The Cabins spoilers: Daisy’s turned off by Curtis’ sausage

Their relationship isn’t quite the banger they were hoping for

The Cabins spoilers Daisy and Curtis

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It’s day nine on The Cabins and although Curtis and Daisy got off to a good start when they arrived in Otter’s Pocket yesterday, a sausage-making session (yes, really) could spell the end of their time together.

Over in Beaver’s Burrow, new arrivals Alex and Nathan get off to a flying start and, in Stag’s Mount, mega flirt Remi does his best to break down Charlotte’s barrier.

But at the end of the day, which couples will decide to extend their stay and which will be checking out?

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The Cabins spoilers: Thursday 14 January

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In Stag's Mount

After spending their first night together, Charlotte and Remi chat to their friends about how they're feeling."He's one of the nicest guys I've ever met. He's ticking a lot of boxes," Charlotte confesses during a phone call with her pal.Meanwhile, Remi is talking to his friend and admits he's a bit skeptical about the activity they have planned – a reading with a psychic.

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In Stag's Mount

The couple sit down for their video call reading, which uncovers some interesting revelations… including a "wedding" card.As the psychic turns over the card, she says, "You've got chemistry, a strong magnetic attraction here. Wedding…""Oh my goodness. This could be the one," laughs Charlotte before Remi adds, "I like readings now, this is OK. It's all been good news, there's not much to not like."

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In Stag's Mount

Later that evening, things get emotional in the hot tub when Remi asks, "So, what is going on? Normally, I'm ok at flirting but with you I just don't think it's working."Charlotte replies, "I'm just guarded. I don't mean to be and it frustrates me but I'm just a bit scared and reluctant to push myself at the minute."As the conversation continues, Charlotte tearfully reflects on past experiences.Remi tells her, ""Let's enjoy ourselves. We're having a nice time. No more tears - they don't deserve you!"I get it. I've taken a few leaps. When they don't work it f--king sucks. It really does."

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In Otter's Pocket

Curtis and Daisy try their hand at sausage making on their second day in Otter's Pocket, but she's left unimpressed by his endless innuendos. She tells her friend, "He was quite vulgar. Like vulgar past the point and it has really put me off!"

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In Otter's Pocket

They move to the hot tub for a game of Truth or Dare and Curtis asks, "What is your favourite sex position?"Daisy chooses not to answer as she has "boundaries", but Curtis doesn't push back.He later tells his friend he's pleased with how things are going, as he says, "It's easy, no silences, she's so sociable."

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In Otter's Pocket

Later, Curtis asks Daisy, 'Serious question. If we had to choose now whether to stay again another day, what is your answer?"She replies, "My answer is no but it's not a bad no. It's more of a 'I want to see outside the cabin no'."But she later admits she's not 100% certain and will make her final decision in the morning.They end up kissing and cuddling in bed, but what will Daisy decide?

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In Beaver's Burrow

Over in Beaver's Burrow, it doesn't take long for new arrivals Alex and Nathan to get in the hot tub as they get to know each other.Nathan asks, "Have you got a type?""I don't really know. As long as they've got a good personality, it makes them more fit," Alex replies.Continuing their conversation outside the hot tub, Nathan says, "I was worried you would be boring. When I meet someone I have this 10 second rule of whether I like them or not!"Alex asks, "So did you like me?""Yeah! I just think you pick up a vibe off someone. You can always tell if you're going to get on," Nathan replies.

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In Beaver's Burrow

As the evening continues, it seems like both Alex and Nathan are on the same page.He tells his friend, "Oh my God, mate. She is ten out of ten my type," while Alex tells her friend that she fancies him too.Nathan reveals he is planning to sleep downstairs as he doesn't want to give Alex the wrong impression., but will she take the gesture as it's intended or read into it?

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Last night’s episode saw Remi, 28, from London, enter Stag’s Mount to start his first date with Charlotte, and it turns out he has a famous connection – he’s related to an A-list singer.

He revealed he’s related to musician Seal, who was previously married to model Heidi Klum, shortly before entering The Cabins.

Remi explained, “My second cousin is Seal. He's my dad's cousin. They shared a flat in London together when they were younger.

"I've never met him. It's a pretty bad claim to fame as I don't know him and not met him, but it's all I've got."

Veryyyyy interesting.

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