The gross reason why I’m a Celeb contestants have to wear red socks

Hint: it's got something to do with blood

I'm A Celebrity 2022

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If you've seen the official photos of this year's I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! lot (or watched it over the past seventeen years, for that matter), you might've noticed something about all the stars heading for the jungle. Yes, they all look glossy af and YES, there's a lot of fleece gilets (who knew I'm A Celeb was posh?); but have you ever wondered why they're all in red socks?

Well it turns out it's more than some kind of (really quite bizarre) fashion statement, and the real reason behind the decision is actually a bit gross.

So basically a chap called Bob McCarron, who was the on-site medic in the Australian camp for 20 years, previously told told Women's Own that the contestants must wear said red socks so blood from any insects and their bites don't show up on screen.

Nasty AF, we're sure you'll agree.

This year's I'm a Celebrity has been on our screens for a few weeks now and the celebrities have had several run-ins with insects.

Matt Hancock was bitten by a scorpion, Charlene White refused to sleep in RV due to having to share the bed with a rather larger spider and Jill Scott had an actual cockroach stuck in her EAR.

That wasn't the Lioness' only interaction with insects as she and rugby icon Mike Tindall took part in the Speak Uneasy trial which resulted in them both drinking a multitude of horrific concoctions including blended spiders and snails.

After the few years in Wales it's great to be back in Australia, where the creatures are a damn sight larger than their UK counterparts. We're not sure the camp mates will agree but it does make for entertaining TV when comedian Seann Walsh requests moral support from DJ Chris Moyles due to the fact that a spider that has made a home in the toilet.

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Who won I'm A Celebrity series 1 (2002)?

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Winner: Tony Blackburn

It was a dramatic fall from grace for the former Radio 1 DJ when he was sacked after 49 years working for the BBC, for failing to co-operate with the Jimmy Savile inquiry. He has since returned to the BBC. In 2020 Tony teamed up with Kaiser Chief's front man, Rickey Wilson for a new pop podcast - who knew?He's been married to his second wife Debbie Blackburn since 1992 and is dad to two grown up children, Simon and Victoria.

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Second place: Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

TPT withdrew from the spotlight after her stint in the jungle, and sadly passed away in February 2017. RIP.

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Third place: Christine Hamilton

Christine claims to have hung up her Reality TV boots, having been asked to do CBB four times since it was discontinued in 2019. Shame, Mrs British Battleaxe would have got on famously with Bear. She changed her name by deed poll as part of a promotion back in 2009. She regrets this.

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Who won I'm A Celebrity series 2 (2003)?

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Winner: Phil Tufnell

Following his I'm a Celeb victory, former England cricketer Tuffers was a consistent fixture as team captain on A Question of Sport until 2021 when he was sensationally axed alongside Sue Barker and Matt Hudson in a BBC shake up. He said, "I was really enjoying myself [on the show]. It wasn't like going to work."It was just turning up and having a good time with your mates. And then, they sort of said, 'Right, OK, we're going to take it in a new direction'. And we sort of went, 'Oh, crikey. That's a shame."But there you go. I was quite philosophical about it. If you do anything for 13 or 14 years, you've had a pretty good stab at it. And so I was like, 'OK, thanks for the memories'. And looking back on it, I loved every single minute. I haven't got a bad word to say."

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Second place: John Fashanu

The ex-Wimbledon Crazy Gang member, Gladiators presenter, and awooga-ist (that's definitely a thing) did a stint in 2007 presenting Deal Or No Deal Nigeria, but with less cryptic symbols daubed on his hands than Noel Edmonds. More recently he's tried to encourage England footballer Dele Alli to become the king of a Nigerian tribe.

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Third place: Linda Barker

Changing Rooms' Linda Barker really is the authority on interior design. She's been encouraging the good folk of Hull to swing open their doors and rent out their spare rooms for its 2017 City of Culture status.

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Winner: Kerry Katona

Kerry's been jetting round the place, arriving in Scottish holiday parks with her family in a stretch limo and tweeting cryptic messages about secret trips to Australia with fellow former Kitten Natasha Hamilton, and former Liberty X member Michelle Heaton. Liberty Kitten? Atomic X? As well as regular reality TV stints, she's also making waves on porn-ish site Only Fans.In her personal life, she's recently got engaged to her Personal Trainer boyfriend Ryan Mahoney following the accidental death of her ex husband George Kay in 2019.

