All the celebs you NEED to follow on TikTok

'cause what else are you doing now you're stuck at home?

celebrities on tiktok

by Louella Berryman |

If you're not aware of the huge cultural phenomenon that is TikTok, where exactly have you been?

The new social media platform is slowly taking over the celeb world and we're here for it.

Whether you're into dance challenges, celebs lip syncing to their own songs or bizarre off-brand cooking videos (we're looking at you, Jason Derulo), there's something in the TikTok celeb land for you.

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All the very best and bizarre celeb TikTok accounts you need in your life rn


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celebs on tiktok
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Some celebs are doing it better than others, and we cannot get enough of Made in Chelsea star's Sam Thompson's hilarious videos.

Posting a clip of the video onto his Instagram profile, Sam can be seen miming words of songs to the camera using his own arm and body, while his girlfriend Zara McDermott hides from the camera, using her legs, donned with a pair of silver heels, pretending to be Sam's legs.

The pair playfully mimic three different positions and fans cannot get enough.

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