LOVE ISLAND EXCLUSIVE: Megan Barton-Hanson’s former co-worker brands her a ‘spoilt brat’ and reveals her sugar daddy past

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Love Island's Megan Barton-Hanson

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Megan Barton-Hanson officially earned herself the title of Muggy Meg last week thanks to her ruthless behaviour on Love Island. After splitting from Eyal Booker because they had nothing more than a “physical/sexual attraction”, the 24 year old then immediately cracked on to Wes with the immortal line, “gimme a kiss”.

And after speaking exclusively to a former co-worker of Megan’s, it seems these actions are not out of character. She tells us, “I’m not shocked at all by her behaviour. She’s a very fake girl, very bitchy and can come across quite stuck up as well. She’s always seeking male attention and she doesn’t have many female friends. I think she’s more interested in making money than having a social life.

Megan worked alongside our insider – who wishes to remain anonymous – at Sunset Strip Club in Southend around two years ago and says she remembers Megan having multiple cosmetic surgeries while working there.

"I think she is addicted to surgery now she’s had so much work done. It does get addictive especially when you start at such a young age. I believe her dad paid for the majority of it," she tells us.

BELOW: Megan's most SHOCKING Love Island moments so far...


Megan Barton-Hanson Love Island shocking moments - heat

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Megan's first action that shocked the nation was when she callously dumped Eyal after they had sealed the deal in The Hideaway, and he had clearly grown strong feelings for her. Ouch.

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Remember when Megan stripped down with Rosie for a hot photoshoot aimed at making Adam Collard jealous? Yep. Meg strutted her stuff in a near see-through lace outfit.

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Probably Megan's most shocking - and SNAKY - moment so far is when she broke up Wes and Laura. She enticed Wes by asking for a cheeky kiss and made her feelings clear for him behind Laura's back. Not cool. Not girl code.

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Megan and Wes' whirlwind romance wasn't meant to be though, because as soon as the boys went to Casa Amor, Megan necked on with new guy Alex. They've shared a few sneaky kisses so far, including a long snog in bed. Ooooh.

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But Alex and Wes just weren't enough for Megan - she had to test the waters with newbie Dean, too. They shared a snog in the garden, but Megan concluded that he wasn't for her after she described his beard as too prickly. Awks.

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SPOILER ALERT: In tonight's episode Megan snubs Wes by picking newbie Alex to recouple with. TALK about zero loyalty.

Megan is thought to have had a boob job, nose job, lip fillers, bum lift, Botox, chin and jaw line surgery, cheek fillers, and veneers, amounting to an estimated £25,000.

Our insider even claims Megan has had surgery on her vagina. "I remember when she booked the time off work for it and told our boss what she was having done. We were all in shock to be honest."

And while Megan has remained tight-lipped about any ex-boyfriends on the show, our source tells us she has a bit of a type.

"She dates boys to buy her gifts. She’s had a few sugar daddies. She dated a bouncer from the club but he didn’t have much money so that fizzled out. One of [the sugar daddies] used to come into work and bring her gifts, he bought her a guitar once because she asked for it. I’ve not known her to steal anyone’s boyfriend before but [her behaviour on the show] doesn’t surprise me. She comes across as a bunny boiler."

Perhaps Megan’s ears pricked up when she heard Wes had spent £1,000 on a first date. Either way, our insider doesn’t think Muggy Meg’s out to find herself true love.

"She has spoilt brat syndrome – if Megan wants, Megan gets. She is definitely in it for the money and the fame."

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