The Girls Bathroom’s Sophia and Cinzia talk podcast secrets, fall-outs and how they choose dilemmas

The BFFs chat exclusively to heat about their number one podcast...

The Girls Bathroom Sophia and Cinzia

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Sophia Tuxford and Cinzia Baylis-Zullo are lifelong best friends and co-hosts of our favourite podcast, The Girls Bathroom where they answer listeners' dilemmas, whilst offering up their own experiences along the way.

The Nottingham-born besties cover a whole range of topics from boys, careers and friendship and each episode feels like you're listening to old friends. It's truly our favourite Wednesday evening hobby.

As the podcast reaches a massive 20 million downloads (!) Sophia and Cinzia answer all your burning questions about The Girls Bathroom...

Congrats on hitting the 20 million download mark! For anyone who doesn’t know, how did the podcast initially start?

Sophia: So when we had our YouTube channel, we were noticing that people were messaging us like, 'You guys are like our best friends, we don't have anyone else to talk to, I need help with this problem, could you help me?' and then that kind of developed into us doing a Boy Talk series and a Girl Talk series on our YouTube channel.

Then we were big fans of podcasts, we really wanted to start one, so we kind of thought that the Boy Talk and Girl Talk series we started on YouTube could be its own little world in the podcast space. That was really how The Girls Bathroom podcast was born.

Cinzia: And The Girls Bathroom is the best thing ever, It's the best space for everyone to feel safe, and share what they're feeling, whilst having fun at the same time.

What’s been your favourite/most memorable episode to date?

The Girls Bathroom

Sophia: I honestly don't know if we could pick just one, they're all amazing!

Cinzia: They're all unique and different in their own way. I think maybe our favourite may be the first one we ever did.

Sophia: We're on nearly 150 episodes, but our 100th episode was a massive milestone.

Cinzia: That was a real special one.

Sophia: But honestly, there's something great in every episode and we really do love it so much.

Cinzia: As long as me and Sophia are enjoying ourselves and having a laugh, then it's always a good episode.

Have you ever disagreed with each other or fallen out when giving advice?

Both: No! [Laughs]

Cinzia: I think it's good to have differing opinions, sometimes Sophia will want to approach it this way and sometimes I'll approach it from a different direction, but I always think it's good for the listeners because nothing is ever too one-sided

Sophia: It depends on your personality and how you want to handle a certain type of situation. In most cases there is never a right or a wrong, it's about what feels best for your situation, so we like to offer a range of options.

Cinzia: We like to cover our bases.

Sophia: So the listener can make the best decision that feels best suited to them.

How do you choose which dilemmas to answer on the podcast?

Sophia: So, we have an email address...

Cinzia: if you're interested!

Sophia: Everyone is always kept anonymous and we just keep that on our phones and throughout the week we keep checking it. We check it all the time and read all the emails that are sent in. Then we try and find topics that we haven't discussed before.

Cinzia: We try to keep it fresh, sometimes we struggle to think of new topics because we don't want to repeat ourselves too much.

Sophia: But that's also the comforting thing because we get a lot of the same dilemma and we like seeing that because it shows that we're all going through similar things and no one is alone in their problem.

Cinzia: Most things we talk about, me and Sophia have been right there at one point in our lives.

Do you have any pre-podcast rituals? How do you warm up?

The Girls Bathroom

Sophia: We just go for it!

Cinzia: We just walk in there, have a sip of water and we sit down and say, 'Hello, it's Wednesday, what's going on this week? and we just get straight into it.

Sophia: It's just like we're chatting to our friends.

WIll there be another The Girls Bathroom tour?

The Girls Bathroom tour

Sophia: Oh my god, we had so much fun on tour.

Cinzia: We would definitely love to go on tour again. It was so nice to interact with everyone and have loads of laughs every night. So definitely another tour.

Who is your dream celeb guest for the podcast?

Cinzia: It would be Mr Matthew Hussey. If you don't know who he is just the most iconic relationship expert, he's always on Good Morning Britain and he's always giving these amazing talks.

Sophia: He's really good, we love him.

Cinzia: He's really accurate with everything he says and we are fascinated by him, so we would love him on the podcast.

What are your favourite podcasts to listen to?

The Girls Bathroom

Ciniza: We love The Diary of a CEO, we've learned a lot from that podcast

Sophia: It's a classic.

Cinzia: We love the one with Mo Gawdat, it's incredible. We loveLife With Me by Marianna Hewitt. She's the founder of Summer Fridays and she's just got a lot of wisdom to share. We love her.

What's the best advice you've ever been given?

Sophia: I love it when our listeners send us in a nice quote...

Cinzia: Oh, we love a good quote. There's always a good quote for every situation. What's our favourite quote?

Sophia: It's 'Take the risk or lose the chance'. So, be brave, chase your dreams and go for what you want.

Cinzia: No matter how scary.

Sophia: Tell that person how you feel, take the risk and just do it.

Cinzia: Because then you'll look back on your life and not have any regrets.

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How can we give our friends better advice?

Sophia and Cinzia The Girls Bathroom

Cinzia: It's really important to be calm and kind when listening to what they're going through.

Sophia: Sometimes it's easier to give your perspective when you're not in the situation.

Cinzia: That's why it's always good to seek advice.

Sophia: You can really see it for what it is and your own emotions aren't involved. So that's why it is good to ask friends because they just might give you the answer that you need and they're not clouded by the things that you might be.

Cinzia: Say that you're in love with a guy and obviously you're in love with him, you're seeing all the good in him.

Sophia: You may excuse a lot of shit.

Cinzia: Your friends are going to see the facts and call it out.

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