Olaplex: everything you need to know about the revolutionary hair treatment

Bleach babes, rejoice

Olaplex hair treatment

by Ellen Kerry |

For years, people have attacked their hair with bleach in the hope they will achieve ice-white levels of blonde. While most would certainly have hit the dizzy heights of peroxide fun, the damage bleach caused the hair follicles was often major.

Breakage, frazzled ends and yellowing fluff replaced previously strong, glossy strands. The only solution of a bleach fan was to step away from the toner and go natural. Until the discovery of Olaplex...

What is Olaplex?

Before Olaplex, the dream of going from brunette to blonde in a day would be exactly that – a dream. Now, stylists can push the boundaries of colouring thanks to the magical benefits of Olaplex.

These little bottles of lotion aren’t yet another ‘deep conditioning’ treatment. Oh no, it’s way more technical than that. Olaplex permanently rebuilds the side bonds (the things that provide elasticity and strength and get damaged during the chemical process) within the hair. See? Clever.

Olaplex for treated hair

It isn't just bleach fans breathing a sigh of relief. Any chemical process applied to the hair can be Olaplex-ed. That includes perming, keratin treatments and even damage done using your straighteners. And it won’t break the bank. Most salons charge around £30 on top of your usual colour. Thirty quid to avoid looking like a scarecrow? Yes please.

Olaplex hair treatment

We popped into Myla & Davis salon in Brixton to speak to senior stylist Charlie and try out Olaplex...

What exactly do you do with the Olaplex?

"We add Step 1 (Olaplex No.1 Bond Multiplier) to the colour mix before applying it to the hair. This means the Olaplex is working to protect the hair during colouring. The system actually rebuilds the hair from the inside. We haven’t ever seen anything like it."

Who should have Olaplex?

"Everyone! I think it should be available to anyone having a colour treatment or other chemical treatment. Hair that used to feel almost stretchy after bleaching now feels strong. You can see a difference after just one treatment."

What happens after colouring?

"We apply the second stage after rinsing and leave that on as a mask for about 20 minutes to really let it sink in. If you have Olaplex every time you dye your hair you will see a huge change in the condition. It really is amazing."

Is it only available in salons?

"Step 1 and 2 yes, but you can buy Step 3 to use as a weekly mask at home. I would definitely recommend that."

Luckily for us, Olaplex has expanded its range of at-home treatments, so you can revel in the glory of gorgeous hair.

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Olaplex at home

Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3
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