22 viral TikTok products you can totally buy on Amazon

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viral tiktok products

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Ah, TikTok. The place we go for one viral video and end up spending sixteen hours. The place where celebs dance chaotically in their living room and we learn the viral tortilla wrap hack. Our lunches have never looked so good, tbqh.

As well as foodstuff and challenges aplenty, there have been lots of popular products shining bright in the land of TikTok. From the 'miracle' cleaning paste used by the entire internet to the hair tool that promises an effortless blow-dry, here are all the viral products you can buy on Amazon.

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Viral TikTok buys


Famed for giving you a bubble butt that the Kardashian clan would be proud of, the scrunch


Now we've been through so many lockdowns, we learnt to take matters into our own hands in terms of

Webcam CoversAmazon
Price: £3.99


Thanks to the rise in Zoom/Teams meetings, webcam covers have blown up over on TikTok and are

air fryerAmazon
Price: £66.85


Food TikTok is awash with the humble air fryer. The clever gadget means you can cook with little

 Ariana Grande Cloud EDP SprayAmazon

Rrp: £53.00

Price: £40.00
Alternative retailers
Debenhams UK£39.75View offer
Beauty Bay£44.95View offer
Escentual£45.05View offer
Fragrancedirect£50.00View offer


Touted as a dupe for fancy scents, the internet is loving Ariana Grande's Cloud perfume. Not to


Calligraphy TikTok is ADDICTIVE. From hand-lettering to bullet journals, writing stuff with actual


Thanks to Mrs Hinch and her trusty army, cleaning has never been so popular. You can bet The Pink

Gratitude diariesAmazon
Price: £22.99


A gratitude diary is the hottest accessory since the chain belt circa the '00s. Everyone and we


Before TikTok, how did we ever have the energy to curl our hair with a curling wand? TikTok

Water  Bottle with Time MarkingsAmazon

Rrp: £20.49

Price: £11.99


Water bottles that remind you to drink at time intervals are everywhere RN. From WFH set-ups to

Tongue ScraperAmazon
Price: £8.99


Dentist-tok (yes, it's a thing) introduced us to the tongue scraper, which gets rid of all the

CeraVe skincare reviewAmazon

Rrp: £14.00

Price: £9.38
Alternative retailers
Boots£9.38View offer
Lookfantastic£10.50View offer
Beauty Bay£11.15View offer
Beauty Expert£12.50View offer


Hailed The Cleanser for blemish-prone skin. It has salicylic acid plus hydrating hero hyaluronic


From creating viral dances to funky selfies, LED strip lights are a fun way to make your content

Portable Bottle BlenderAmazon

Rrp: £21.96

Price: £17.99


Because who doesn't want to blend their smoothie on the go? For the most satisfying content ever,

Star Projector Amazon
Price: £34.99


TikTok is all about the visuals, hence why star projectors are gaining popularity for their

Filtration Ionic Shower HeadAmazon

Rrp: £13.87

Price: £11.35


So turns out living in a hard-water area could be damaging our hair? Fantastic- another thing to

Bluetooth Wireless MicrophoneAmazon

Rrp: £19.97

Price: £16.97


"Put your phone on silent, and shut your f*cking mouths- the show is about to begin". If you love


Remember when these were all over your fyp page? Let's bring them back- we miss their cute little


Never buy matches again with the iconic rechargeable lighter dude.


We love this trend, so much so that we have a [dedicated article about


TikTokers seem to be covering their rooms head to toe with artificial vines- and can we blame

Original Jade Roller and Gua Sha Massage ToolAmazon
Price: £17.98


If you're a skincare lover and don't have a face roller in your toolkit then where have you been?

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