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Second place: Jennie Bond

Formerly a Royal Correspondent, Jennie Bond has more of a licence to kill since her I'm a Celebrity fame came to an end. Alongside Mary Berry she opened the 2016 Crabfest in Devon's beautiful Salcombe, and she's also an ambassador for a river cruise company.

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Third place: Peter Andre

Peter Andre has gone from strength to strength since his stint in the jungle. After meeting his now ex-wife Katie Price on the show, Pete has since remarried doctor Emily McDonagh, and they share two young children and Emily's step-mum to Peter's kids Princess and Junior from his marriage to KP.

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Who won I'm A Celebrity series 4 (2004)? Joe Pasquale

I'm A Celeb13 of 77
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Winner: Joe Pasquale

Joe Pasquale continues to tour as a stand up comic across the country and following his successful stint in the jungle tried his hand at figure skating on Dancing on Ice in 2013, where he didn't fare quite so well. In 2019 he was widely praised for his two stone weight loss and actual six pack, after being invited to take part in the charity show The Real Full Monty. He said, "I thought if I've got to stand next to Ashley Banjo and have everything out I don't want my belly to be the only thing they're looking at. People think it's been photo-shopped. It's all me."

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Second place: Paul Burrell

Paul Burrell went through a divorce from his long-time wife Maria Burrell in 2016. He spends his life running his flower shop and painting watercolours. He's also regularly called upon for comment on Royal business like the weddings of Kate Middleton ad Prince William, Megan Markle and Prince Phillip's death.

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Third place: Fran Cosgrave

The Love Island booze hound made a dramatic switch to become a life coach back in 2013. Nowadays he lives clean and has a family, but still makes time for his House DJ super group Future Polar Bears with Luke Hayes and Rhys Buckley. He also shares a son with Atomic Kitten's Natasha Hamilton.

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Who won I'm A Celebrity series 5 (2005)?

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Winner: Carol Thatcher

The journalist and author lives in Switzerland with her partner Marco Grass. She recently blocked a proposed statue of her late mother, the former prime minister Margaret Thatcher, because the sculptor had neglected to include the Baroness' key accessory: her handbag. This, among other things has driven a deep wedge between Carol and her twin brother Denis Thatcher.In 2020, a fictionalised version of Carol appeared on the Netflix smash hit The Crown, played by Rebecca Humphries, who told Grazia, "The thing about Carol is that it's like two different people."The woman she was when her mother was in power is a completely different woman to the one that we've become accustomed to. She was still like in her late twenties and early thirties when her mum was Prime Minister, and then it's like she's completely stepped into herself. She sort of had to stop behaving."

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Second place: Sheree Murphy

In 2015 Sheree Murphy competed in the BBC's Celebrity Masterchef but lost out to eventual winner Kimberley Wyatt. This was enough to get Sheree the gig presenting BBC daytime show Yes Chef for September 2016, where Michelin-starred chefs work with amateur chefs from around the country. The former soap star has four children with her ex-footballer husband Harry Kewell.

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Third place: Sid Owen

After bowing out of the 2016 series of Celebrity Masterchef, Sid Owen briefly returned to EastEnders as Ricky Butcher.

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Who won I'm A Celebrity series 6 (2006)?

I'm A Celeb21 of 77
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Winner: Matt Willis

After two years in the McFly and Busted super group, brilliantly called McBusted, Matt Willis and James Bourne had a word with Charlie Simpson and got the band back together taking Busted back on tour with the original line-up. Matt has been happily married to former Big Brother presenter Emma Willis since 2008 after meeting on T4 in 2004. The couple share three kids together who they keep off social media, and Matt, who's been open about struggling with addiction in the past, credits Emma for his sobriety. Cute.

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Second place: Myleene Klass

Music superwoman Myleene Klass came second in the series. She's since become a TV presenter and does a lot of charity work.

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Third place: Jason Donovan

After coming third in I'm A Celebrity... Jason made a return to music AND soaps before taking part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2011 and coming third once again.

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Who won I'm A Celebrity series 7 (2007)?

I'm A Celeb25 of 77
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Winner: Christopher Biggins

After winning I'm A Celeb in 2007, actor Christopher Biggins won Celebrity Come Dine With Me in 2009, took part in Celebrity MasterChef in 2014 and Celebrity Big Brother in 2016. Christopher has been in a civil partnership with Neil Sinclair since 2006, after coming out as gay following the breakdown of his marriage to actress Beatrice Norbury in 1976.

