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Astrology and horoscopes really tell us a lot about ourselves. They can make us more aware of our personality traits and help us understand certain characteristics of our zodiac.

Whether you’re a larger than life Leo like Kylie Jenner, a resilient Taurus à la Adele or a cool, calm and collected Libra like Kim Kardashian, your star sign can also reveal what to expect in all areas of life, from your career to relationships.

If you know how to read your star sign, it can also help you plan for the week ahead. Well, we’ve got your covered as heat’s Jan Jacques has examined the stars of the zodiac to bring you your detailed weekly horoscopes.

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heat horoscopes

ARIES1 of 12

ARIES (20 MAR - 19 APR)

Look out for a red-hot week ahead, Aries. But with passion comes a potential power struggle (your full and fierce 8th house is a balancing act). Hindsight is easy, but think hard before you speak. Money-wise, a loved one's good fortune may go a long way.Lucky mindset: Considerate

TAURUS2 of 12

TAURUS (20 APR - 20 MAY)

You know all those things you've been meaning to do for yourself? Start now – some spoiling should soften next week's slightly tiring lunar eclipse. Elsewhere, your opinion matters very much to a friend, so choose your words wisely.Lucky plan: Treating yourself

GEMINI3 of 12

GEMINI (21 MAY - 20 JUN)

There's a fine line between dithering and missing out. A potential new earner or job opportunity needs some real attention this week, and a waxing moon may help. Do your homework – it could lead to big things. Health-wise, watch your caffeine intake.Lucky psyche: Full-on

CANCER4 of 12

CANCER (21 JUN - 22 JUL)

Why be so hard on yourself? If you can't see what others see in you, talk to a trusted pal or relative. Next week's eclipse may spark some soul searching, but you have nothing to fear. Elsewhere, a new positive may enhance your work. Lucky outlook: Brightening up

LEO5 of 12

LEO (23 JUL - 23 AUG)

Your talent for motivation should shine this week. Getting the best from a work situation and inspiring others will get you noticed. Meanwhile, Mercury in your 4th house says splurging on your home is money well spent.Lucky life skill: Moving mountains

VIRGO6 of 12

VIRGO (24 AUG - 23 SEP)

We all have that drama queen friend and yours may be about to act up. The looming eclipse impacts friendships, so decide if you want to gracefully bow out of this performance. Work-wise, key people are listening.Lucky attitude: Sensible

LIBRA7 of 12

LIBRA (23 SEP - 22 OCT)

Try not to dwell on unsettling dreams or irrational fears. Blame the looming eclipse in your moody 8th house – and remember these may actually reduce anxiety in real life. In fact, this transit indicates good changes coming your way. Lucky expectation: New beginnings

SCORPIO8 of 12


Affairs of the heart remain key, especially with the upcoming lunar eclipse in your 7th house of love. Be direct in a dispute, even if you're nervous. Meanwhile, good fortune is linked to food, perhaps a recipe or celebratory meal. Lucky policy: Honesty



It's easy to forget who and what we're most grateful for. This week, a family member, usually happy to wait in the wings, could really benefit from a shout-out. Work- wise, try to curb that captivating charm or someone may be overly smitten – again.Lucky theme: Reciprocity



There aren't enough hours in a day for you. But making time for a loved one - a younger relative or pal, perhaps - is vital as the upcoming eclipse affects kids and childlike figures. Work-wise, give yourself credit for a smart move.Lucky attribute: Your time

AQUARIUS11 of 12


Indecision works sometimes. Retrograde Uranus (ruler of your chart) may spark some soul searching, but will help push you towards your happy place outside work. Health-wise, music is stress-busting right now. Lucky song: Everybody's Free by Baz Luhrman

PISCES12 of 12

PISCES (19 FEB - 19 MAR)

That feeling of giving more than you take should start to fade. Mercury's pace (your love planet) suggest you're in for some spoiling and about time, too. And there's still time to tackle a work issue before next week's eclipse.Lucky vibe: Good karma

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The Kardashian and Jenner sisters are all big astrology fans, with Kim once revealing how her Libra star sign perfect compliments younger sister Kylie’s Leo zodiac.

“Kylie is a Leo and I'm a Libra, and it turns out these two signs are super complementary and good for each other. Leo is a fire sign, with a strong energy (SO Kylie!), while Libra, an air sign, is way more subtle. Fire needs air to survive, so it's a perfect pair!” she said in a post on her website.

Well, if it’s good enough for Kim and co then it’s good enough for us.

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