I’m A Celebrity viewers baffled as Cliff Parisi smokes in camp

Viewers were very confused!

Cliff Parisi

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This year's series of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! has certainly been a good one so far! Whether it's Caitlyn Jenner talking about the Kardashians, Nadine Coyle teaching her camp mates Girls Aloud dance routines, or Ant and Dec's hilarious jokes, the 2019 series is living up to expectations.

However, viewers of the popular ITV show were left very confused during an episode earlier this week, when they spotted Call The Midwife actor Cliff Parisi smoking on a nicotine inhalator in camp.

Cliff smoking in the I'm A Celebrity jungle
Cliff smoking in the I'm A Celebrity jungle ©© ITV

Despite ITV now confirming that camp mates are allowed to smoke if they want, viewers took to Twitter to express their confusion at the clip....

One user wrote, "Was Cliff just smoking?? Thought cigarettes weren't allowed 🧐🤔 #ImACeleb", with another adding, "Was Cliff just smoking?? #ImACeleb".

Check out the best moments of I'm A Celebrity 2019 so far:


I'm A Celeb 2019 best moments RADIO STACKED

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Scroll through to see the very best moments from I'm A Celeb 2019...

I'm A Celeb best moments2 of 26

Ant showing off his brand new arm tattoos

In the first episode, viewers were left surprised when Ant showed off some brand new tats on his arms once the celebrities had touched down after swimming to shore. Although Ant hasn't confirmed it, fans have mused that they're related to his addiction recovery, which we love!

I'm A Celeb best moments3 of 26

Ian Wright nearly wobbling off the plank

Although it was absolutely terrifying to watch, it was kind of hilarious when Ian Wright MBE began to topple over whilst on the plank...

I'm A Celeb best moments4 of 26

Everyone freaking out over the spider in the car

Once it seemed like all the hard bits were over, the celebrities headed off to their respective camps - but there was one more thing to tackle, as someone noticed a huuuge spider in the car, leading everyone to calmly exit the vehicle... We're joking, of course; they screamed and got out of the car pretty darn fast.

I'm A Celeb best moments5 of 26

Jacqueline fangirling over Caitlyn

As soon as Jacqueline Jossa realised she was in the Snake Rock camp with Caitlyn Jenner, she pretty much lost it. Speaking to the Bush Telegraph, Jacqueline revealed that she's actually obsessed with the Kardashian-Jenners, so this was like a 'surreal' dream.

I'm A Celeb best moments6 of 26

The main camp attempting to get luxury items with oars

In the second episode, the five celebrities in the Main Camp were able to try and get everyone's luxury items, using oars to pass them from person to person... But it didn't go hugely well, with most of them dropping into the pondwater!

I'm A Celeb best moments7 of 26

Adele choosing a photo of Jane McDonald as her luxury item

One of the luxury items was Adele Roberts', and she'd chosen... A framed photo of singer and TV personality Jane McDonald. We're yet to find out the full significance of it.

I'm A Celeb best moments8 of 26

Nadine shedding light on Girls Aloud

In episode three, viewers were happy to rely on Kate Garraway to ask all the hard-hitting questions that we at home wanted to ask. Like when she asked Nadine Coyle whether she'd really fallen out with her fellow Girls Aloud...

I'm A Celeb best moments9 of 26

Andrew's strange noises

The worst Bushtucker Trial of the series so far also came in episode three, with the five Snake Rock celebrities being forced to wear a fishbowl helmet full of bugs. Andrew Maxwell's method of dealing with it was to make a pretty horrific groaning noise... And later in the episode, he showed off his best didgeridoo impression, which was pretty good.

I'm A Celeb best moments10 of 26

Roman showing off his Ant and Dec impressions

Roman Kemp then showed off his hidden talent - which was doing an impression of the show's hosts, Ant & Dec! It had the campmates and viewers at home both laughing their heads off. Although the men themselves weren't too happy with the comparisons!

I'm A Celeb best moments11 of 26

Ant singing 'Rise and Shine'

One of the things we love most about Ant & Dec is how cheeky they are, and they didn't disappoint in episode three when they went to visit the camp once all the celebrities had reunited. As you may remember, an utterly hilarious video circulated a couple of months ago showing Kylie Jenner singing 'Rise and Shine' to her daughter Stormi - something Ant recreated in front of her dad, Caitlyn.

I'm A Celeb best moments12 of 26

Ian getting snug as a bug in a rug

Ian has had his ups and down in the jungle, but this moment of him getting snuggly in his hammock in Episode 4 was perhaps one of his higher moments.

I'm A Celeb Girls Aloud The Promise13 of 26

Nadine had a Girls Aloud moment with Caitlyn Jenner

One of the most heartwarming moments in I'm A Celeb history occurred when Jacqueline began singing Girls Aloud's 'The Promise' and doing some of the moves from the music video, leading Nadine to offer to teach her the proper dance, with Adele Roberts joining in too - and pulling Caitlyn Jenner up as well. Despite clearly having never heard the song before in her life, Caitlyn gave it a proper go... And it was seriously lovely.

