MAFS Australia’s Jessika Power reveals secret partner-swapping 😱

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In the latest reality TV dramz, Jessika Power has revealed that there was some secret partner-swapping going on behind the scenes during season six of Married at First Sight Australia.

Telling viewers what was really going on, the 28 year old confessed, "Mick told me that he had been texting Susie."

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On the show, Jessika was married to Mick Gould, while Susie Bradley married Billy Vincent.

Speaking to Metro, Jessika elaborated, "Susie had come and seen him [Mick] when he was in his room, to see if he was okay…

"I brought it up with Susie at the dinner table and I'm like b---h."

While Jessika spilled the tea on a potential fling between Susie and her now ex Mick, the model in fact had a confirmed fling of her own, with viewers watching as she pursued Tamara Joy's husband Dan Webb.

Getting angry at Susie for reaching out to Mick, Jessika did admit that she had "no leg to stand on."

"I was like, 'So I heard that you were in Mick’s room the other night?'" she said, adding that Susie denied the claim and so the storyline was never covered on the show.

Meanwhile, Susie's beau, Billie, was apparently trying his luck with Jessika while she was pursuing Dan.

This is making our heads hurt...

"The only person that ever hit on me was Billy," said Jessika.

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She said, "That was one time. So Dan and I had gone down for our secret meeting at the dinner party, I came upstairs and I sat down next to Billy, and he’s like, 'Where have you been?' and I was like, 'I had a mic check.'

"He’s like, 'Okay… Don’t lie to me, I know where you’ve been.'"

Fans were not impressed with Jessika's straying antics, and have been letting her know on Instagram.

"Literally watching you and Dan doing the dirty right now 🤢," commented one.

Uh oh...

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