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Second place: Janice Dickinson

Runner-up Janice Dickinson loved the jungle so much that she took part in the US version of I'm A Celeb two years later before heading into the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2015.

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Third place: Jason "J" Brown

'J' came in third on the show, and took part in TV show The Big Reunion with the rest of the band, 5ive, along with bands Atomic Kitten, B*Witched and Liberty X.

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Who won I'm A Celebrity series 8 (2008)?

I'm A Celeb29 of 77
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Winner: Joe Swash

Cheeky chap Joe Swash swapped EastEnders for the jungle and won the show in 2008. Since then, he's been all over TV and landed a job as host of the spin-off I'm A Celebrity: Extra Camp since 2009 until the show was axed in 2019 (sob). Joe is now engaged to his long-term partner Stacey Solomon after they met presenting on the show. They've recently moved their adorable blended family into Pickle Cottage after welcoming their first son together, Rex, in 2019 and their daughter Rose in summer 2021.

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Second place: Martina Navratilova

Since placing second on the show, the tennis legend returned to TV in 2019, to star in the All New Fully Monty on ITV. The former professional tennis player featured in the all-star line-up of women stripping off for cancer.

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Third place: George Takei

Before Stanley Johnson came along in 2017, George Takei was the oldest contestant ever to enter the jungle. Best known for his famous role of Sulu in the original Star Trek, George hit it off with Joe Swash immediately, with the pair regularly sharing a few smooches on I'm A Celeb.

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Who won I'm A Celebrity series 9 (2009)?

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Winner: Gino D'Acampo

The nation fell in love with Gino in 2009. Since winning the show, Gino now has his own cookery shows, is a regular panellist and team captain on Celebrity Juice and is a much loved chef on This Morning.He's also teamed up with sweary English chef Gordon Ramsay and First Dates' suave French maître d' Fred Sirieix for their European cooking show aptly titled Gordon, Gino and Fred's Road Trip. In his personal life he's dad to three kids, Luciano, Rocco and Mia, who he shares with wife (and first love) Jessica Morrison.

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Second place: Kim Woodburn

After her success in the jungle in 2008, Kim Woodburn, once again had viewers hooked to the TV during her appearance on the 2017 series of Celebrity Big Brother. (Thanks to her endless outbursts!)

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Third place: Jimmy White

The snooker player has lived life pretty low-key since placing third on I'm A Celebrity 2008.

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Who won I'm A Celebrity series 10 (2010)?

I'm A Celeb37 of 77
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Winner: Stacey Solomon

After showing off her bubbly personality on The X Factor, Stacey Solomon entered the jungle and won the show in 2010. Since then, she's worked in Christmas panto and is a regular panellist on Loose Women.Since winning the show and finding love with fellow I'm a Celeb alumni Joe Swash, Stacey has made a name for herself as a lifestyle and mum-fluencer with her cleaning hack book Tap to Tidy selling like hotcakes. She lives in Pickle Cottage with Joe, Rex and Rose, and her two sons from a previous relationship, Leighton and Zachary.

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Second place: Shaun Ryder

The I'm a Celeb runner-up told the Sunday People in 2019 that he had been forced to take time out from continuing his music career as he was recovering from a recent hip replacement operation.

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Third place: Jenny Eclair

In 2017, Jenny revealed how I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! saved her career and skyrocketed her back to the limelight.

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Who won I'm A Celebrity Series 11 (2011)?

I'm A Celeb41 of 77
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Winner: Dougie Poynter

McFly guitarist Dougie Poynter was crowned King of the Jungle ahead of TOWIE's Mark Wright in 2011. Since winning the crown, he's become a model and created a new band, INK, before heading back on tour with a merged supergroup, McBusted (consisting, ingeniously, of McFly and Busted).In his personal life he's the only one of his band not to be married of have kids but has dated a string of glamorous A Listers, including Ellie Goulding and Frankie from the Saturdays. He's also heavily involved in environmental campaigning and has written his own children's book called Plastic Sucks!

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Second place: Mark Wright

Reality TV star Mark Wright is half of the TV power couple with Michelle Keegan. He's best known for The Only Way Is Essex, his radio show on Heart FM and his appearance on Strictly Come Dancing.

