The Cabins spoilers: sparks fly as the singletons extend their stay

But not everyone is feeling the love...

The Cabins spoilers Tom and Olivia

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Just as we needed a new TV show to invest in while we spend our lockdown evenings in front of the box, along comes The Cabins – ITV2’s brand new dating show.

If you’ve never heard of it before (where have you been?), The Cabins sees singletons take on the most revealing first date of their lives as they move into an intimate cabin in the countryside with a potential love interest.

All three couples got to know each other and decided to extend their stay for another 24 hours in the first episode, but will it prove to be a wise decision?

Tonight, sparks start to fly for two of the couples, but one dater starts to question where they stand.

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The Cabins spoilers: Tuesday 5 January

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In Stag's Mount

Tom pulls out all the stops to impress Olivia as he organises a cosy set-up of blankets and candles outside the Stag's Mount cabin so they can watch the sunset.As they snuggle up, Tom says, "It's gorgeous isn't it? Sunset isn't too bad either!"Olivia replies, "So cute!"With the cold quickly setting in, Olivia says, "I wonder how long we'll last out here", to which Tom replies, "I give it five minutes."A clearly impressed Olivia adds, "I really appreciate this. It's really cute."The couple get closer as they take in the gorgeous surroundings and Tom eventually makes his move to kiss Olivia.

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In Stag's Mount

Later, things get emotional as a tearful Olivia admits she always goes for the wrong type of men.Tom comforts her as they discuss how she's feeling and why, but what will the rest of their stay have in store for them?

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In Otter's Pocket

After expressing her love of otters, Sarah spends her second day with Charlotte by wading through a nearby river in search of the little mammals. Charlotte asks, "How long have you had your otter obsession?" "I've not got an otter obsession! They're just cute. They hold hands. It's adorable. They find a partner and go to sleep holding it so they don't lose them," Sarah replies.Charlotte references the pair holding hands last night as she jokes, "Is that what you did to me last night? Treating me like an otter in bed!"

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In Otter's Pocket

Sarah and Charlotte get to know each other better as they jump into the hot tub and discuss their first impressions of one another.Charlotte confesses, "I was like 'she is really hot'."Sarah replies, "I'm ok with that."Charlotte then adds, "And then I was like 'she is a bit out of my league'. I definitely thought that," to which a surprised Sarah replies, "Don't say that. That would upset me if you thought that."Charlotte then jokes, "I don't now that I know you!"

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In Otter's Pocket

Sarah explains, "I've always been told the only thing I've got is my looks. Leagues aren't a thing. I would hope someone would say I'm the person they want to be with because I'm funny, or I can talk or make them feel better. I'd hate someone to be like I'm with her because she's fit. You've got to be attracted to someone... at the end of the day everyone gets old."

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In Otter's Pocket

Sarah and Charlotte share a kiss in bed but what does the future hold for them?

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In Beaver's Burrow

Over in Beaver's Burrow, Abraham prepares to show Sofia his musical side.He tells her, "I've really enjoyed our time at The Cabins so far. I've learnt a lot about you. I need to say you're very good looking. I thought I would just start off by saying that. The fact that your personality matches, I feel like I've just won the lottery. I think me complimenting you does bring out that smile. I like that a lot!"An impressed Sofia says, "I love that!"

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In Beaver's Burrow

But, as the day goes on, Sofia questions whether Abraham is really interested in her.After sharing some information about her family, a confused Sofia wonders whether Abraham's reaction is genuine.In the evening, Abraham prepares to sleep downstairs again. Does this mean Sofia is well and truly in the friend zone?

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Speaking about the brand new show, an ITV spokesperson said, "Singletons are ditching the dating apps, giving up the ghosting and casting off the catfishers in favour of spending 24-hours getting to know each other in an intimate log cabin.

"Nestled in the UK, each sumptuous cabin boasts a hot tub, games, romantic outdoor seating and fully equipped kitchens to rustle up date-worthy treats. After 24-hours together the couples must decide if they are lovestruck or lovelorn."

It seriously sounds like perfect winter evening viewing, if you ask us. We’re SOLD.

The Cabins continues week nights at 9pm on ITV2.

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