The Cabins spoilers: TWO new couples arrive

It’s a busy day for check ins

The Cabins spoilers Charlotte and Remi

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It’s day eight on The Cabins and there are two new couples checking in for the most intimate first date of their lives.

Charlotte and Remi arrive at Stag’s Mount, while Curtis and Remi enter Otter’s Pocket.

Over in Beaver’s Burrow, it’s the morning after the night before for Corben and Rhys who wake up in separate beds after their party ended in unexpected fashion.

As the couples all get to know each other more, will love blossom or will they want to check out?

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The Cabins spoilers: Wednesday 13 January

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In Beaver's Burrow

Corben is up early and apologises to Rhys for how their makeshift disco ended the night before.He tells his sister, "How embarrassing. He [Rhys] keeps laughing about it and thinks it's funny. But I'm surprised that he's staying. I thought he's going to want to go. I said to him, 'If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best.' If he's put up with all of that so far then he's a bit of a keeper I think."

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In Beaver's Burrow

Later, the pair discuss their dating history.Corben tells Rhys: "I feel like you're going for the wrong people," to which he replies, "Yeah, obviously I am. But at the time, when I've met them, they don't seem like the wrong people. they say all the right things." Corben asks, "What's your type?" Rhys says, "For me it's the connection." Corben admits: "I feel like I'm going to be single for the rest of my life. That's why I've got the dog," but Rhys jokes, "When you start walking Gigi you'll have so much more attention."Corben's not so sure though and responds, "I feel like it's going to be just me and her. Corben and Gigi for life."

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In Beaver's Burrow

Rhys gets creative and draws Corben what he thinks is his ideal man. He says, "He's got a big heart, he buys nice thoughtful gifts, he's got a few tattoos, he's always smiling, romantic, kind and genuine. He's an old fashioned lover. He's got a friend for Gigi and he always puts Corben first, has time for Corben, but after his dog…" "That's cute. I'll have that," replies Corben.Later Rhys speaks to his sister and admits, "It's just like being away with a mate that I've had since school." And when she suggests that they could grow into something more, he says, "It could well do."

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In Otter's Pocket

New arrival Curtis enters Otter's Pocket but doesn't realise he's not alone and gets the shock of his life when his date Daisy leaps out from behind a giant teddy.A stunned Curtis jokes, "Literally I need to change my boxers. I got you some flowers, you don't deserve them anymore," although he adds, "Lovely to meet you, although you scared the s--t out of me."

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In Otter's Pocket

After finding the hot tub too cold, Curtis runs himself a bubble bath while Daisy showers alongside him.He laughs, "And they say romance is dead!"

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In Otter's Pocket

Later, Curtis gives Daisy a massage in bed.She says, "It's my favourite thing in the world getting a massage. You can stick around if this is what you do."He laughs, "I have many talents, this is simply one of them."As she admits, "I'm just so happy," could a kiss be on the cards?

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In Stag's Mount

Over in Stag's Mount, new arrival Remi sets about charming his date Charlotte.When she says, "How stunning is the cabin?", he replies, "I've been looking at you, I've not really looked around."Charlotte laughs, "The Cabin's a lot more impressive."Remi responds, "That's not true at all, you look amazing."

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In Stag's Mount

They try out the hot tub but find it too cold and decide to squeeze into the bath together instead.Although it's a tight squeeze, they manage to take a few selfies.Remi asks, "Where are we sleeping?"Charlotte replies, "You can stay upstairs if you promise to be a gentleman. Any funny business you're on the ottoman. I normally sleep naked, but I won't go there."

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In Stag's Mount

In the morning, the pair discuss whether to extend their date and Remi continues his charm offensive.He tells Charlotte he's enjoyed their time together and adds, "It helps that you're gorgeous as well."She smiles, "Don't look at me now, I've just done a workout!"He replies "Still an 8," but will she give him a 10 for their date?

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Following his entrance to The Cabins in last night’s episode, Essex legal advisor Corben got viewers talking after vomiting on himself after drinking too much during a makeshift disco with his date Rhys.

Oh dear.

That’s not the only reason he got tongues wagging though as many fans couldn’t help but compare him to telly fave Rylan Clark-Neal.

“Corben reminds me of Rylan with his hair and voice,” tweeted one.

Another wrote, “Corben seems bored is it just me. He also looks like Rylan as well can't stop getting the image of my head.”

A third asked, “Is Corben from #TheCabins a relative of @Rylan?”

We can see it too, tbh.

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