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Third place: Fatima Whitbread

We'll never forget the time that cockroach got stuck up Fatima's nose during a trial. Bless her. The Olympian has since revealed she wants to adopt a child at age 57.

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Who won I'm A Celebrity series 12 (2012)?

I'm A Celeb45 of 77
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Winner: Charlie Brooks

EastEnders actress Charlie Brooks couldn't believe it when Ant and Dec announced her as the winner in 2012. She continued her role as Janine Butcher on the show until 2014 when she left to go to Paris, but returned earlier this year to reconnect with her daughter Scarlett. Janine is also set to be going on a special First Date with Steve McDonald off of Corrie as part of a Children in Need special.She's also the founder and director of the I Am Pro drama school which helps aspiring actors gain qualifications and achieve their dreams online.

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Second place: Ashley Roberts

She starred on Strictly Come Dancing in 2018 and is now in a relationship with professional dancer, Giovanni Pernice. The former Pussycat Doll is currently starring in the West End production of Waitress as Dawn.

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Third place: David Haye

The boxing legend has continued to gain titles since his appearance on I'm a Celebrity.

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Who won I'm A Celebrity series 13 (2013)?

I'm A Celeb49 of 77
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Winner: Kian Egan

After 22 days in the jungle, Westlife star Kian Egan was crowned the King in 2013. Westlife reunited in 2018 for an album and a tour AND have just confirmed a 2021 comeback album and reunion tour next year, called Wild Dreams.Kian has been married to Jodi Albert since 2009.Since then, they have had three children together. The first was their son, Koa, born 2011 and their second son, Zekey, was born 2015. Two years later, they had their third son, Cobi, born 2017.

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Second place: David Emanuel

Princess Diana's wedding dress designer has reportedly found love after splitting from his wife Elizabeth almost 30 years ago. In 2019, it was revealed that David Emanuel was in a relationship with his male business partner David Bryne.

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Third place: Lucy Pargeter

In 2019, the actress who plays Chas Dingle in Emmerdale, split from her long-term fiancee Rudi Coleano.

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Who won I'm A Celebrity series 14 (2014)?

I'm A Celeb53 of 77
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Winner: Carl 'Foggy' Fogarty

Retired world super bike racer Carl 'Foggy' Fogarty won over the viewing public in 2014. He hasn't been seen a huge amount since then. He's been married to Micheala Fogarty since 1991 and is dad to two grown up kids, and from his Instagram is still a keen biker and outdoor enthusiast.

I'm A Celeb54 of 77
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Second place: Jake Quickenden

After his stint on I'm a Celeb, the X factor singer was a competed in the tenth series of Dancing on Ice, where he won the competition. He's also made a cameo on Hollyoaks.

I'm A Celeb55 of 77
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Third place: Melanie Sykes

In 2017, Melanie Sykes appeared on a "celebrity" charity edition of The Chase and in March 2018, Melanie won Star Baker in Channel 4's The Great Stand Up to Cancer Bake Off.

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Who won I'm A Celebrity series 15 (2015)?

I'm A Celeb57 of 77
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Winner: Vicky Pattison

Vicky Pattison showed a different side to her usual Geordie Shore antics, winning over the public and being crowned Queen of the Jungle. She since had a spot on the Loose Women panel, and even loved the jungle so much that she went back in for the Australian version in 2018, coming fourth place. In her personal life, Vicky's been smitten with one-time TOWIE star Ercan Ramadan since 2019 and the pair have bought a house together and adopted a gorgeous labrador puppy called Milo.It's not all been smooth sailing though as Vicky had her heart broken in 2018 when her fiancee John Noble was photographed getting handsy with an unamed party-goer while on holiday in Dubai.

I'm A Celeb58 of 77
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Second place: George Shelley

In 2016, George joined the The Capital Breakfast Show as a regular presenter. He later left the show in 2017 and has since starred in Benidorm and released a debut EP.

I'm A Celeb59 of 77
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Third place: Ferne McCann

After her stint in the jungle, former TOWIE star Ferne joined This Morning as a regular showbiz reporter.Since 2017, McCann has starred in her ITVBe reality series, Ferne McCann: First Time Mum, alongside her daughter Sunday.

I'm A Celeb60 of 77
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Who won I'm A Celebrity series 16 (2016)?

