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What’s better than settling down in front of the telly after a long, tiring day at work? Settling down in front of Gogglebox and watching a bunch of random people up and down the country do the exact same thing. Obviously. It's like some sort of telly inception and we can't get enough of it.

We're still treated to most of the familiar faces we've grown weirdly close to (despite never actually meeting) as well as a few newbies we always look forward to spending some virtual veg out time with.

There have been many families come and go from the Gogglebox sofas, but here are the families and couples who currently appear on the show...

Gogglebox cast: Here are the families currently on Gogglebox


Gogglebox current cast and families

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Stephen and Daniel Lustig-Webb

Gogglebox veteran Stephen has shared the sofa with a few different people over the years. He first appeared on the show with friend Chris Steed, who was replaced by Stephen's mum Pat in 2018. Stephen tied the knot with his husband Daniel in June 2018 and they've been on the show ever since.

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The Siddiqui Family

Baasit, Umar and their dad, Sid, are the only family to have appeared on all 17 series. Their other brother Raza sometimes makes an appearance, although Sid's wife and daughters don't like to be on camera. We have met Baasit's daughter, Amelia, a couple of times, though.

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The Malone family

The Malones have appeared on Gogglebox since series four. When they first joined the cast, dad Tom and mum Julie appeared alongside their sons Tom Jnr and Shaun but the eldest of the two quit the show in 2021. Shaun still appears on the show alongside his parents and sometimes his sister Vanessa makes an appearance. Their house is also full of dogs. So many dogs. One's called Dave. They're from Manchester.

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Jenny and Lee

Best friends Jenny and Lee have us in stitches with their commentary from the sofa. They've been on the show since 2014 and live in Hull.

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Giles and Mary

Giles Wood, an artist, and writer Mary Killen have been on the show since 2015 and live in Wiltshire.

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Ellie and Izzi Warner

Sisters Ellie and Izzi are a VIBE with their array of takeaway foods every Friday night. They first appeared on the show in series six, and are from Leeds.

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Dave and Shirley

Dave and Shirley live in Caerphilly and are highly entertaining on the ol' telly box, having been on the show since series six in 2015.

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Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan

Three brothers Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan Plummer joined Gogglebox in early 2017 for series eight.

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Amira and Amani

Amira first joined Gogglebox in 2010 with her friends Iqra and sister Amani. Then, she started appearing on the show with just Iqra. However, since the end of Series 16 Amira has just been appearing on the show with Amani.

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The Worthingtons

Alison and her husband George, along with her daughter Helena, joined the show in series 10 (2017) and live in Salford, Manchester, according to Helena's Twitter bio. Helena recently had a baby of her own, Erwin, who also features on the show regularly.

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Pete and Sophie Sandiford

Brother and sister double act Pete and Sophie are absolutely HILARIOUS. Their blunt opinions and excellent puns make for brilliant television, and have been making us chuckle since they joined in series 10 (2017). They live in Blackpool. And no, they're not twins.

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Marcus and Mica

Marcus and Mica joined Gogglebox in 2018 alongside her daughters Sachelle and Shuggy, however they've just been appearing as a couple for the past few years.

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Abby and Georgia

Abby and Georgia have been hugely popular among viewers since joining the show in series 12 (2018). They're from Durham and Georgia gave birth to her first child earlier this year.

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Sue and Steve

Sue and Steve are husband and wife from South London. Sue is semi-retired, while Steve is a cab driver. They are both 64-years-old and joined Gogglebox when series 14 started airing (2019).

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Anne and Ken

Anne and Ken joined the show's 15th series and are full of comedy one liners. The pair have been married for 50 years and when viewers were first introduced to the pair, Ken gave Anne 50 roses to represent how many years they have been together. CUTE.

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Ronnie and Annie

Ronnie and Annie, a married couple from South East London, were introduced to the show in series 18 in 2021.

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Simon and Jane

Simon and Jane are brother and sister from North London. They joined the Gogglebox cast in October 2021.

