The Jonas Brothers just announced their new Christmas single in the cutest way

Err, is that baby Willa we see?

jonas brothers new christmas single

by Lucy Smith |

The Jonas Brothers have dropped an early Christmas single and announced the release on social media by sharing the sweetest family throwback.

Posting on Instagram, the band shared an old Christmas photo of members Kevin, [Joe](http://Joe Jonas reveals new neck tattoo and fans are CONVINCED it's inspired by Sophie Turner) and Nick Jonas as kids around their family Christmas tree.

Alongside the snap, they wrote, "With having such a crazy year, we all really need something to look forward to... the holidays is a time that brings us together and is something that brings us joy in the darkest of times.

"For us, this song stirs up memories of childhood snowball fights and finding the nearest hill to sled. It brings us back to spending time with family setting up the Christmas tree."

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Jonas Brothers now and then - their best throwback pics

Jonas Brothers
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Ah, Kevin. That's the face we all pulled when we realised how BLOODY YOUNG Nick looks.

Jonas Brothers
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You know when you walk past those barber shops with really old example photos in the window?Yeah, that.

Jonas Brothers
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Fun fact: Kevin Jonas made the bandana trend cool way before Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski.

Jonas Brothers
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Joe's MySpace fringe is nothing short of iconic.

Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus
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JoBros + Hannah Montana = our entire childhood in one image. SIMPLER TIMES.

Jonas Brothers
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And, just like that, puberty happened.

Jonas Brothers
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We stanned buzzcut Nick #sorrynotsorry.

Jonas Brothers
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CREDIT: Jonas Brothers

So pouty. So suave. So...FASHWAAN.

Awww ❤️.

Naturally, fans in the comments were going wild.

"YES YES YES I AM SO HAPPY YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!!! The way I wanted this 😭😭😭," one wrote.

Plus, keen eyed fans think they might have spotted the first pic of Joe and [wife Sophie Turner](http://Joe Jonas shares unseen engagement photo with Sophie Turner and we're in LOVE)'s new baby Willa.

"Willlaaaaaaa," commented one follower.

"That's Willa in 3rd pic," added another.

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Yep, in the third photo shared by the band, the trio are seen alongside family while Kevin holds six-year-old daughter Alena and... Joe holds a newborn baby 😱.

We must say Joe, you make a very fit doting dad with that muslin cloth casually slewn across your shoulder.

The band's new Christmas single, I Need You Christmas, has now been released on all the usual streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music - you know the drill) and it is a festive DREAM.

We'd say it sits somewhere between Bing Crosby and Michael Buble and, though it may still be October, it's going to be the only thing we're listening to for the foreseeable.

"I need you Christmaaas, friends by the fire to hooold..." 🎶

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