Ariana Grande shares heartbreaking message about love 💔

Fans think it's about her ex Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande

by Alex Ross |

Ariana Grande hasn't had the happiest of endings when it comes to relationships, as she states in her hit song 'thank u, next', but following her split from her fiancé Pete Davidson in 2018, the singer has shared a heartbreaking post about love.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Ariana shared a quote from author Horatio Jones, stating the difficulty in letting somebody go, even when you still love them.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande
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It read, 'Sometimes, the reason for letting someone go is because they can’t help but hurt you during this phase of their life. When you love someone deeply, you learn what demons live within them and you realize they are hurting you because they are hurting somewhere within themselves.'

It continued with, 'They are fighting a battle within and may not even know it, so they take it out on you and fight you. Decide to let them go, but not because your'e being petty and resentful. You let them go because you really believe that both of you can find the healing you truly need without being together and hurting someone in the process'.

©ARIANA GRANDE © Instagram Story

Ariana didn't add any explanation to her post, but many fans of the singer believed it to be about Pete Davidson, who has reportedly moved on with English actress Kate Beckinsale.

After a four-month romance, which involved the pair moving in together and getting engaged, Pete and Ariana announced they'd split up, with Ariana later covering up her Pete inspired tattoos.

Check out Ariana's full relationship timeline:

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Ariana Grande and Graham Phillips
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Ariana Grande and Graham Phillips (2008-2011)

Ariana and Graham met at 15 years old when they were both starring in the Broadway production of 13: The Musical. They dated for three years and released a song called Stick Around together in 2010. Ari continued the trend of duetting with partners later in her career, but more on that later.Is he on thank u, next? Nah, mate.

Meanwhile, after reports suggesting Ariana has to give away 90% of her earnings for the single '7 Rings', the pop princess kicked off her 'Sweetener World Tour' in America at the beginning of the week.

As she paid tribute to her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller before the show, fans have been praising Ariana for the incredible performance she puts on.

Ariana is due to tour around America and Canada, before bringing her show to London in August 2019.

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