Love Island bosses axe staple challenge after Liberty Poole brands it ‘awful’

This is certainly going to switch things up

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Remember when you could eat a roast dinner without thinking about ‘Spit The Roast’? No, we can’t either.

The gut-churning food swapping challenge has been a Love Island staple since the days of Jess Hayes and Max Morley – for some unknown reason. The controversial challenge required Islanders to spit – yes, spit – food and drink into each other’s mouths in the name of love.

And if you’re new to Love Island and think that sounds anywhere near funny and/or sexy, try googling ‘Spit The Roast’. We’ll wait.

love island eating challenge
shaughna during an eating challenge in 2020 ©ITV

Now we’re all on the same page, we’re thrilled to confirm that Love Island bosses have axed the challenge.

Executive producer Mike Spencer confirmed the news saying, "We are stepping away from the food challenges as we know them."

Spencer was responding to a Reddit user who posted the following very sensible plea, “Please can you stop making people spit food into each others mouths.”

Understandably – as said Reddit user represents all of us – the post gained a lot of traction.

Historically, we haven’t always agreed with the Love Island Powers That Be, but we’re firm supporters of this scrapping – as is Love Island season 7 fave, Liberty Poole, who recently told heat:, “I wouldn't wish the food and drink challenge on anyone.

"It made me feel physically sick. I don't like sharing food or drinks with people normally, so that was awful."

In more Love Island news, the 2022 Islanders have been confirmed and will head to the stunning island of Majorca in search of their perfect match.

This new series welcomes a new addition - a brand-new villa - where all the action unfolds.

Love Island Season 8 returns to our screens – minus any food or drink spitting – Monday 6th June on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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