Paul Hollywood’s ex says ‘he doesn’t bake’ and ‘prefers cheap sliced bread’

We don't know what to believe anymore.

Paul Hollywood

by Bonnie McLaren |

Have you had a break-up as petty as Paul Hollywood and Summer Monteys-Fullam's? We doubt it. The 24-year-old obviously didn't end on good terms with the baker, 54, as she has taken to Instagram to make some absolutely shocking revelations about the Bake Off star during a Q&A. (That's if they're true, btw.)

When one fan asked: 'Could you bake before you met Mr Bake Off himself?' She was quick to respond with: 'He didn't bake - he liked his cheap sliced bread!' And then she dropped the second bombshell when another follower asked: 'Did you ever get nervous cooking for Paul as he's a chef.' To which Summer replied: 'Lol. Firstly, he isn't a chef. And secondly no not really, he'd just eat Rice Krispies most evenings so I'd cook for myself.' Summer - who was working as a barmaid when she met Paul - then added: '#thatsifhewasntatthepub.'

Relive the moment when Paul told heat he doesn't like cake that much...

Yikes. We feel like we've been deceived, like when you find out a comedian isn't funny in real life.

(Mr Hollywood is yet to publicly respond to the allegations.)


Noel's best shirts from The Great British Bake Off

Noel's Great Celebrity Bake Off Distressed Jumper
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CREDIT: Channel 4 / Selfridges

On the new season of Celebrity Bake Off, Noel is seen wearing a super edgy distressed jumper which we totally love. The exact jumper from Isabel Benenato is sold out already but previously retailed for £300.

Boohoo Oversized Fisherman Rib Distressed Jumper
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You can get your own distressed jumper online like this - we love this one by Boohoo.

Noel's Star Print GBBO 2021 Finale Shirt
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CREDIT: Channel 4 / Farfetch

Noel's wearing the Laneus Star Jacquard Long-sleeved Shirt which will set you back a pretty penny, at £339. It's still in stock though, for those who want to splash out.

Star Print Black Long Sleeve Shirt
4 of 30

We're loving this lunar-themed shirt that's on the same wavelength as Noel's star shirt, minus the mouth-watering price tag.

Noel's Retro Geometric Orange Shirt
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CREDIT: Channel 4

We spotted Noel wearing this groovy geometric retro shirt and fell in love. The Relaxed Fit Patterned Shirt is from a collaboration between Lacoste and Bruno Mars, but it's now sold out.

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CREDIT: Madcap England

This vintage-inspired shirt has a very similar vibe.

Pink Crew Neck Jumper With Smiley Face Print
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CREDIT: Channel 4 / I Saw It First

The iconic pink smiley jumper that Noel wore for the opening episode of season five of the GBBO sold out everywhere... But it's back in stock now on I Saw It First.

Pink Oversized Smiley Face Cardigan
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CREDIT: I Saw It First

It's also available as a cardigan. Cute.

Alexander McQueen Skull Print Cotton Shirt
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CREDIT: Channel 4 / Alexander McQueen

This Alexander Mcqueen Skull Print Cotton Shirt is the one that Noel wore for pastry week.

Bolongaro Trevor All Over Skull Skinny Fit Print Shirt
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Meanwhile, this ASOS all-over skull print shirt is incredibly similar, and also currently on sale.

Noel's Blue Paisley Print Shirt
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CREDIT: Channel 4

German week saw bakers create traditional biscuits and a tiered cake, Noel looked iconic when he wore an incredible star and paisley Etro shirt. Unfortunately, Noel's actual shirt has sold out everywhere online, it's from designer Etro.

Blue Paisley Short Sleeve Revere Shirt
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CREDIT: River Island

However, this short-sleeve number from River Island is a brilliant high street dupe.

Noel's Red and White Striped Jumper
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CREDIT: Channel 4

Fans were quick to compare Noel in episode three to the iconic Where's Wally character, and we're so here for this unusual style inspo. It comes from one of Noel's favourite designers, Bella Freud, but it's now sold out. There is, however, a version available in black and green.

