The Cabins spoilers: a new couple enters Beaver’s Burrow

But will there be another checkout?

The Cabins' Robyn and Mamudo

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Our latest telly obsession The Cabins continues tonight on ITV2 and, after Sofia and Abraham decided to check out and go their separate ways, two brand new singletons enter Beaver’s Burrow in the hope of finding true love.

Football-loving sales executive Robyn gets to know her potential love interest Mamudo – who just so happens to be a semi-pro footballer – but can their shared passion lead to romance?

Meanwhile, Otter’s Pocket couple Charlotte and Sarah and Stag Mount’s Tom and Olivia both spend their third day together and question whether to extend their stay even further or if they’ve reached the end of the road.

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The Cabins spoilers: Wednesday 6 January

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In Stag's Mount

"All you're seeing is the nice guy who does cute things. If I'd have come in and been the a---hole… I think you'll like the real me more than you like 'Cabin me'," he tells her.However, in the evening, he sets up an indoor picnic date for them and admits, "This is so soppy."Olivia seems impressed though as she tells him, "This is so cute, everyone's going to take the p--s out of you! It's actually so cute."

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In Stag's Mount

Tom continues his charm offensive by stripping off to perform his version of Channing Tatum's Magic Mike routine.But, as he licks whipped cream off her leg, it seems Olivia seems to find his dance more funny than sexy.Could this spell the end of their time in Stag's Mount?

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In Otter's Pocket

Over in Otter's Pocket, Charlotte and Sarah seek advice from their friends after sharing a kiss in bed.Sarah wants a longer kiss, so her friend at home tells her to set up another game of beer pong – but this time it includes a number of dares, including "kiss".Charlotte's also got kissing on the brain and tells her friend, "I need to make the move tonight, I get nervous and I panic."

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In Otter's Pocket

The pair set each other an assault course test around the cabin which results in them sharing another kiss, but it's not quite the full kiss they want.As the beer pong gets underway, will they finally share a smooch?

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In Otter's Pocket

In the evening, Charlotte surprises Sarah with a rap performance."It was horrendous, but fair play for confidence," Sarah laughs.And it looks like it's already time to meet the parents as Sarah's mum has a question for Charlotte on video call.When check out time arrives, the pair discuss their differences but will they decide to extend their stay?

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In Beaver's Burrow

Football-mad Robyn arrives at Beaver's Burrow with no idea that her date Mamudo is a semi-pro footballer.As they meet for the first time, Robyn says, "Nice and tall aren't you?"Mamudo replies, "Yeah, 6ft 6."Robyn laughs, "Oh gosh! Just looking at your feet," to which he replies, "Size 12. We'll leave that one there."The pair go on a tour of the cabin, but Mamudo is more interested in his date and tells Robyn, "Everywhere I'm looking is beautiful."

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In Beaver's Burrow

It's not long before Mamudo and Robyn end up having a kickabout as he jokes, "You're not bad! At the end of this, I might get you gloves…"Robyn laughs back, "Because I'm a keeper!"

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In Beaver's Burrow

Both Robyn and Mamudo message home with glowing reports of their dates.Later they chat in the hot tub and enjoy a biscuit Lady and the Tramp-style. Will this lead to their first kiss?It's a different story in the morning though as Mamudo admits he's "not getting the same vibe as yesterday".Will they decided to extend their stay or check out and part ways?

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Beaver's Burrow singletons Sofia and Abraham decided to end their stay in the cabin in brutal fashion during last night’s episode (5 January) after the architecture student told his date that he “wasn’t looking for a relationship”.

Erm, aren’t you on a dating show hun?

Sofia had already been left confused by Abraham’s mixed signals and later accused him of “faking” his reaction when she confided in him about her ill father.

In the final scene of the episode, Sofia confronted her date and told him she thought he was using the show as a “career motive” and an opportunity for “self publicity” before they parted ways.


The Cabins continues week nights at 9pm on ITV2.

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