The Cabins spoilers: Sarah and Charlotte have a big decision to make

Will they leave as a couple or go their separate ways?

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Another two new singletons enter The Cabins tonight after Tom and Olivia chose to leave Stag’s Mount as a couple in last night’s episode.

Welsh natives Joel and Jess arrive for their first night together and it’s not long before sparks being to fly.

Elsewhere, a huge decision looms for Sarah and Charlotte as they deliberate whether to leave as a couple. They’ve been growing closer, but will they continue their relationship on the outside world?

Meanwhile, in Beaver’s Burrow, Robyn throws Mamudo a belated birthday party after they chose to stay together for another 24 hours.

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In Stag's Mount

Joel, a 22-year-old binman from Swansea, arrives in Stag's Mount ready to meet his date. Fellow Welsh native Jess soon arrives and says she's looking for someone chatty, fun and sociable.Talk soon turns to Joel's occupation and Jess reveals, "I love that. Growing up every time the bin men came down the street, we used to take them bottles of squash and pop."Joel replies, "You're the binman's favourite people!"

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In Stag's Mount

The pair change into their onesies for dinner and, as he unleashes his inner Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, Joel video calls his brother to share his first impression of Jess.Jess emerges in her unicorn onesie while they're on the call and Joel asks his brother, "Do you want to say 'hello' to her?" Is it already time to meet the family?"

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In Stag's Mount

As they settle down for their first night in the cabin, will they cuddle up or sleep separately? They have another big decision to make in the morning too, but will they decide to extend their stay or check out?

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In Otter's Pocket

Speaking of big decision, Sarah and Charlotte deliberate whether to leave Otter's Pocket as a couple or go their separate ways as they enjoy a candlelit dinner.Charlotte says, "I know that I like you and I do think that you like me?", to which Sarah replies, "I wouldn't have kissed you back last night."Charlotte jokes, "I threw myself at you in the hot tub!"

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In Otter's Pocket

Back in the cabin, Sarah treats Charlotte to a lap dance."This is such a dream. I am not doing that for you!", says a delighted Charlotte.Sparks continue to fly and the pair lock lips once again.

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In Otter's Pocket

In the morning, Sarah and Charlotte sit down to make their final decision but what will they choose?

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In Beaver's Burrow

Over in Beaver's Burrow, Robyn and Mamudo appear to be getting on well but he's keen to know how she really feels about him.He says, "Let's get to the juicy question. Are you really into me then?"But a phone call from his friend at home interrupts the moment. Mamudo tells his pal, "We need to make sure if we're leaving here, it's going to get somewhere. I'm not wasting my time."

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In Beaver's Burrow

Later, Robyn throws a belated birthday party for Mamudo – complete with a banner, balloons and a birthday cake.While he's mostly impressed with her efforts, the semi-pro footballer gets "hangry" as Robyn struggles to whip up a birthday meal and it seems he could be having a change of heart.

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In Beaver's Burrow

The next morning, Mamudo still has his reservations about Robyn and tells his friend via text, "She has the looks but it needs to be more than that. If she tries harder, we'll definitely be a good match."The pair sit down to decide whether to extend their stay, but will their differences prove too much?

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Last night's episode saw Beaver’s Burrow residents Tom and Olivia decide to leave as a couple after deciding they had gone as far as they could in The Cabins.

The 23 year old from Hull initially struggled with the idea of being with a “nice guy” like Tom, he soon won her over with his Magic Mike impression and she chose to give things a go in the real world.

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But although they left as an “exclusive couple”, viewers didn’t appear to have much hope for their relationship and took to social media to share their opinions.

One wrote, “So Tom and Olivia have left Stag’s Mount as the first Cabins couple, the question is: Can they stand the test of time?

“For me I don't think they will last very long. Tom is strained by trying to be the bad guy when clearly he can't be. Whilst equally I feel that Olivia may start to get bored of him which is a shame

“It would be interesting to see if she sticks with her outside of the box type like Tom though. I don't think that will be the case though.”

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