How to apply concealer like a pro

Here's how to avoid creasing

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When it comes to make-up looks, we’re constantly inundated with a variety of different ways of how to apply it. One that we’re seeing grow in popularity lately is how to apply concealer.

It’s one of the products which we think is definitely god-tier because let's face it, it hides a multitude of sins from pesky blemishes to dark circles, and after a heavy weekend it’s our best friend.

Letitia Sophia, Celebrity Makeup Artist for the likes of Maya Jama and Beauty Expert says “I think concealer is so popular due to there being so many ways to use it. Whether you use it alone all over your face as a base or use minimal product to spot conceal it’s a great product with so much versatility.”

So whether you’re into the clean girl aesthetic or permanent makeup we’ve got you covered in how to use this much-loved item.

Where to apply concealer:

Letitia says: “The way in which you apply concealer would depend on what you want to use it for but me personally I love to use it under my eyes to colour correct and on any blemishes for my day-to-day makeup. I blend it out using my fingers and a fluffy concealer brush which leaves the concealer looking seamless on my skin.”

“I always tend to go for a creamy concealer that has buildable coverage as I can adapt its look to whether I want more of a soft daytime look or fuller coverage nighttime look.”

A question most asked is “Do you apply concealer before foundation?” Letitia says: “Recently I love to apply concealer before foundation as I then tend to use less foundation as I’m only using it on areas that haven’t been concealed which leaves the skin looking soft and airbrushed.” So, it’s less about going crazy and painting your face to the heavens but using the product where it is needed.

Make-up artist Vincent Ford reveals in a TikTok video that when applying to under eyes use an orange tone colour corrector alongside as it will blend easily with the concealer and prevent undereye greyness. However, if you’re darker skinned, then a red colour corrector is the best.

Tips for applying concealer:

When it comes to applying the item, every individual will use different tools from a brush or sponge to a finger – either is fine.

It’s more about the amount that you use which will decide the outcome of the finished look. Instead of plastering it under your eye in a triangle, TikTok user JRey suggests dabbing it along the eye area in small amounts for a more natural finish.

If you’re covering your undereye, Vincent says to “always use two shades, one that matches to your skin tone and the second that is brighter.” This will help create a natural blend around the eyes without using too much product.

Another brilliant tip that Vincent suggests is that if you find your concealer creases under your eyes, then use a sheet of tissue paper to dab off any excess oil and product.

However, if you’re using it to cover up any dark spots or blemishes, then a trick we have recently learnt is to start off by patting on some setting powder to dry the area and then dab a small amount around the area and with whatever tool you prefer, you then brush inwards toward the pimple, once fully blended in, finish off with another tap of powder and voilà.

So, there you have it, the need to know about the basics of using concealer. You can even take it one step further and use it in your contour routine to add a lighter shade. But however you use it, always keep one in your bag for on-the-go, because you never know when you’re going to need a little top-up.

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