TikTokers says this body mist is a ‘dupe’ for Molly-Mae’s favourite £215 perfume

'It literally smells the exact same'

TikTokers says this body mist is a ‘dupe’ for Molly-Mae’s favourite £215 perfume

by Emma Hawkins |

Nothing beats the feeling of finding a dupe for a best-selling beauty product – especially if the original comes with a hefty price tag. But whilst you can find purse-friendly swaps for the majority of makeup and skincare these days, replicas for luxury perfumes are far less common.

That being said, TikTokers believe they’ve sniffed out the perfect dupe for Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s cult-favourite Baccarat Rouge 540 (£215) – a high-end scent that’s fast become one of the most popular perfumes in the world. Even Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague swears by it.

In a post shared to her Instagram Stories, the reality star called it her "most nostalgic scent", as she claims that she wore it "every single day for the first six months" of her relationship with boyfriend Tommy Fury. "Every time I spray it, it takes me right back to the first week we spent together in the UK," she adds.

Whilst we'd love to own Molly-Mae's go-to scent, it's not the cheapest. Thankfully, users on TikTok claim that Sol De Janeiro’s Cheirosa 68 Perfume Mist (£19) smells “exactly the same” as the original. Only instead, it's £196 cheaper!

Under the hashtag #soldejaneiro68, many beauty fans can be seen raving about the bargain perfume mist, including TikToker @veanzola, who in a clip shared with her followers, says excitedly: “I just went to Sephora, and I found the perfect dupe for the Baccarat Rouge.”

“It’s from Sol De Janeiro, it’s 20 bucks and it literally smells the exact same,” she adds.

She isn’t the only fan either. Beauty influencer @carolyna225 claims the scent is “literally a dupe for Baccarat Rouge 540” in her video, whilst adding that she’s “obsessed” with it.

In a video that’s been watched over 67K times, TikToker @mya.tran also shares her thoughts on the mist, telling her fans: “They smell exactly the same, I’m telling u.”

Whilst many fans in the comment section can’t wait to try the scent, it appears that some aren’t sold on the similarity, with one person writing: “Real test is does it last as long?”

The user replied writing: “It does linger. I tried it on last night and can still lightly smell it, but I think the staying power of BR540 is undefeated against most fragrances.”

We don’t know about you, but if it means saving a fortune on luxury scents, we’re happy to re-apply throughout the day! *Adds the shopping basket*

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