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The nation’s hearts were well and truly broken in December 2017 when Gogglebox fave and all-round legend Leon Benicoff passed away aged 83.

His wife June later hint she would be stepping away from the show, replying to a fan asking whether she’d continue on Twitter with, 'It was a great adventure with a great finale with the NTA😊'.

But despite a rumour she’d be making a return to the show in 2018, Gogglebox just hasn’t been the same without Leon’s tireless wit and cheeky banter with his wife.

Now, the June and Leon-shaped hole in our heart’s been filled as June’s revealed she’s writing a book all about their life together.

Leon and June

Blink Publishing has reportedly confirmed that June is writing a memoir called Leon and June: Our Story, which is due to be published in September 2018.

"Leon often said he'd like to write our story. So now I can do it for him," June said according to the BBC.

The memoir will apparently, “look at 60 years together and is a celebration of Leon’s life and their love for one another.”

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Gogglebox 2018 cast and families (slider)

Giles and Mary1 of 22
CREDIT: Channel 4/Gogglebox

Giles and Mary

Giles Wood, an artist, and writer Mary Killen apparently have a cupboard full of broken crockery or a "mending cupboard". They're also friends with Boris Johnson and his sister Rachel.

The Malone Family2 of 22
CREDIT: Channel 4/Gogglebox

The Malone Family

Tom and Julie and their two sons Tom Jnr and Shaun. Also loads of dogs. So many dogs. One's called Dave. They're from Manchester.

Steph and Dom3 of 22
CREDIT: Channel 4/Gogglebox

Steph and Dom

Stephanie and Dominic Parker aka the posh couple off Gogglebox quit the show back in 2016.

Ellie and Izzi4 of 22
CREDIT: Channel 4/Gogglebox

Ellie and Izzi

Sisters Ellie and Izzi are our spirit animals with their array of take-away foods every Friday night.

The Johnson-Aley Family5 of 22
CREDIT: Channel 4/Gogglebox

The Johnson-Aley Family

New for 2017, dad Vernal, mum Shirley and daughter Olivia are from the Wirral. Olivia previously went viral when she was at university after rapper Coolie came to her student house for dinner. Seriously.

Jenny and Lee6 of 22
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Jenny and Lee

Best friends Jenny and Lee have us in stitches with their commentary from the sofa.

The Moffatt Family7 of 22
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The Moffatt Family

Scarlett quit the show after winning I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! 2016 and picking up TV jobs left, right and centre.Show bosses felt that the Moffatt family wouldn't quite be the same without Scarlett and so will no longer be appearing in the show. WE ARE DEVO :(.

Bill and Josef8 of 22
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Bill and Josef

Bill Hartston and Josef Kollar have been best friends since meeting seventeen years ago at a Monopoly charity walk.

The Siddiqui Family9 of 22
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The Siddiqui Family

Baasit, Umar and their dad, Sid. Other brother Raza sometimes makes an appearance and the mum and daughters occasionally pop in.

The Woerdenweber Family10 of 22
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The Woerdenweber Family

German-born Ralph, Viv and their daughter Eve. Eve's boyfriend Jay used to be a completely silent sofa staple, but then they broke up so Silent Jay is no more.

Sandra and Chanchez11 of 22
CREDIT: Channel 4/Gogglebox

Sandra and Chanchez

You'll, of course, know that Sandra Martin's daughter Chanchez stepped in to fill the void left by Sandra's former partner in crime, Sandi, a couple of series ago. Sandra also recently revealed she's quit the show :(

The Gilbey Family12 of 22
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The Gilbey Family

Linda, Pete and their son George are from Clacton-On-Sea, Essex.

Reverend Kate and Graham13 of 22
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Reverend Kate and Graham

The UK's fave vicar Kate Bottley and her husband Graham are often joined by their greyhound Buster.

The Tapper Family14 of 22
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The Tapper Family

Nikki and Jonathan Tapper are at the head of the family with their two children, Josh and Amy.

Mary and Marina15 of 22
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Mary and Marina

Mary and Marina are the hilarious, cheeky wine-swigging Bristolians who once went to Butlers in the Buff.

Stephen and Christopher16 of 22
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Stephen and Christopher

Stephen Webb and Christopher Steed used to date in series 1 but now they're just friends.

The Michael Family17 of 22
CREDIT: Channel 4/Gogglebox

The Michael Family

Andrew, Carolyne, Louis and Alex. There's also another daughter, Catheryne who popped up recently on series 7. She looks very like Alex and confused the crap out of Twitter.

Leon and June18 of 22
CREDIT: Channel 4/Gogglebox

Leon and June

Leon and June Bernicoff were our ultimate couple goals. They lived together in the same house since they got married in 1960. Sadly, Leon passed away in December 2017

Dave and Shirley19 of 22
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Dave and Shirley

Dave and Shirley live in Caerphilly and are highly entertaining on the ol' telly box.

Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan20 of 22
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Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan

Three brothers Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan Plummer joined Gogglebox in early 2017 for series eight.

The McCormick Family21 of 22
CREDIT: Channel 4/Gogglebox

The McCormick Family

Scott and Georgia watch with their son Isaac and their massive dog.

three aunties gogglebox22 of 22
CREDIT: Channel 4/Gogglebox

Kathy, Cilla and Elvie

Series 11's first episode saw the introduction of three sassy new ladies, dubbed the 'three aunties' and they are HILARIOUS.

The book will also document the couple’s “fight to marry when their parents disapproved, happy memories of Sixties Liverpool, building a loving home and family together [and] finding fame as pensioners.”

Leon and June first appeared on our screens back in 2013 for series one of Gogglebox. Their story quickly tugged at the nation’s heartstrings as it was revealed they’d first met at teacher training college in 1955.

"Leon and June have spent so much time in our living rooms and us in theirs that they feel like an extended part of the family,” Kelly Ellis, Editorial Director for Blink Publishing revealed.

"Their gentle ribbing of each other on Gogglebox and Leon's cheeky jokes were always the perfect tonic on a Friday evening."

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