Noel Fielding’s age? Great British Bake Off fans in shock

How has he not aged? He must have a picture in his attic #doriangray

Noel Fielding age

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The Great British Bake Off has shaken us like sprinkles in the 11 (eleven!) years it's been on our telly boxes.

Who could forget bin-gate in series five, which saw Iain Watters chuck his ruined basked Alaska? Or three years later when Prue Leith accidentally revealed the winner before the final had aired? Oh, Prue.

It doesn’t end there though as there was another surprise revelation in last year's series (2020) that left some viewers shocked to their very core.

An instalment of the Channel 4 show saw bakers turn back time to recreate recipes from the '80s, with hosts Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas reminiscing about the decade throughout the show.

Great British Bake Off
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The Mighty Boosh star Noel dropped a number of hints about his age and eventually performed a dance with Matt and told the confused younger bakers that “they’d have to be over 45 to get it”.

Viewers took to social media to share their disbelief after realising that Noel was then 47, a year older than co-host Matt.

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Bake Off's biggest fails - sloppy slider

Bake-off-biggest-fails1 of 9
CREDIT: Channel 4

Bin Gate

Let's kick off with the obvious, shall we?There's not been a more tense moment on Bake Off since 2014, when series five contestant Iain Watters was left with no choice but to throw his entire Baked Alaska in the bin after Diana Beard removed it from the freezer in order to make room for her own. Iain was left with nothing to present to the judges and Diana left the show weeks later amid "health issues".

Bake-off-biggest-fails2 of 9
CREDIT: Channel 4

Rude biscuit

Back in 2018 viewers left in stitches when baker Dan Beasley-Harling attempted a touching portrait of himself meeting his new surrogate baby during biscuit week. Sadly, viewers (and the judges) didn't exactly see what he saw and the moment went down in history as one of the show's biggest fails (a funny one, though).

Bake-off-biggest-fails3 of 9
CREDIT: Channel 4

Krishnan Guru-Murthy on SU2C

On 2019's Stand Up 2 Cancer Bake Off Special, esteemed Channel 4 newsreader Krishnan Guru-Murthy lost his characteristic cool when his lemon drizzle cake ended up as more of a crumble, thanks to the 'help' of host Sandy Toksvig.

Bake-off-biggest-fails4 of 9


An oldie but a goodie, one of the show's classic fails has to be when a prolific desert thief in the form of 2013 contestant Deborah Manger STOLE the custard Howard Middleton had made for his own pud. Then-host Sue Perkins called it "either a terrible error or the most incredible case of baking espionage".

Bake-off-biggest-fails5 of 9
CREDIT: Channel 4

Freddie Cakemare

This episode in 2020 was frankly FULL of the most hilarious bakes, with bakers tasked with making 3D busts of famous faces. Among the fails was a David Bowie and Blink-182's Tom DeLonge (who later paid homage on his own social media), but Laura's chinless Freddie Mercury one really took the cake (sorry).

Bake-off-biggest-fails6 of 9
CREDIT: Channel 4

Pineapple Upside Down cake-gate

Another glorious fail from the 2020 series, who could forget when Sura Selvarajah accidentally knocked Dave Friday's pineapple upside down cakes off the table moments before presenting them during the technical challenge? Sura was DEVASTATED but Dave went on to place runner up, so all is well that ends well.

Bake-off-biggest-fails7 of 9
CREDIT: Channel 4

Rosie's toppled custard tart

Poor Rosie Brandreth-Poynter. Her 1920's inspired custard tart in the 2019 series was looking so good, until her shaking hands meant one layer slid off the oven tray as she was assembling it in the final stages and ended up "unsalvageable" on the floor.

Bake-off-biggest-fails8 of 9
CREDIT: Channel 4

KSI's cherry pie attempt

Another SU2C classic, YouTuber and rapper KSI was left red-faced during his attempt at making a cherry pie in 2021. It wasn't exactly going well to begin with, but when he upended his cake tin onto his stand jam-side-down (as you would for a sponge) it was game over.

Bake-off-biggest-fails9 of 9
CREDIT: Channel 4

Maggie's sticky toffee 'puddings'

We've all been there - but forgetting to add flour to your bakes isn't the kind of mistake you should be making in the famous Bake Off tent. When 2021 contestant Maggie forgot to add this KIND OF essential ingredient to her sticky toffee puds in dessert week, she tried to play them off as "gluten free" versions. Sadly it wasn't enough and she lost her place on the show.

Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas
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One posted, “Noel is 47?! Am I the only one who is in shock at this revelation?”

Another stunned viewer asked, “HOW IS NOEL FIELDING 47?”

A third added “Biggest shocker this week is finding out that Noel Fielding is 47!”

One more added, “Just found out Noel Fielding is 47 and I am truly shook.”

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The surprising reveal of Noel’s age comes after he became a dad for the second time. Which leads us neatly to...

Noel Fielding Lliana Bird
noel and his longterm partner Lliana ©Getty

Does Noel Fielding have a wife?

Noel and and his partner Lliana have been together since 2010. But who is she?

Lliana Bird / Birdy -radio presenter

Lliana Bird, known as Birdy, presents the Sunday evening show on Radio X.

Does Noel Fielding have children?

He does. Two little girls. One called Dali who was born in 2018and one called Iggy who was born in 2010.

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