The Kardashians announce brand new TV deal as KUWTK comes to an end

That didn't take long

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We were naturally all gutted when the Kardashian/Jenner family decided that they were going to stop filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians in September after 14 years and 20 seasons.

Luckily, it seems that we’ll still be able to get our extravagant fix as Kris Jenner has announced the family’s “new multi year partnership with Hulu and Star”.

Ah, we knew they couldn’t be off our TV screens for long.

And fans have mixed opinions about the news. Some can’t wait, whilst others are sceptical as to what the deal means, will it be episode repeats or a whole new show? Either way, the famous family are sure to be raking in the big bucks.

Check out: the Kardashians' biggest Photoshop fails EVER


The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS ever

The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS1 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram

Kylie's wobbly wall

The wall behind Kylie's waist on the left sure ain't straight.

The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS2 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram

North's brows on fleek

Followers questioned whether Kim had Photoshopped North West's eyebrows. What do you reckon?

The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS3 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram


Did Kim try to make Jonathan Cheban's waist smaller? Fans thought so when she uploaded this pic.

The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS4 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram

Kylie's belt loop

Does it look a bit stretched to you? Hmm.

The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS5 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram

Gigi Ha-kneed

Remember when W magazine totally erased Kendall Jenner and her pal Gigi Hadid's knees? Bloody hell.

The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS6 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram

Making an ass of themselves

Check out the sliding door on the left. You okay, huns?

The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS7 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram

Airbrush tool ahoy?

Fans wondered whether Kris had made her waist trimmer in this pic.

The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS8 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram

Oh no, Koko

The curved reflection in the mirror had everyone questioning if Khloé had over-edited her snap.

kylie jenner photoshop fail9 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram

Kylie's bum

2015 Kylie was our FAVE Ky. Remember the Vines? The blue hair? A vibe but in this pic fans couldn't help but notice her bum looked INCREDIBLY round...

The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS10 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram

Gordon Gate

Followers accused Kris of smoothing out Gordon Ramsay's face in this pic a few years ago.

The Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS11 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram

Wobbly wall take 2863

Kim captioned this pic 'Found this pic I took in the bathroom on set of My @calvinklein shoot,' but fans were quick to spot - you guessed it - a wobbly wall.

he Kardashians' biggest Instagram Photoshop FAILS12 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram

Facetune like it's 1999

Fans even accused Kim of Photoshopping this throwback pic from '99. Brutal.

kylie jenner photoshop13 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram

You OK, hun

Fans accused Ky of Photoshopping this snap after they pointed out that the walls look curved.

kylie jenner photoshop14 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram

Posted and deleted

OK so this isn't the photo in question (because she's since deleted the snap) but remember whenshe posted these pics and fans accused her of editing her legs? Bless her.

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Kourtney didn’t reveal much more other than to tag @disney in her post.

The Kardashian family and Disney? Now that’s a collab we never thought we’d see.

The family’s decision to end the iconic reality series was apparently a difficult one. A source told People, “It was the hardest decision, but ultimately what everyone feels is best. For the show to, everyone in the family needs to be involved wholeheartedly. This is not the case anymore. Kourtney has been over it for a long time. Kylie and Kendall as well. It’s basically only Khloe and Kim that still have fun.”

They continued, “The family has had a lot of conflicts about filming. Since not everyone is having fun filming anymore, they decided to stop while their fans are still happy.”

Although the final season of KUWTK will air in early 2021, we may be seeing the Kardashians on our screens pretty soon after if their cryptic posts are anything to go by.

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