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Roisin and Joe

Roisin, 23, and her boyfriend Joe, 25, are from Glasgow and had been together for four years when they joined the cast of Gogglebox in 2022.

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Danielle and Daniella

Best friends Danielle and Daniella, who hail from Leeds, are Gogglebox's newest recruits. They joined the show in late 2022.

Let's get to know the 2022 cast of Gogglebox...

The Siddiqui family on Gogglebox

Who are the Siddiquis on Gogglebox?

Baasit, Umar and their dad Sid. Other brother Raza sometimes makes an appearance and the mum and daughters occasionally pop in but it's the dudes who are the regulars, as the girls are a bit camera-shy.

Facts about the Siddiqui family

Er, Umar's a microbiologist and also a bit of an electronic musician (you can even check out his Soundcloud) so he's got a fair few skills. And Sid can sort out your computer woes - he teaches IT (and his students love the show). They're also really quite hilarious, and come across like genuinely lovely people.

You might not have noticed these things about the Siddiqui family

There's an ornament of two bluebirds that pops up in a different place each week. Sometimes on the shelf, sometimes on the coffee table. They also like newspapers, often with loads of them spread out as they watch. They've also got their own official website and podcast that you need to check out NOW.

Who are the Michael family on Gogglebox?

The Michael family are made up of Andrew, Carolyne, Louis and Alex. There's also another daughter who popped up on series seven who looks very like Alex and confused the crap out of Twitter - everyone thought Alex just looked different. Nope, it's Catheryne who occasionally subs in if Alex can't make it. Mystery solved. The Michael family are from Brighton. AND they have a secret son, Pascal, who has appeared on a small handful of episodes.

The Malone family on Gogglebox

gogglebox 2017
©The Malone family © Channel 4

Who are the Malones and where are they from?

Tom and Julie and their two sons Tom Jnr and Shaun. Also loads of dogs. So many dogs. One's called Dave. They are from Manchester.

Was Tom Malone from Gogglebox on Got To Dance?

Tom Jnr appeared on Got To Dance with dance crew Ruff Diamond and is a really accomplished choreographer. Shaun plays for Manchester United's mixed ability squad and coaches football. They've also got a great dry sense of humour, which is a plus. They're also smashing it on TikTok.

How many dogs does the Malone family have?

All the dogs. There literally isn't space for anything else in their living room because of their giant Rottweilers. Seriously though, the dogs. When they joined the show they had five. However, last year, one of them, Frank, died, with the news being announced by Shaun on Instagram.

Is Tom Malone Jnr still on Gogglebox?

Sadly not - Tom is now too famous for Gogglebox thanks to his successful social media career, and as we all know the one rule of Gogglebox is not to talk about Gogglebox.

Not really - it's that there are NO CELEBS ALLOWED, and has seen the likes of Scarlett Moffatt and family, Steph and Dom and Celebrity Big Brother contestant George Gibley culled from our screens in previous series.

Jenny and Lee on Gogglebox

Who are Jenny and Lee? How long have they been friends?

Jenny and Lee have been good friends since Lee was a regular at the pub Jenny was the landlady of, 21 years ago. They're adorable together.

Why are they so hilarious on Gogglebox?

They giggle constantly, and are the cutest. Lee is always immaculately turned out, and we'd like him to be our personal stylist please. Also, can we just assess when Lee ate Jenny's face cream from the fridge thinking it was a dip for his crisps? Iconic.

Have you ever noticed the really creepy Bear in the corner of the room?

THE BEAR. There is a smiling bear on the left hand side of the screen that we can't take her eyes off. No? You will now.

Giles and Mary on Gogglebox

Giles and Mary Gogglebox
Easy there, Nutty ©C4

Who are Giles Wood and Mary Killen on Gogglebox?

Giles is an artist and Mary is a writer and apparently they have a cupboard full of broken crockery or a "mending cupboard". They're also friends with Boris Johnson and his sister Rachel.

