How to rescue your social life via FaceTime

Isolation doesn't have to be lonely

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You don’t need us to tell you these are testing times right now.

The UK (and the rest of the world) has gone into full on isolation mode, with the most recent advice being to avoid public transport, offices, and social spaces like pubs, restaurants, and museums.

So given that we’re all about to embark on lives of solitude for ever more/the foreseeable future, how can we keep up with our gal pals and stop ourselves going (quite frankly) bored senseless in the interim?

Well, thank God for the internet, is all we have to say to that.

While we’re limiting our social media usage for the time being (overloading on bad news isn’t good for anyone) one thing we’re totally on board with is using apps like FaceTime and WhatsApp to keep our social lives in tip top condition.

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How to rescue your social life via FaceTime

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Do a virtual pub quiz

Within every group of friends there's a quizmaster in the making, so give them a chance to show off their quiz-writing prowess by setting up a group chat and answering a number of questions using a pen and paper (no peeking!).Once the quiz is complete, send a picture to your mate who'll then mark your answers and decide on a grand prize for the winner. Team names and pints optional (but strongly advised).

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Cooking and eating together

We all know the joy of taking over the kitchen with a pal to cook a slap up meal together before sitting down to eat it with a side of great conversation. And while social cooking is off the menu (sorry) it's definitely something you and a friend can recreate over FaceTime. Cook to the same recipe for extra bonding points.

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Online board games

There's few things that bring people together quite like a good old fashioned board game, and in the digital age there's plenty of online versions of classics like scrabble and monopoly that you and your mates can play from the safety of your own homes.

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Visit a virtual gallery

For those who like their socialising with a side of culture, app ArtPassport allows you visit galleries and museums VIRTUALLY – so why not combine the technology and bring your FaceTime friend along for the trip? BONUS: cut the queues and admission prices, and visit galleries from all over the world.

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Have a vino date

This one might seem obvious, but to add a little glamour to your weekend catch up plans, crack open a bottle of wine – or, if you're feeling fancy, even some fizz – and pour your heart out about your isolation-related woes, sans inhibitions.

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Download House Party

Ok, so it's not a REAL house party, but this app – billed as the face to face social network – is basically upgraded FaceTime with games and trivia built in and is A LOT of fun. Even our everyday apps like Instagram have now got some fun filters you can compete against your friend with (like DrawIn5Seconds, which is objectively GREAT).

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Hey, we know it’s not ideal, but keeping on top of your physical AND mental health is top priority right now and there’s nothing that cheers us up quite like hanging with our mates – IRL or using the power of the world wide web.

If you feel comfortable, getting outside for a walk in the park is free and great for lifting your mood (the same guidelines apply) and you can always reward yourself for a day of social distancing with one of these delicious soul-soothing recipes.

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