Love Island’s Priscilla Anyabu: “They’re going to think I’m too dark, too skinny and no one is going to pick me”

The Love Island 2020 star opened up about her experience on the show

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by Eden-Olivia Lord |

It feels like forever since the Love Island 2020 series aired on our TV and that's probably because we've been in three lockdowns from then to now.

During that series, the first (and last) winter edition of Love Island, viewers saw the arrival of twins Jess and Eve Gale and we saw Mike Boateng make 'mad moves'.

We recently caught up with Casa Amor bombshell Priscilla Anyabu, who was coupled up with Mike, and spoke to her about life before Love Island, how she found the reality TV show as a Black woman and how inclusive things are inside the villa.

You probably won't be surprised to hear that Priscilla was one of the many Islanders that were 'scouted' by the producers.

"I didn't apply for Love Island. I went to Miami had a hot girl summer and was living it up. I posted a load of bikini pictures and as soon as I got back to London I had a DM," she exclusively told heatworld.

"In my DM it was just like 'Hey, we're from ITV. We'd love to consider you for a show, we think you'd be amazing'.

"I was like 'Huh?' because summer Love Island had already gone."

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Priscilla was coupled up with Mike ©ITV

Fast forward a few weeks and she was heading onto the show but when we asked Priscilla if she was cautious about being one of the few Black people on Love Island she admitted, "Yeah.

"I know with history and the show you know there's always the one token Black girl. So going in there I was like 'I'm the token Black girl, I have to make it work for me' kind of thing.

"I was very cautious that I'm probably not going to get picked so I need to make the most of my time while I'm there."

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priscilla alongside the other casa amor girls ©ITV


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She continued, "I'm darker than most, I'm a lot skinnier that most and I saw [viewers] say something about Sophie like 'You're always getting skinny girls, why can't you get normal sized people,' and Sophie is bigger than me.

"I think I had a panic attack because I was like 'Am I really going on this show? Am I really about to do this? They're going to think I'm too dark, think I'm too skinny and no one is going to pick me'.

"It's so crazy, I literally thought 'Why am I doing this?'"

However after having a pep talk with herself she managed to convince herself to go on the show and "represent".

Luckily Priscilla had a following before her time on Love Island due to her career as a model and that helped her prepare for her time on the show.

"I only really started putting on a lot of make-up for Love Island. I literally had make-up classes," she admitted.

love island mike and priscilla
priscilla opened up about the inclusivity on love island ©ITV

In the Love Island 2021 series viewers would often spot Fenty foundation in the background of the girl's make-up room but things were slightly different during the previous year.

We asked if the make-up and hair products were inclusive during the South Africa edition of the show and Priscilla confessed, "They try but... I love Love Island, I don't want to bash them or anything but in terms of the products and the make-up that they had it didn't cater to my skin type.

"My hairdresser and make-up artist literally gave me a list of things to get. I had to do extensive research, I made sure everything was covered."

She went on to reveal that she took in a darker shade of foundation for when she got tanned, and her glam team helped her prep by testing her make-up and hairstyles in different lighting settings.

"We did so much work so I didn't go in and embarrass myself or embarrass Black girls because we've had so much slate on Love Island."

Following her time on modelling sets and Love Island, Priscilla has now found her go to foundations and they're from Bobbi Brown, Fenty and L'Oreal.

WATCH: Priscilla opens up about her time on Love Island, crying in the airport and how reality TV can become more inclusive

Luckily before her stint on Love Island, Priscilla was fully prepared however she recently went through an uncomfortable incident while taking part in the show The Challenge.

At the airport her make-up was confiscated because it went over the hand luggage limit and it left Priscilla in tears.

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Leanne Amaning

After failing to find love in the villa (she famously got the 'ick' whilst with Mike Boateng), Leanne's time on the island was cut relatively short in a cruel dumping.

"Because the woman - who was a fairer skin white woman - was like 'Oh you can just go in the airport and buy make-up'. I literally burst in tears because I was like 'You don't know. They're not going to have my shade'.

"Especially when you go into airports they don't have the extensive range and when it's not summer time either they don't tend to include the darker shades."

"I was literally in tears and the woman was like 'Calm down it's fine,' but I was like 'No. You don't know my struggles.

"I can't even walk out and just buy make-up."

You can watch Priscilla's full interview on heat's YouTube channel where she also discusses how she managed to break one of the Love Island rules when she kept changing her hair style.

You can watch the full interview on heat's YouTube channel.

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