We can't tell if we find their nickname for each other - "Nutty" - is adorable or weird, but we are endeared by Mary breaking down in tears over EVERYTHING, and Giles saying, "Steady on Nutty".

Ellie and Izzi on Gogglebox

Ellie Izzi warner
Sisters Ellie and Izzi ©C4

Who are Ellie and Izzi from Gogglebox?

Gogglebox Ellie and Izzi spend most of their time getting overly upset about sad parts of the shows they watch in Ellie's home in Leeds. You'll also catch them eating pizza, drinking wine and not wearing shoes. They sound like our kinda gals. Izzi has just had a baby and is now a mum of two.

They have got into a spot of trouble while on the show, especially after Ellie's #MeToo comment, which led to viewers calling for them to be axed from the show.

Dave and Shirley on Gogglebox

gogglebox 2017
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Who are Dave and Shirley from Gogglebox?

We actually don't know all that much about Dave and Shirley, the pair remain shrouded in mystery. But we do know that they live in Caerphilly, have a Frenchie-cross pupper and are highly entertaining on the ol' telly box.

Dave often likes to watch the TV in a bizarre horizontal position that leaves his neck unsupported - which a lot of viewers noted on Twitter. He also won an office bake-off competition, so is pretty good in the kitchen.

Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan on Gogglebox

Gogglebox 2017
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Who are the Plummer family on Gogglebox?

Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan Plummer are three brothers who joined Gogglebox in 2017 for series eight. The Plummer brothers live in Bristol and are all craaaaazy about football. In fact, Tristan is a winger for Hereford FC and Twain plays for Bradford Town.

Do the Plummer brothers from Gogglebox have Twitter?

Yup. You can keep up to date with the (fiiiiit) boys on Twitter here: @Goggleboxbros

What can we expect from the Three T's on Gogglebox?

PUPPIES. In a recent episode Tremain brought along his tiny, little pug puppy and look HOW CUTE IT IS.

Pete and Sophie on Gogglebox

Who are Pete and Sophie Sandiford on Gogglebox?

Pete and Sophie are brother and sister from Blackpool. They've appeared on Gogglebox since 2017.

Are Pete and Sophie related to the Chuckle Brothers?

Yep, The Chuckle Brothers are Pete and Sophie's uncles. How iconic.

Anne and Ken on Gogglebox

Who are Anne and Ken?

Anne and Ken are from County Durham, the same area as the Scarlett Moffatt and her family. The pair got married 50 year ago, and in the first episode of series 15, viewers saw Ken give Anne 50 roses to represent the time they have been together. TOO CUTE.

Has Anne been on TV before?

This is Anne's first ever TV appearance. However, if you were on social media when the first episode of series 15 aired, you may have seen that the internet thought they knew her from somewhere.

One fan tweeted, "I know her from somewhere”, while another said, “Yes me too ! Maybe she just has one of those faces but it’s like I knew what her voice was going to sound like before she said anything!!”

Sue and Steve on Gogglebox

Who are Sue and Steve on Gogglebox?

Sue and Steve are husband and wife from South London. Sue is semi-retired, while Steve is a cab driver. They are both 64-years-old and joined Gogglebox when series 14 started airing (2019).

Fans think Sue and Steve could be the next Dom and Steph, after Steve gave Sue a glass of red wine, adding, "You wouldn't want anything else."

Who are past Gogglebox families?

Kathy, Cilla and Elvie

©Channel 4/Gogglebox

Series 11's first episode saw the introduction of three sassy new ladies, dubbed the 'three aunties' and they were HILARIOUS. Kathy, Cilla and Elvie won the audience over with their discussion about 'kissy time' in front of the telly.

"At my age, what am I doing with a fella cuddling?" Kathy asked, as another of the ladies replied, "Age ain't got nothing to do with it," before Kathy hit back with, "My state of health can't cope with a man right now. Never again." Obvs, fans were in LOVE with them.

Unfortunately, the three ladies from Leeds were only on the show for one series, and left in 2018.

