. All five members auditioned as individual contestants and were put together as a group by Simon Cowell.

One Direction wait for the results2 of 11
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One Direction wait for the results

The band failed to win The X Factor, coming in at third place, however that didn't stop them becoming world famous.

One Direction return to The X Factor3 of 11
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One Direction return to The X Factor

After a successful year in the music industry, One Direction returned to the show that made them famous, to perform.

One Direction: This Is Us4 of 11
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One Direction: This Is Us

In 2013 the band released One Direction: This Is Us, a documentary film about the group with many clips and songs. It was very popular with fans and took nearly $70,000 million at the box office.

Zayn announces he's leaving5 of 11
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Zayn announces he's leaving

Zayn broke many fans' hearts by announcing he was going to leave the group in 2015.

One Direction continues as a group of four6 of 11
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One Direction continues as a group of four

The remaining four members continued for a few months before announcing they would be starting an hiatus in January 2016.

Harry Styles stars in Dunkirk7 of 11
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Harry Styles stars in Dunkirk

Harry Styles released his self-titled album in 2017, but also starred in his first feature film, Dunkirk.

Niall Horan released solo music8 of 11
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Niall Horan released solo music

Niall Horan released solo music, and his now on his 'Flicker' world tour.

Zayn has released music9 of 11
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Zayn has released music

Since leaving the group Zayn Malik has had a number of solo singles including a collaboration with Sia, 'From Dusk Till Dawn'.

Liam teamed up with Rita Ora on 'For You'10 of 11
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Liam teamed up with Rita Ora on 'For You'

Liam Payne released solo music including the huge song 'For You' with Rita Ora.

Louis Tomlinson is now a judge on The X Factor11 of 11
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Louis Tomlinson is now a judge on The X Factor

Louis Tomlinson has released some solo music, but he has now become a new judge on The X Factor.

Mallory explained in the video, "I had 246 posters on my wall when I was 15, and I would do the same today.

"It’s been the most consistent thing in my life. I’ve travelled to four different states solely for the purpose of seeing the boys, making it a total of six concerts in five different states - these being California twice, Arizona, Vegas, Indiana, and my own state, Utah. Unfortunately, I cried my eyes out at every concert."

The university student went on to reveal that her favourite member of the group is Niall Horan, posting a short video of when she met her idol at the age of 12.

Since Mallory's video has been uploaded to social media she's become a bit of a hit with fans of Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and of course Niall, from around the world.

Many fans left comments such as, 'And that's how it's done! Well done !!!' and 'Oh my gosh😭 This is so good! People don’t understand that one direction isn’t just a band, it’s more then that. And you did a very good job at putting all that into words!!😍'.

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Meanwhile, in the One Direction world, rumours have been circulating over the possibility of a reunion. First of all, when fans realised that the One Direction online shop had closed down, they thought that meant that the end of the group, however, not long after, new X Factor judge Louis Tomlinson revealed in an interview that they 'could' reunite.

"We're all just enjoying our time," Louis explained, "But for me, there's no way, with a band like One Direction that it's not going to happen again."

Days later, a cryptic Instagram post from Liam Payne appeared to suggest that it might happen sooner, rather than later. Liam uploaded a photo of the band from the beginning of their incredible journey as One Direction, Liam simply captioned the snap '1000 days'.

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