Womens Red Ultra-Fine Cotton Breton Crew Neck Jumper
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CREDIT: Paul James

While it's not entirely similar, this red and white jumper is a cute alternative.

Vivienne Westwood Long Sleeved Shirt Grey
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CREDIT: Channel 4 / Vivienne Westwood

Noel's Vivienne Westwood shirt is super snazzy, but sadly is currently sold out.

Mango Floral Print Blouse
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The Vivienne Westwood shirt is so unique, there's not much else like it. We do love this Mango blouse, though, that has a nature theme and similar colours.

noel fielding bake off shirts
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CREDIT: Channel 4 / ebay

In episode three, Noel wore this Lazy Oaf shirt in black with white scribbles. It's sold out on the Lazy Oaf site, but we've also scouted out a high street alternative...

Route One Montana Shirt - Doodle BlackRoute One Montana Shirt - Doodle BlackRoute One Montana Shirt - Doodle BlackRoute One Montana Shirt - Doodle Black Route One Montana Shirt in Doodle Black
18 of 30
CREDIT: Route One

This Route One graphic monochrome print shirt is an amazing alternative for the Lazy Oaf original. Plus, it's also on sale, too. Can't go wrong with that.

noel fielding bake off shirts
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CREDIT: Lazy Oaf

In episode four last season, Noel sported this funky fruit print bowling shirt. It's another Lazy Oaf gem and unfortunately, it's out of stock, but we found an alternative...

Vintage Supply Fruit Checkerboard Cardigan in Black
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This brightly coloured cardigan takes inspiration from the Lazy Oaf shirt that Noel wore last season.

noel fielding bake off shirts
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CREDIT: Channel 4/ Thread

Noel's fetching floral shirt from episode five is from well-known designer Paul Smith, and is worth over £200! It's sold out right now, but we've found one for a much more affordable price online.

Devil's Advocate Viscose Floral Print Shirt
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This lookalike is available at just £29, much better for our bank balance tbh.

noel fielding bake off shirts
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Noel's zany pink jumper from Japanese week is available to pre-order from one of his fave brands, WAH WAH.

ASOS DESIGN oversized sweatshirt in pink with tonal anime back print
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Just like the jumper from the show - this option features a glamorous woman in its main design. Plus, we love that it's inspired by anime.

noel fielding bake off shirts
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CREDIT: Channel 4/ Lazy Oaf

It's another Lazy Oaf offering from Noel for episode seven, this time a black and white comic print shirt. Unfortunately, it's now sold out, but you can subscribe to notifications to find out when it's back.

UO Peanuts Comic Strip Shirt
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This Urban Outfitters dupe features a comic strip design in a lightweight woven style and is a pretty close match to the real thing. Plus, it's half the price of the OG.

Noel's "My Insides Sweater" in Black
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CREDIT: Haculla

It may have been pastry week but most GBBO fans were obsessed with Noel's skeleton jumper. It's out of stock right now, but it definitely would have set you back a bit.

Skeleton Bones Rib Cage Sweatshirt
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We love this cute sweatshirt from Etsy. Alternatively, there's also another similar design from ASOS marketplace.

Bella Freud 1970 Jumper
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CREDIT: Channel 4 / Bella Freud

Noel graced us with this amazing (but super expensive) Bella Freud 1970 Mohair Jumper in Petrol Blue. It's sold out in this colour, but there are plenty of other styles available. It'll set you back a cool £420, although, you might be able to find some on eBay or Depop...

Rock On Ruby Personalised 'Year' Unisex Sweatshirt
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Get your own personalised year of birth jumper with this stylish option from Rock On Ruby. It's available in SO many colours and would make a great gift.

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Paul and Summer's relationship caused headlines a couple of years ago due to their age gap and Paul's separation from his wife Alexandra. The pair first met in early 2017 when the star arranged a birthday party for then-wife Alexandra at the bar where she worked. And Paul and Summer are believed to have grown closer after the Bake Off judge and his wife split. The former barmaid is believed to have ended their romance after he asked her to sign a gagging order, forbidding her to discuss their relationship.

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