The Tapper family on Gogglebox

©The Tapper family © Gogglebox

Nikki and Jonathan Tapper are at the head of the family with their two children, Josh and Amy. They’re all hella cute. Nikki, Jonathan, Josh and Amy are from London.

They're the most down-to-earth family on television. They're not afraid to fight on camera - there've been some teenage tantrums and some raised voices. Jonathan also once fell asleep during a show, which we absolutely loved. Apart from a sofa of absolutely epic proportions, they like to keep their viewing space simple. Sometimes there are flowers in the background but that's about it.

Amy Tapper has recently branched out her reality TV portfolio by appearing on a recent series of Celebs Go Dating, where she's been on her first EVER date.

Dad Jonathan also revealed that he'd undergone a huge transformation in March 2019, dropping 3 stone in just 12 weeks as well as losing six inches of his waist. Go Jonathan!

After son Josh left after series 10 in 2017, the other three followed suit in series 11 (2018) and departed too, with Amy taking part in Celebs Go Dating instead.

Stephen Webb and Christopher Butland-Steed on Gogglebox

©Stephen Webb and Christopher Butland-Steed © Channel 4

Are they dating?

Stephen Webb and Christopher Steed used to date in series 1 but after they split, he duo decided to stay on the show as friends. However in 2020, Chris accused Stephen of 'forcing' him off the show.

What happened to Chris Butland-Steed on Gogglebox?

Hairdresser Chris Butland-Steed, who has appeared on the show with his best friend Stephen Webb since series one, announced he was leaving the show after series 10 in 2017. Chris was replaced by Stephen's mum for series 11 and Stephen now stars alongside husband Daniel on the sofa.

Leon and June Bernicoff on Gogglebox

Leon and June

Leon and June were pretty much everyone's favourite family on Gogglebox. Having been on the show since the very first series, the married couple, who were from the north west, bickered constantly - but it was still clear that they completely adored each other.

In December 2017, Leon Bernicoff sadly passed away following a short illness, and his wife June then revealed she would not be returning to the show. Responding to a question from a fan asking whether she would do Gogglebox with one of her and Leon's daughters, June wrote, 'It was a great adventure with a great finalé with the NTA.' June did not return for series 11 in 2018.

In 2020, June also passed away.

Sandra and Chancez Martin and Sandi Bogle

Gogglebox 2017
©Channel 4

Sandra and Sandi were the Brixton-born best mates that guaranteed absolutely lol-worthy reactions to the week's TV best-bits. However, fans were shocked to discover that Sandy had disappeared from the show in 2017.

You'll, of course, know that Sandra Martin's daughter stepped in to fill the void left by Sandra's former partner in crime, Sandi, last series. Whilst fans were warming to the new replacement, it seems as though neither will be returning to the show as Sandra has also quit.

Why did Sandi quit Gogglebox?

Sandi quit the show after series eight in 2016, apparently to pursue her music career. A source told the Daily Mail, "Sandi has decided to leave the show to pursue her singing career and other opportunities and we wish her all the very best."

Why did Sandra quit Gogglebox?

Sandra Martin revealed on This Morning that she would not be returning to the show for series 10 in 2017 because she wanted to focus on other projects, "I am going to miss it, but I decided at that time I wanted to move on to other things."

©Channel 4

Gogglebox's Sandi Bogle and Celebrity Big Brother

Although Sandi allegedly left Gogglebox to focus on her music career, she participated in Celebrity Big Brother 2017. Of course, she gave us plenty lols. But she was the sixth housemate to be evicted from the show, leaving viewers and presenter Emma Willis shocked as Sandi was the predicted as the housemate most likely to win Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

What we loved about Sandi and Sandra on Gogglebox

Special mentions should go to their wicked manicures, incredible accessories and constant booming, screaming laughter. So many 'NOOOOOO's and 'OH MY GODDDDD's. Endlessly watchable. Sandra also once couldn't stop farting, which was excellent viewing. The squashiest sofa, and the gold-est picture frames known to mankind.