I'm A Celeb Girls Aloud The Promise14 of 26

Kate and Myles get fowl

Myles and Kate took on the Dingo Dollar Challenge in Episode 4 - which meant them having to sport these rather fetching bird costumes. They gave their fellow campmates quite a fright on their return!

I'm A Celeb best moments15 of 26

Caitlyn gently waking the camp

Er... Or not! Caitlyn took it upon herself in Episode 6 to wake her fellow campmates up with an inspirational speech - but it didn't exactly go down well at 4am!

I'm A Celeb best moments16 of 26

... And Myles didn't appreciate it

In one of the most meme-worthy moments on the show so far, it's safe to say that Myles' reaction to Caitlyn's wake-up call was not one of appreciation.

I'm A Celeb best moments17 of 26

Andrew choked on some camel meat

Andrew was so desperate to eat a proper meal in Episode 6 that when he and the other Jailhouse residents finally got a proper meal, he gobbled it down so quickly that he started choking on his meal!

I'm A Celeb best moments18 of 26

Ian did a victory lap with a Huntsman in his mouth

A group challenge saw the main campmates have to do horrible things to free the Jailhouse residents. One challenge saw Ian hold a Huntsman spider in his mouth - and instead of removing it as soon as the time was up, he did a victory lap around the barrel!

I'm A Celeb best moments19 of 26

The camp enjoys music for the first time since entering the jungle

As the campmates were given their luxury items, Ian revealed that he'd chosen something for everyone - three plays of his favourite song, 'Looking For You' by Kirk Franklin. Everyone immediately got up and started dancing!

I'm A Celeb best moments20 of 26

Roman and Kate got splattered

Kate and Roman took on the Dingo Dollar Challenge in Episode 8, taking part in a fake game show with questions all about their campmates. When they got the answer right, they got blasted with powder paint - and ended up pretty mucky!

I'm A Celeb best moments21 of 26

The Love Island trial

There was an incredible ITV cross-over in Episode 8 of the show with a live Love Island trial! All campmates took part in it, and the crew even named one of the disgusting drinks after Love Island host Caroline Flack - the Caroline Yak!

I'm A Celeb best moments22 of 26

Andrew's Aussie accent

During Andrew's solo mission through the Ark of Agony Bushtucker Trial in Episode 10, he was chatting away to each creature he came across to soothe himself... But it was in an Australian accent! Ant & Dec were cracking up along with the rest of us.

I'm A Celeb best moments23 of 26

Kate had a weird nightmare

Kate spooked everyone out as she appeared to wake up in the middle of the night and not know where she was, telling the Bush Telegraph, "I had a crazy night, I had a nightmare, I woke up and I didn't know where I was and I was like 'hello hello'."

I'm A Celeb best moments24 of 26

Ian's screams into the dark

When Ian and James took on the Deadly Dungeon Bushtucker Trial, seeing them navigate mazes in the pitch black, Ian began screaming out - making for hilarious TV.

I'm A Celeb best moments25 of 26

Andy trying to top Caitlyn's posh car

During a game of Would You Rather in Episode 12, Roman asked Nadine whether she'd rather have Caitlyn's posh cars or her planes, leading Caitlyn to explain that she owns the fastest production car in the world, a GT2 RS Porsche. Andy then piped up, trying to top it, "I've got a brand new Kia Ceed, it's lovely. It's a 1.4 petrol so I'll give you a race!"

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Ant and Dec's 'little knob' joke

The show's hosts had viewers of the show in fits of laughter on Thursday 29th November, when they made a hilarious innuendo about Dec's 'little knob'. The sketch started when a sound played in the studio every time Dec said the words 'sinister circus'. After the sound didn't play when Ant said those words, the 44-year-old grew frustrated, before realising Dec had a hidden button which he was pressing when saying the words. Upon discovering Dec's secret button, Ant snatched it off him and said, "It's this little knob! The audacity!" Dec then shouted, "Give me back my little knob!," to which Ant hilariously responded with, "Never!"

Of course, ITV made the decision back in 2018 to ban on-screen smoking on ITV2 show Love Island, after a tonne of backlash from viewers during the 2017 series. If the Islanders wanted to smoke, they had to do so outside of the main door, away from all of the cameras in the villa.

Similarly with I'm A Celebrity, ITV released a statement last year, revealing that camp mates are allowed to smoke, but they had to put out their cigarettes on the camp fire.

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Meanwhile, with half of this year's camp still 'cursed', the 12 celebrities are now fighting for immunity with the first elimination of the series looming.

On tonight's show, this year's camp mates will participate in more grueling trials, in order to lose their 'cursed' status.

But who will be saved? You'll have to tuned in to ITV at 9pm to find out.

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