11 iconic, hilarious and bizarre Made in Chelsea quotes

From Spencer and Louise's row on the bridge to Zara begging Sam


by Lucy Brown |

Despite their wealth and social status, the Made in Chelsea socialites have had their fair share of shocking, and quite frankly at times completely tasteless, one-liners.

But we love the drama, so, with a new series coming this autumn we thought it was time to sit back, relax and reminisce on some of the most iconic quotes to come out of the mouths of Chelsea's finest.

Zara begs Sam for forgiveness

We're starting out strong with this one. Maybe one of the most meme'd quotes from recent series is Zara McDermott begging Sam Thompson for forgiveness after cheating. As Zara pleads with Sam for forgiveness, Sam tells her, "I can't do it" which resulted in Zara's memorable and very whiney "You caaaaan!"

We've heard it on TikTok a gazillion times but just as a reminder...

Victoria Baker Harper calling Cheska Hull a "f*cking fat turkey"

We all know that arguments can get out of hand, but this exchange between Victoria Baker Harper and Cheska Hull went one step too far. Despite attending a festive dinner party, Victoria's comments weren't in the spirit of Christmas as she shouted over to Cheska "don't f*cking open your f*cking fat f*cking mouth you f*cking fat turkey."

Arguably the worst one on the list...

Everyone getting in Lucy Watson's "grill"

How could we forget this one. Lucy Watson delivered one of the most famous one-liners of the entire show when she was caught up in the bickering between Spencer Matthews, Andy Jordan and Jaime Laing, shutting everyone down with "Why is everyone getting up in my grill?"

Queue the rest of the cast laughing (and us, tbh).

Mark Francis not knowing what Nando's is

You'd be hard to come by anyone in the UK that hasn't had a Nando's, let alone doesn't know what it is. But we can always rely on Mark Francis to surprise us with a shocking one-liner. Here is the moment that Mark found out that Nando's wasn't a wine bar and is, in fact, one of the UK's most popular chicken restaurants.

Lucy Watson's "because you're a b*tch"

One thing we love about Lucy Watson is that she just tells it exactly how it is and she certainly didn't hold back in New York when Rosie asked her, "I don't know why you have to be so rude?" Without a second thought Lucy quipped back saying "Because you're a b*tch". Burn.

Mark Francis' Topshop slander

Although Topshop stores are now long gone (RIP), we'll never their iconic Joni jeans and the fact that Mark Francis openly hit out at the brand on national television. Very on on brand for Mark, he said that “Topshop is definitely a turn off."

Stephanie Pratt calls Spencer Matthews the devil

While Spencer Matthews was trying to win over Stephanie Pratt, she pulled out not one but TWO iconic one liners. She firstly called him "the devil in a clown suit" then went on to add, "I would rather kiss the floor than ever kiss you again...I'm sure that would be more sanitary."


However she's is very quickly won over as soon as Spencer pulls out a Prada bag.

Millie Mackintosh's "here's to friendship" toast

If anyone knows how to give a toast it's Millie Mackintosh. In the series two finale Millie Mackintosh made sure to share her feelings in a toast to Rosie Fortestcue and Hugo Taylor who had been hooking up whilst Hugo was with her. Finishing off her speech, Millie raises a toast saying "Here's to friendship". ICONIC.

Mark Francis and Binky Felstead on the boat

Mark can always be relied upon to deliver an iconic, somewhat pretentious, one-liner. Whilst on a wooden boat with Binky he says, "You capsize this boat, I'll capsize your world".

Rosie Fortescue calls out Francis Boulle's mask

During the masquerade ball in series one, after a heated conversation, Rosie slates Francis' mask saying, "Francis, your mask looks like you've got a knob on your face." Take one look at the mask and you'll see that she definitely wasn't wrong.

Spencer Matthews and Louise Thompson by the bridge

It's just one of those lines that really can't forget about. When Louise Thompson confronted Spencer Matthews by the Thames saying, "All you do is disrespect me again and again and again". However things took a turn when he quipped back with the most BRUTAL comeback, "It's hard for me to respect you when you allow me to cheat on you".

Ew. Talk about savage.

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