Virtual hen party: How to throw an unforgettable pre-wedding bash

The ultimate virtual hen do guide.

Virtual hen party

by Jade Moscrop |

It's fair to say that 2020 has been a bit of a party pooper. All the plans we had have gone out of the window - birthday bashes, reunions, family holidays and, of course, weddings. We all know someone who's had to cancel or postpone their wedding, which means everything that comes with it - like the hen do and stag do.

However, just because we're all confined to our houses doesn't mean that you can't celebrate your friend's wedding from afar. Why not try a virtual hen party?

Even if it's just to tide you over until you can all get together, a virtual hen do is a great way to show your bride-to-be pal that you're still thinking about her and want her to enjoy what should've been her hen do. Or, if you're planning a party for yourself (yes queen), you can enjoy your day to the max.

To help you out with arranging it, we've thought about everything you'll need to do and buy to get sorted for the big day.

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Hosting a virtual hen party

First off, let's start with where you're going to host your virtual hen party. You can choose from the main ones: Facebook Messenger, Houseparty, Zoom or FaceTime, depending on how many people you want to attend. Here's the lowdown on how many people you can have on each:

Facebook Messenger - Up to 50 people

Zoom - Up 100 people

FaceTime - Up to 32 people

Houseparty - Up to eight people

Of course, it's useful to think about how chaotic large video calls can be, so if you opt for a larger number, it's worth setting some ground rules RE muting so that someone can actually talk! If it's just your closest friends, Houseparty is a good option, as you can play games from within the app, too.

One positive about not being confined to a physical space is that you can extend the hen party invites out to a larger group, so if you were limited before, you aren't now.

Once you've decided your guest list, you can create some cute invites using apps like Canva, which can be sent to each attendee, including the bride.

Virtual hen party drinks
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The order of the day

Deciding on a theme, dress code and choice of food are all great ways to make the group feel more connected for the shindig. Rose gold, tropical and festival are some cute themes to tie everything together, or choose something the bride loves and go from there.

It's actually really nice to dress up these days (what a rarity, eh?), so you could ask your group to get dolled up, or have a pyjama party or spa-themed event for a more relaxed feel. If it's a surprise, send the bride a list of things she needs to do/wear, but don't tell her why.

Finally, if everyone's able to, why not have pizza together, or afternoon tea? Each party member can prepare their own meal, but you can all eat together. Don't forget to order one for the bride, too!

Virtual hen party hamper

Next, let's think about treating the bride, and getting the bridesmaids/bride squad everything they need. Splitting the price between the whole group (just like you would on a real hen do) is a good shout to make sure no one is out of pocket.

Creating a cute hamper for the bride is a lovely way to send her some treats and get her ready for the big event. Think booze, a sash, a veil and, naturally, some penis-themed paraphernalia, plus any games you'd like to play on the day.

Plus, you could even send her some face masks and candles so she can chill out and feel zen either before the party, or to recover from the hangover.

Now, it's time to get the bride squad suited and booted. Think badges, glasses, straws and more!

The party playlist

Creating a playlist will really get everyone in the mood to party and you can even make it a group event. Once you've titled the playlist and added some songs, send it around to the group so they can add their choices too. It's a great way to get everyone invovled.

All the attendees can listen to it in the lead-up to the party (pre-drinks, anyone?), or you can have it playing in the background on one person's device once the get together has started.

Bride hair accessories
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Virtual hen party decorations

Sending the bride some decorations so she can feel like she's really at a hen do is a nice idea to really bring it to life. Banners, balloons and more can be ordered online (some balloons even come pre-inflated) in whatever colour theme you're working with.

Virtual hen party games

It wouldn't be a hen do without some games, would it?! Luckily, there are lots of games you can play online to have some fun.

As mentioned before, Houseparty has a number of games already built-in, such as Heads Up, Pictionary and trivia quizzes.

You could also create a quiz based around the bride (and groom), to make it feel personalised and really special. If you'd rather try some traditional hen party games, we've got you covered.

Virtual hen party activities

If you want to try something really different, we've come up with some ideas that'll make it a night to remember.

You can book a virtual cocktail making class via Mixology Events, where a box of goodies turns up at your door and you're taught how to make cocktails by a profesh.

For a small group, you could host your very own wine tasting and pretend you're sat in a vineyard in France, rather than your five-day old bra and sweats.

If your party loves a crime doc (and who doesn't), you can test their detective skills with an online murder mystery from Red Herring Games.

And yes, of course, you can book a stripper to perform on video for the occasion, but you didn't hear it from us. Or you can buy this inflatable man. #JustSaying.


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