WTF is a TikTok house, anyway?

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TikTok House

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Here at heat, we like to think we're pretty up-to-date with the latest social media shenanigans. We're hip. We're 'with it.' We're not a regular mom, we're a cool mom.

One thing that could throw even the most tech savvy-types, though, is this whole TikTok house phenomenon. These content creator houses are taking over our feeds fast; so we thought we'd use the UK's latest - The Wave House - to explain what the hell they're all about.

We'll have you knowing your Charli D'Amelio from your Carmie Sellitto in no time, hun.

Right, so WTF is a TikTok House?

Put simply, TikTok houses are houses in which a load of already-very-successful social media stars live together and create content. Think the Love Island villa, but with more in the way of ridiculous dance routines.

The point? To maximise on each other's audiences, gain more followers and - ultimately - make a s**tload of money.

I've heard of The Hype House - what's that?

Right, so The Hype House is the OG TikTok house in LA. Formed in December 2019, it's a collaborative house founded by Daisy Keech, Bryce Hall, Chase Hudson, Thomas Petrou, Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon.

Charli D'Amelio (TikTok's most popular star with over 90 million followers) and her sister Dixie left the house in May 2020 after it 'started to become more of a business.'

Well, um...yeah.

Tell me about The Wave House, then...

The Wave House made history in September 2020 as the UK's first ever TikTok house, basically the British equivalent of The Hype House, a group of six massively-successful YouTube stars who moved into a well fancy mansion worth a casual £5million.

Hoping to emulate the success of their US counterparts, these influencers created content in a Big Brother-style situation and pulling in some big money brand deals to boot.

The Wave House members: who's in there?

Millie T

A former member of YouTube's The Social Climbers, 20-year-old Millie Taylforth (aka Millie T) has over 1.3million YouTube subscribers and almost 330,000 followers on the 'gram.

She's also a bit of a pop star; with latest track White Wine and Milky Sad collab Comedown worth checking out on Spotify.

Carmie Sellitto (touchdalight)

22-year-old Carmie (aka YouTube star touchdalight) has almost 700,000 YouTube subs and is dating fellow member of The Wave House Kate Elisabeth.

He's been known for his beef with Strictly Come Dancing alumni Saffron Barker and YouTuber JaackMaate; but now he's 'low key' much more chill.

Kate Elisabeth

The self-proclaimed 'CEO of private school socials,' Kate Elisabeth gained popularity on YouTube through her boarding school vlogs. Now dating Carmie, Kate has over 500k subscribers and no, she doesn't have beef with Millie T.

There's a whole backstory there. Look into it.

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Spencer Elmer (elmofilms)

20-year-old YouTuber, model and musician Spencer has over 300,000 subscribers and a jawline that could literally cut glass.

Loads of fans also reckon he might be dating Millie T, and we're kinda into the idea tbh.

Elouise Fouladgar

The Wave House member with the biggest TikTok following right now is Elouise, who boasts 2.5million fans and counting on the platform.

She's dating follow Wave House-type Jimbo H and the content's top notch, quite frankly.

James Hall (Jimbo H)

Last but not least is Elouise's lad James Hall (aka Jimbo H). While he was never on the YouTube scene, James quickly gained popularity on TikTok as he shared a load of couples content with Elouise.

He's currently sitting pretty on 1.2million fans. Not too shabby.

However, just three months later, four original Wave House members left and were replaced with three brand new content creators for a second season and, in a suprise twist, not all of the members were from the UK.

Eloise and Jimbo remained as the only original members and were joined by fellow Brit Ehiz Ufuah and American content creators Zack Fairhurst and Reagan Yorke.

As well as posting on their own social media accounts and the official Wave House TikTok, the members all took part in a weekly YouTube series which saw them take on fun, nail-biting challenges.

The original Wave House racked up a whopping 3.8 million followers on TikTok, 56.2 million likes and hundreds of millions of views for their videos of life inside the house - with one post alone landing 57.2 million views.

So, there you have it. An introduction into this TikTok house business and the members of the UK's very own Wave House. Give 'em a follow over on TikTok, yeah?

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