The pair also rarely make use of said squashy sofa, preferring to lean forwards as they scream at the TV. Except from when Sandra did an rendition of One Born Every Minute and pretended to give birth on the carpet.

The posh family made up of mum Toni, dad Jefferey and their daughters Elizabeth and Jess from Dorset didn't get off to a great start in series eight, with fans claiming they were no match for the now-absent Steph and Dom. Their sofa was also SUSPICIOUSLY similar to Steph and Dom's. Hmmmm.

However, they became loved by fans of the show, who were sorry to see them go in series nine (2017).

The Moffatt family on Gogglebox

gogglebox 2017
©The Moffatt family © Channel 4

Where are the Moffatt's from?

Scarlett Moffatt and her family are from Bishop Auckland, near Newcastle. Mark and Betty are the parents, Scarlett Moffatt is the daughter and Ava is Scarlett's younger sister. Betty works at Burton, Mark welds and Scarlett used to advise disabled students for a living. They were also one of the most insightful families on the show, and one of the most well-loved.

Why did the Moffatts leave Gogglebox?

Scarlett quit the show after winning I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! 2016 and picking up TV jobs left, right and centre. Show bosses felt that the Moffatt family wouldn't quite be the same without Scarlett and so they no longer appear in the show.

Steph and Dom on Gogglebox

gogglebox 2017
©Steph and Dom © Channel 4

Who are Steph and Dom?

Stephanie and Dominic Parker are the posh couple off Gogglebox, often joined by their sausage dog Gigi and always drinking. In a good way. They own and run an upmarket B&B where Nigel Farage once stayed, so they're certainly good hosts.

On top of Gogglebox, they also hosted a one-off chat show At Home with Steph and Dom where they invited celebs to their B&B.

Where are Steph and Dom from?

Steph and Dom are from Kent. The the B&B they appeared from on the show is called The Salutation Boutique Hotel and Gardens and is in Sandwich, but they were recently forced to sell it after amassing £2m in debts.

Have Steph and Dom quit Gogglebox?

The couple confirmed that they had quit the show back in 2016. Speaking to The Sun, they said, "We think it’s important that everyone gets their chance to be on Gogglebox and give their opinion, and having been on it from the beginning we felt like we’d pretty much said all we needed to say, and we knew what we were going say.

"We’ve decided to take a break from it." Sob.

NOW WATCH: "I won't even have Dom in my bed!" - Steph & Dom from Gogglebox

Paige and Sally

Paige and Sally
©Channel 4/Gogglebox

Who are Paige and Sally?

Paige, a Business Development Manager from Birmingham and Sally, Paige's mother, a carer for the elderly and disabled joined Gogglebox in 2020.

When did the mother-daughter duo join Gogglebox?

Paige and Sally joined the show during series 14 (2019) and fans absolutely love them, especially because they're so open and will talk about anything.

In the first episode, Sally admitted she had no "portion control" when she makes meals and admitted she over faces her guests and family when they come round to visit. Paige added her pet hate is leaving a restaurant after paying for a meal and still being hungry. She admitted she'd have to "stop off for a cheeseburger" if she ever found herself in that situation.

Why did Paige and Sally quit Gogglebox?

Paige quit the show in 2021 after revealing she had fallen out with her mum Sally. She announced the news on Twitter and hit out at Gogglebox, "I have made the decision to walk away from Gogglebox. It’s been an experience but one I cannot continue with due to long hours of filming, restrictiveness, control of our actions and opinions & zero aftercare support but hey who cares about ex cast, [they're] NTA winners 🤔.”

Does Chrissy Teigen enjoy a bit of Gogglebox?

Funny you should ask. On a visit to the UK Chrissy tweeted how much she likes the show, saying, "In love with gogglebox. I don't think I can go to John's show tomorrow. I'll be watching channel 4."


How can I watch Gogglebox?

Gogglebox airs on Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4. You can also catch up - and binge watch old seasons - on All 4.

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