Olivia Bowen’s pink hair dye is now on sale for under £8

We're kinda shook at the incredible results at such a low price 😱


by Eden-Olivia Lord |

Earlier this year, Olivia Bowen went and dyed her hair pink (one of the many times) and she used an £11 hair dye- the results were amazing. But guess what? The hair dye she used is now on sale for even less at only £7 at Boots.

The Love Island star showed off her new hair on the 'gram and wrote alongside the gorgeous snap, "Once you go pink you never go back!

"Could not resist trying @SHRINE DROP IT brand new Hot Pink shade! 💕 So easy to create this pastel look, I added 6 DROPS!"

She then teased, "How many should I add next time? Shall we go PINKER?! 🌸".

Err, absolutely hun. Always go more pink.

Where to buy Olivia Bowen's pink hair dye online

Lots of her followers were obsessed with her new look with one person writing, "Ooooo well don’t you look glorious in pink".

Someone else said, "Love this colour on you it’s gorge!! 😍😍😍😍".

A third commented, "Drop dead gorgeous".

One more added, "Just ordered these yesterday in red. I can’t wait to try them! 🙌🏻".

Olivia managed to achieve her new look in just 10 minutes by using the SHRINE DROP IT Hot Pink hair dye. All she did was section her hair, put on some gloves and apply the drop to her conditioner.

The Islander confessed that "it's actually like a mini deep conditioner treatment" because you're mixing the dye with your usual conditioner.

And that's literally it.

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The best pink hair dye to live your best bubblegum life

Olivia's lockdown antics...

Olivia's had quite the hair transformation this year; in the beginning, she shaved half of her head and weeks later she dyed her hair pink and confessed she felt "like a Powerpuff girl".

Mood, tbh.

And during the various lockdowns we've had, Olivia has revealed her favourite brow products that help create a fuller and thicker look and surprisingly they're actually affordable.

We also can't forget in June (weeks before the hairdressers opened... remember that?) Olivia put us all out of our misery and revealed the £2.99 trick she used to hide her grown-out roots.

If only we had knows that months earlier...

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