I'm A Celeb61 of 77
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Winner: Scarlett Moffatt

Former Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt was crowned Queen of the Jungle after winning the show in 2016. She's since had plenty of presenting roles and had a regular spot on the I'm A Celeb spin-off show alongside Joe Swash.She's currently living at her super glam house in the North East of England with her Chihuahua Bonny and policeman boyfriend Scott Dobinson.

I'm A Celeb62 of 77
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Second place: Joel Dommett

Since rising to mainstream fame after his stint in the jungle, the comedian-turned-presenter is also the current host of TV show The Masked Singer UK

I'm A Celeb63 of 77
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Third place: Adam Thomas

He left his role as Adam Barton in Emmerdale in early 2018 and in February 2019, Adam went on to play Rob in an episode of BBC drama Moving On.

I'm A Celeb64 of 77
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Who won I'm A Celebrity series 17 (2017)?

I'm A Celeb65 of 77
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Winner: Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo

Made In Chelsea star Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo was crowned 2017's Queen of the Jungle after beating Jamie Lomas. She's since presented backstage at the National Television Awards and is a reporter for This Morning.She was best known for her unlikely friendship with Stanley Johnson (aka Boris Johnson's dad) and has gone onto write for Stanley's paper, The Times. She quit Made in Chelsea in 2018 and keeps her personal life out of the public eye.

I'm A Celeb66 of 77
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Second place: Jamie Lomas

After his second place success, it was announced that Jamie would return to Hollyoaks as Warren later in the year.

I'm A Celeb67 of 77
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Third place: Iain Lee

After his journey on I'm A Celeb, Lee joined breakfast TV show Good Morning Britain in 2018, to fill in for Richard Arnold who was taking a 3-week break.

I'm A Celeb68 of 77
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Who won I'm a Celebrity series 18 (2018)?

I'm A Celeb69 of 77
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Winner: Harry Redknapp

Football manager Harry Redknapp was King of the Jungle in 2018, beating actors Emily Atack and John Barrowman to the top spot. He won over viewers with his heart melting praise of wife of nearly 60 years, Sandra. Aaawwwhhhh. Speaking on Pier's Morgan's Life Stories in June 2019, Harry revealed it was his son Jamie who convinced him to take part in the show.

I'm a Celeb70 of 77
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Second place: Emily Atack

Actress Emily Atack was best known for playing Charlotte in The Inbetweeners. The star then skyrocketed back to the limelight when she placed second in I'm a Celebrity jungle in 2018. Most recently, Emily has been looking for answers to life's big questions in her latest TV series Emily Atack: Adulting.

I'm a Celeb71 of 77
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Third place: John Barrowman

John Barrowman came third during his stint in the I'm A Celeb jungle. The star has reportedly been signed up as a host of Extra Camp for 2019's upcoming series of I'm A Celeb, alongside former campmate Emily Atack.

I'm a Celeb72 of 77

Winner 2019: Jacqueline Jossa

While Jac was in the jungle, glamour model Chloe Ayling claimed to have had a threesome with her husband, Dan Osborne, and she was subsequently allowed to talk with him on the phone. Jac got a lot of stick for crying on the show, but finished in first place.

I'm a Celeb73 of 77

2019 second place: Andy Whyment

Fans LOVED that this Corrie actor was in the jungle with the likes of Caitlyn Jenner, and his wife said she'd not seen him smile that way in years. Andy will reprise the role of Kirk Sutherland.

I'm a Celeb74 of 77

Roman Kemp

An early favourite to win, Radio 1 breakfast show presenter finished third place after being solidly likeable the whole way through and giving some stellar bushtucker trial performances.

I'm a Celeb75 of 77

2020 Winner: Giovanna Fletcher

Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcaster and wife of McFly's Tom Fletcher, Giovanna was the bookies early favourite to win the show's first ever UK version, set in a Welsh castle.Since being crowned Queen of the Castle, Giovanna has continued to run her hugely successful podcast as well as write several books.

I'm a Celeb76 of 77

2020 runner up: Jordan North

Jordan continues to present on his BBC Radio 1 show and has landed more presenting gigs since coming second place in 2020.

I'm a Celeb77 of 77

Third place: Vernon Kay

Family man Vernon Kay came third in 2020 and got everyone all emosh when he opened up about his marriage to fellow TV presenter and mother of his daughters, Tess Daly. His career has gone from strength to strength since finishing I'm a Celeb, landing jobs hosting Fia Formula E and the golf tournament European Tour.

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