Why old episodes of Big Brother may NEVER be seen again 😱

The memories will have to do, hun 😢

Big Brother's Davina McCall and winner Nadia Almada

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Oh, how we miss the glory days of Big Brother. Nikki Grahame's 'who is she?' rant? Iconic. The Lipgloss Bitches? A clique we longed to infiltrate. Chantelle Houghton's oh-so-convincing performance of Kandy Floss' I Want it All? Unforgettable. But anyone looking to binge their favourite vintage series of the show might want to look away now, because bosses have suggested old episodes may NEVER air again.

While E4's Big Brother: Best Shows Ever sparked interest in the OG reality telly show earlier this year, Katy Manley – Co-Managing Director of Initial - says the makers have a duty of care to former contestants who may no longer wish to be in the limelight.

Big Brother winners: where are they now?


big brother winners: where are they now? heatworld

Craig Phillips (winner of series 1 in 2000) then
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Craig was the first ever winner of the series all the way back in 2000. He donated his entire £70,000 prize fund to his friend Joanne Harris who has Down's syndrome - to pay for her heart and lung transplant.

Craig Phillips (winner of series 1 in 2000) now
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After winning the show, Craig became one of the UK's leading DIY and home improvement experts (he owned a construction business before going on Big Brother).

Briain Dowling (winner series 2 - 2001) then
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Here's Brian back in the day (we're getting all the nostalgic noughties feels seeing this pic of him and Davina) on final night.

Brian Dowling (winner series 2 - 2001) now
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After winning the show, Brian became a successful presenter - he even hosted two series of Big Brother and four of Celebrity Big Brother after the move from Channel 4. He also won Ultimate Big Brother in 2010.

Kate Lawler (winner series 3 - 2002) then
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Kate became the first ever female winner of the show in 2002.

Kate Lawler (winner series 3 - 2002) now
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After winning the show, Kate worked as a presenter, DJ and model. She worked on Capital FM and Kerrang among others, and also took part in Celebrity Love Island in 2006 (coming third). She now presents on Virgin Radio.

Cameron Stout (winner series 4 - 2003)
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All-round lovely guy Cameron won the show in 2003, and he looked extremely happy about it. He's now living in the Orkney Islands and is working as a teacher. He spoke to Rylan Clark-Neal about his life post-Big Brother, saying, "I live in a relatively small town called Stromness. We're right on the edge of the sea and I love living here."When I get up in the mornings, I open the curtains and I've got this panoramic view that's full of sea and full of sky. It's just beautiful."

Nadia Almada (winner series 5 - 2004) then
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Nadia became the first transgender woman to win the show, and is frequently dubbed 'Britain's favourite winner'. Davina also said Nadia was her favourite winner ever.

Nadia Almada (winner series 5 - 2004) now
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Nadia subsequently released a single, A Little Bit of Action, and has competed in Come Dine With Me, Fool Around With… and Ultimate Big Brother. She now works as a nail technician in London.

Anthony Hutton (winner series 6 - 2006) then
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Anthony's antics with Makosi in the hot tub is to this day one of the most talked about moments of Big Brother ever. And we don't think we'll ever get over it.Anthony appeared on Ultimate Big Brother in 2010, but has since lived life away from the spotlight and is working as a barber in Durham.

Pete Bennett (winner series 7 -  2006)
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Pete was the winner of what was probably the greatest series of anything to ever grace the telly - BB7.

Pete Bennett (winner series 7 -  2006) now
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After winning the show, Pete was in a relationship with his co-star Nikki Grahame for a short while.He now owns a celebrity cleaning business in Brighton and also works as an actor. His sitcom Green Fingers was released on Amazon Prime in early 2020.

Brian Belo (winner series 9 - 2008) then
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Brian was the youngest Big Brother winner - and was just 19 when he entered the house.

