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24 years since she quit the programme

Anthea Turner

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In case you haven't noticed, we love a bit of nostalgia here at heat, and often find ourselves drifting off in thought, dreaming about yesteryear and all the fab telly we used to watch back in the day.

(Check out our ode to the Noughties epic drama Footballers' Wives here)

And it's not just the juicy soaps we miss, in our opinion, Kids TV just isn't the same these days. Who could forget wolfing down chicken nuggets and chips and vegging out in front of the telly for Blue Peter live at 5?

The show will soon be celebrating its 60th birthday, and to mark this momentous occasion, some of our fave ever presenters will making a big return to the studio.

Anthea Turner

Anthea Turner - a presenter on the show in the early 90s - has opened up about Blue Peter's big birthday plans and her return to the show.

"We have got loads of things happening for the anniversary and I’m absolutely involved," she told Daily Star.

“There are some great Blue Peter initiatives coming up."

GALLERY: Where are your favourite '90s Blue Peter presenters now?


Where are your favourite '90s Blue Peter presenters now? (slider)

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Richard Bacon (1997-1998) then

Two words: COCAINE GATE. Yup, Richard was fired from Blue Peter after just 18 months after he admitted taking drugs. It sort of feels like yesterday despite the fact it was, um, twenty years ago. WHERE DOES TIME GO?

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Matt Baker (1999-2006) then

Presenting the show from 1999-2006, our favourite memory of Matt's probably the fact he adopted Blue Peter's pet dog Mabel and even took her with him to his new telly venture. Cute.

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Romana D'Annunzio (1996-1998) then

Romana might only have been on the show for two years, but she was just so bloody sassy and stylish. The girl had a lipstick collection Kylie Jenner would be proud of, tbh.

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Simon Thomas (1999-2005) then

Simon joined the show in 1999 after reportedly applying for the role THREE times. The lesson here? Never give up on your dream, kids.

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Stuart Miles (1994-1999) then

Stuart Miles joined BP (as the kids called it) in '94 and defined an entire generation with those blonde curtains. Very Backstreet Boys, babes.

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Richard Bacon (1997-1998) now

Richard's cocaine scandal wasn't too detrimental to his career, to be honest. He went on to host Top of the Pops and The Big Breakfast; and has more recently worked on National Geographic's talk show Explorer in New York.

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Konnie Huq (1997-2008) then

Konnie hosted the show for over a decade, working on it from 1997-2008. Bloody hell.

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Matt Baker (1999-2006) now

Matt now hosts BBC's The One Show and Countryfile; surely making him one of the most successful Blue Peter presenters ever.

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Katy Hill (1995-2000) then

Katy was absolute goals for her entire five-year run on the show, wasn't she? Kind of felt like a big sister (who didn't annoy us by stealing our Spice Girls CDs and breaking our Tamagotchi.)

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Romana D'Annunzio (1996-1998) now

Romana went on to study an MA in English and Italian at the University of Edinburgh and has since become quite the jet setter; even living in Dubai at one point.

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Katy Hill (1995-2000) now

As well as working alongside Stuart on the radio, Katy's now a blogger and is married to Live & Kicking presenter Trey Farley. You might've seen her in those Arm & Hammer toothpaste ads, too.

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Konnie Huq (1997-2008) then

Who can forget Konnie's iconic presenting gig on The X Factor spin-off The Xtra Factor, eh? Perhaps the biggest update, though, is that she married Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker and even co-wrote an episode with him.

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Tim Vincent (1993-1997) then

Tim joined Blue Peter in 1993 and was quite possibly our first celeb crush EVER. Like, we once sent him a letter professing our undying low. His reply must've got, um, lost in the post.

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Tim Vincent (1993-1997) now

Tim's done bloody well for himself since leaving the show back in 1997. Not only did he play Adam Forrester in Emmerdale, but he only went and cracked America. He was a temporary presenter on the US version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and is a correspondent for Access Hollywood over there. Oh, and who can forget his stint on Dancing on Ice?

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Simon Thomas (1999-2005) now

Simon's since moved into the world of sport, hosting Sky's Premier League and EFL Cup coverage.

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Stuart Miles (1994-1999) now

Stuart's very much still in the presenting game, now co-hosting the Heart Four Counties breakfast show with none other than former Blue Peter fave Katy Hill. Speaking of whom...

In other throwback news, ABBA are reuniting and releasing brand new music.

The band, made up of Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, announced the exciting news in an official statement on Friday 27th April.

The statement on ABBA's official Instagram account reads: "The decision to go ahead with the exciting ABBA avatar tour project had an unexpected consequence. We all four felt that, after some 35 years, it could be fun to join forces again and go into the recording studio. So we did.

"And it was like time had stood still and that we only had been away on a short holiday. An extremely joyful experience!"


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