Hollyoaks spoilers: Who will help Ste Hay escape the far-right group?

He's been groomed for months but he's finally seen sense

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by Eden-Olivia Lord |

After the death of Tegan Lomax, Ste Hay was fuelled with hate towards Misbah Maalik. It wasn't long before newbie Jonny Baxter – aka The X Factor's Ray Quinn – began grooming him into the far-right group.

For months Ste has been following the extremists but after a dramatic turn of events he had a change of heart.

Next week Ste finally reaches out and tries to get help but when he discovers he'll have to move away and start over again he begins to doubt his plan – what will he do?

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Elsewhere Finn O'Connor discover he's not been invited to Sinead O'Connor and Sami Maalik's wedding and is left devastated.

Also Yasmine Maalik feels isolated but manages to find an unexpected friend in the village, the police try to find a suspect for Mercedes McQueen's shooting and Luke Morgan tries to bond with his son DJ.

Hollyoaks spoilers: Monday 11 – Friday 15 November 2019


Hollyoaks spoilers: Ste seeks help to escape the far-right group

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After spotting the note Ste threw over the Maalik's back garden, Azim Desai waits for him to see what he wants. When Ste arrives he begs for help to get away from Stuart and Jonny Baxter.

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Despite Ste's recent behaviour, Azmin agrees to help him out because he once had a friend who he couldn't save. Unfortunately not everyone is easy to win over – Leela Lomax needs more evidence to believe him.

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When Sid Sumners arrives at school, Imran Maalik tells him he's as guilty as his dad for the explosion. However Juliet Quinn feels more sympathetic because she knows how it feels to be judged for her parents behaviour.

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While Ste records a propaganda video for the far-right group he's surprised when he receives a reminder about his HIV hospital appointment.

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Jonny goes to the appointment with him but Peri Lomax – who is a trainee nurse – tells him that only immediate family can go into the appointment.

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Ste doesn't want to post articles on Jonny and Stuart's website and later comes up with an excuse to leave the house.Stuart doesn't believe his intentions and tells him to stay put while they meet up with a rival group. While Stuart heads out he orders Sid to keep an eye on Ste but the teenager has a date with Juliet…

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Ste manages to convince Sid to leave him on his own, unfortunately all the doors and windows are locked.During his date with Juliet, Sid's mind is elsewhere... She's left upset when he rushes off but decides to steal his wallet.

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Marnie Nightingale encourages her granddaughter to go over to Sid's house and let him know that he failed to meet her expectations.

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Ste meets up with Prevent and is stunned when the officer – Benjamin – reveals he used to be a member of a far-right organisation. However when Ste discovers he'll have to move away from the village and start all over again, he feels overwhelmed and trapped.

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Ste sneaks back to the house but Sid is waiting for him in the yard… Later, the far-right group tell Ste their plan to take over a rival group.As they all head out, Stuart takes a knife from the kitchen drawer… Later, Ste talks to Azim about his concerns. Sid then warns Ste that Stuart will find a way to hurt him.

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After a stab victim arrives at the hospital following a gang fight in town, tension rise between Jonny and Stuart which doesn't go unnoticed by Ste.

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At home, Ste and Azim see each other while they're putting the bins out and Azim reassures his new friend that there is hope.

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Elsewhere when Yazz meets up with florist for Sami and Sinead's wedding, it becomes clear that the florist has no patience for Yazz because she's deaf.

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Sami feels anxious about the wedding plans and finally opens up to Azim – he and Sinead had a row on holiday and now she's blanking him.

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When Sami invites Diane Hutchinson to the wedding, he ask her not to tell Finn because he's not invited.Later, when Yazz needs Finn's help with an order for the wedding it dawns on him that he wasn't invited to his sister's wedding and he's left devastated.

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Yazz tells Finn that he should respect Sinead's decision but when he thanks her for being a good friend she flinches as he touches her arm.

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Later Finn confronts Diane about Sinead's wedding but Edward Hutchinson warns him to watch his temper if he doesn't want to end up back in prison.

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Over at the Maalik household and Yazz begins to feel isolated when she can't hear all the fun her family are having with the wedding outfits.

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When Yaz walks out she tells Imran that it's easier to spend time with people that didn't know her before she lost her hearing – like Finn. Imran is left speechless at her confession.

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Imran wants to be Sami and Sinead's wedding photographer and wants Yazz to help out otherwise he'll tell everyone about her 'secret boyfriend'.When Sami overhears he promises to give Imran the job if he tells him who Yazz's 'secret boyfriend' is…

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Edward makes his presence known at the hospital straight away when he comments on Peri's uniform and threatens to suspend her.

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Finn tells him mum that he's made a new friend. He's left feeling smug when Diane prepares a meal for them and forces Edward to leave. However Edward it determined to find out who Finn's new friend is.

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Following Mercedes' shooting, DS Cohen tells Liam that his gun is a match for the one that shot her… Grace Black begs James Nightingale to represent Liam and he agrees.

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Sally St. Claire gives Sylver McQueen an idea about how he can move forward… Elsewhere when Diane bumps into Grace she asks her to keep quiet about what she saw on the night Mercedes was shot…

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Liberty Savage and Sienna Blake tell Luke to clean up his act if he wants to be a good father to DJ. He decides to ask Mandy Richardson and Darren Osborne if he can spend more time with his son.

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As Darren prepares for Luke to spend the day with DJ, he's left feeling hurt and angry at their bond.Mandy promises that she won't let anything come between him and DJ but she's unaware that he's already made a huge mistake – sleeping with Nancy Osborne.

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Before any of the above, here's everything that will happen on Hollyoaks this week...

It;s finally revealed that Mercedes was behind Grace's hit and run but not only that but Mercy's affair with Liam comes to light.

The drama all unfolds in The Dog in front of the rest of the residents but in true Mercedes McQueen style she slates the entire village.

Later as she grabs alcohol, drugs and a gun she dances without a care in the world - unaware that one of the residents are watching her. Soon after, they shoot her and leave her for dead - but who's the guilty culprit?

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