The Big Breakfast: your need to know – the hosts, Denise van Outen’s return and start date

The Big Breakfast is back and here's everything you need to know

the big breakfast 2022

by Lucy Brown |

After the incredible success of their one-off special in September 2021, nearly 20 years since the show came off-air, Mo Gilligan and AJ Odudu are bringing The Big Breakfast back for a full series. Returning for four Saturdays from 13 August, expect old favourites like On The Bed to make an appearance in the show that AJ describes as “perfect mayhem”. During a chat with heat, they tell us more…

It’s exciting that The Big Breakfast is returning – what can we expect from the new series?

AJ: A new house for a start! We’ve upgraded it, so it’s even bigger and brighter, meaning more chaos, more competitions and just more vibes.

Mo: Expect a lot of crazy anarchy for the start of the morning with some cool surprises and games.

AJ: Judi Love is returning to On The Bed, Phil Gayle is returning to the news, and Melvin Odoom is going to be out and about around the country with games and competitions. It’s going to be a real family affair.

It is such an iconic show – did you feel nervous about picking up the baton from people like Chris Evans and Gaby Roslin?

Mo: I actually spoke to Chris about it recently and he said that hosting the show was one of the happiest times of his life. He really enjoyed last year’s special and was looking forward to the series.

AJ: I loved watching the show growing up, so we obviously wanted to pay homage to the nostalgia of it and really honour the show that we know and love. But I’m excited for Mo and I to put our stamp on it, really bring it forward and make it ours.

What’s it been like working together?

AJ: Mo and I had surprisingly never worked together before the special, and I’m delighted we got on so well and have since created a great friendship. It’s always amazing to work with good people who are not only super-talented and generous, but also really fun.

Mo: AJ is an absolute pro when it comes to live TV – it’s so great just picking up little tricks from her. The whole team had such a good time making the show, and we’re excited to be bringing that joy back to Saturday mornings.

Not only are AJ and Mo going to host the show, but The Big Breakfast legend Denise van Outen is also set to return for the reboot. Denise hosted the popular show back in 1997 for four years alongside Johnny Vaughan and she is set to make a guest appearance on the new series.

If you're completely confused about The Big Breakfast returning then worry not, we've got all the answers...

For the On The Bed interview, Mo and AJ will be joined by Loose Women’s Judi Love, and Melvin Odoom, Harriet Rose and Phil Gayle who will also take on key segments of the show.

Not only that but the new series is set to be LIT because there's loads of celeb guest appearances including Rita Ora, Aitch, Joel Dommett and Daniel Kaluuya.

Buzzing for this, tbh.

Who originally presented The Big Breakfast?

The Big Breakfast was launched in September 1992 with Gaby Roslin and Chris Evans (not captain America, the radio presenter) presenting the show.

It's safe to say that it was a success because in 1993 the show was the highest rated UK breakfast television programme.

Throughout its run, hosts came and went, with some notable presenters including Mark Little, Zoe Ball and Keith Chegwin.

When did The Big Breakfast end?

The show ultimately came to an end in March 2002 after a steady decline in viewers.

The Big Breakfast house

The show was famous for broadcasting live from a real house which was actually at the Lock-keeper’s cottages, located on fish island, in Bow East London. However, the new reboot is said to be filming at a new disclosed house.

Very secretive.

Is The Big Breakfast on Channel 4?

The new reboot is set to return on the show’s original broadcaster, Channel 4 on Saturday at 10am. We’ll deffo be watching.

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