Brian Belo (winner series 9 - 2008) now
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After leaving the house, Brian worked for Harry Hill's TV Burp and Big Brother's Big Mouth. He also made headlines in 2013 after he took legal action against the makers of TOWIE. Brian claimed they had stolen the idea from him, and they eventually released a settlement.

Rachel Rice (winner series 8 - 2007) then
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Rachel was dubbed the nicest winner in reality TV history because of her tendency to not get involved in arguments. She has since opted for a career out of the spotlight, and is a teacher at a school in Wales.

Sophie Reade (winner series 10 - 2009) then
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In probably our favourite Big Brother task of all time, Sophie was forced to change her name to 'Dogface' by deed poll during her time in the house.

Sophie Reade (winner series 10 - 2009) now
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Sophie is still working as a model for publications such as Playboy and is no longer called Dogface.

Josie Gibson (winner Big Brother 11 - 2010) then
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Josie got together with John James Parton during her time in the house, in what was probably one of our favourite ever Big Brother relationships.

Josie Gibson (winner Big Brother 11 - 2010) now
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Since winning the show, Josie has had a lucrative TV career - and has also gained fame for her seven stone weight loss. She now works as a personal trainer and nutritional adviser, in between popping up on daytime TV shows like This Morning and Loose Women.

Aaron Allard-Morgan (winner Big Brother 12 - 2011) then
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Aaron became the first winner of the show after it's move to Channel 5. After leaving, he made several TV appearances, and also wrote a book about his time on the show. Since then, he's stayed out of the spotlight but runs a bar in Weston-super-Mare and also wrote a book about his BB experience.

Luke Anderson (winner Big Brother 13 - 2012) then
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South African-born Chef Luke became the first transgender man to win the show.

Luke Anderson (winner Big Brother 13 - 2012) then
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CREDIT: Instagram

Luke went on to become head chef at The Pied Bull, the oldest coaching house in Chester. He and his wife welcomed twins in 2017.

Sam Evans (winner Big Brother 14 - 2013) then
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Sam won the first series presented by Emma Willis in 2013.

Sam Evans (winner Big Brother 14 - 2013) now
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After leaving the show, Sam appeared on Welsh TV programme on S4C, in which celebrities try to learn the Welsh language.

Helen Wood (winner Big Brother 15 - 2014) then
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Helen joined the show after hitting headlines for her alleged threesome with Wayne Rooney.

Helen Wood (winner Big Brother of 15 - 2014) now
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After leaving the show, Helen wrote a newspaper column, and has also made various TV appearances. She's also written an autobiography.

Chloe Wilburn (winner of Big Brother 16 - 2015) then
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Chloe won the show's 16th series in 2015.

Chloe Wilburn (winner of Big Brother 16 - 2015) now
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Chloe is now a Medical Cannabis Activist and CBD seller. She's also engaged and has a son.

Jason Burrill (winner of Big Brother 17 - 2016)
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Jason Burrill was crowned champion of the penultimate series of Big Brother after savagely evicting Lateysha Grace during a task.After leaving the show, Jason was briefly romantically linked to Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace. According to his Twitter bio, he's working as an actor and a property developer.

Isabelle Warburton (winner of Big Brother 18 - 2017)
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Isabelle was the last ever winner of Big Brother UK and now owns a salon called Summer Bunny Studio.

Chatting to Rylan Clark-Neal at a Royal Television Society panel on reality TV, Katy explained, "It’s a really difficult one for contributor care.

"People who have signed up for something ten years ago don’t necessarily envisage that their series would be played back out."

Katy pointed out that repeating old episodes may negatively impact a reformed 'wild young thing' who's since decided to become 'headmaster of a school,' for instance.


Davina McCall hosting Big Brother

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And while it's not looking massively likely we'll see every series of BB on streaming services, Katy did claim repeats aren't 'entirely out of the question.'

"You just have to be really careful of people’s privacy," she said.

"The care process for a contributor starts the minute they apply for the show and ends very, very far afterwards if you’re showing something many years later."

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