Iconic MAC products we all had back in the day (let’s not lie 😂)

And we still have a lot of them

iconic mac products

by Eden-Olivia Lord |

Let's not pretend MAC wasn't the brand we felt boujee AF shopping in.

No shade but it was the ultimate glow-up from all the high street brands we shopped out when we first started wearing make-up.

It was the brand that was inclusive before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon thanks to Fenty Beauty.

It catered for all skin tones, whatever your skin type is you'd be able to find a foundation and concealer and it wasn't too expensive.

Fenty Beauty has since come along with its diverse shade range and every other make-up brand has finally caught up and released there's actually a lot of different tones.

However we'll never forget when we first fell in love with MAC so we thought now is a good time to look back at the iconic products that everyone had in their make-up bags...

Check out: the iconic MAC products everyone had back in the day

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Iconic MAC products

MAC Lip Duo Ruby woo
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OMG. We'll never forget Ruby Woo. Yes it's dry AF and will leave you desperately wanting to put Vaseline on but it's literally the best red lipstick out there.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF15 Foundation 30ml
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MAC have always had a diverse shade range but not only that, their foundations even had different undertones. Our teenage selves didn't know what to do when we discovered this foundation.

MAC Prep + Prime fix+ 100ml
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This setting spray is still a ride or die for a lot of us because your make-up literally doesn't move.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
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This waterproof concealer doesn't budge and it was one of the first times we started using concealer to actually conceal our spots and not just our under-eyes.

MAC Eyeshadow X9 Palette Amber
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We felt so boujee when we told our friends we had a MAC eyeshadow palette. One that was actually pigmented and managed stayed on our eyes all night.

MAC Lip Duo Velvet Teddy + Boldly Bare
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A nude lipstick that suits all skin tones? We still have this in our make-up bag to this day.

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Over the past few years make-up brands have become more diverse and some have even been forced to catch up, especially after Superdrug revealed they'll only be stocking brands that have at least 20 different diverse foundation shades.

"Diversity has become a buzzword in the beauty industry over the last few years, but at Superdrug we don’t see inclusivity as a trend, it is a fact of life. In 2019 it is unacceptable that some brands aren’t catering to our diverse and beautiful customer base, Superdrug’s commercial director Simon Comins said.

"We want all our customers, no matter what gender, shade or skin type to be able to get their correct foundation in store and online. This is why we challenged our suppliers to be truly inclusive and offer a minimum of 20 shades ranging from pale to dark."

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