Glossybox has launched a Barbie box and it’s everything

Knock knock - an exciting treat is coming your way each month including a limited edition Barbie box 😍

Glossybox barbie box

by Eve Miller |

If you're in the market for a new beauty subscription box and you love a bit of Barbie – you’re in luck. Glossybox has released its limited-edition box for September and the theme is based on the queen herself...There’s no better way to start getting into beauty subscription boxes than with Glossybox and we're ob-sessed. The Glossybox X Barbie limited edition box is now on sale for subscribers (£30) and non-subscribers (£40).

Forget just Wednesdays for wearing pink, this box is full of the best pink beauty products fit for

Beauty subscription boxes are a must-have for everyone from beauty addicts (guilty as charged) to those of you who want to try some new products. The market is full of skincare, self-care and cosmetic products claiming to be your new bestie, but sometimes trying out a selection can help you on the path of beauty self-discovery. Take a peek at our round-up of the best beauty subscription boxes available to see what catches your eye.

What is a beauty subscription box?

A monthly beauty subscription box is a standard on the market these days, and there’s a reason for that. They’re super cute, fun and you get to try new stuff. Beauty subscription box services will put a mixture of sample and full-sized products, including skincare and make-up, in a box for you to then enjoy and try. You’ll get well-known brands, plus some unknown but iconic products that are waiting to be found. Most are monthly, but lots of companies let you skip a month or pick how frequently they come. However you do it, they’re a fun treat.

What can I expect in a beauty subscription box?

For starters, expect to be impressed. Loads of brands love working with subscription services so they can get their products out there. You’ll even get full-sized products in some boxes so you can really try them out and see what you think. Whether you crave make-up, self-care items or skincare, there will be a beauty box that caters to you.

Are beauty subscription boxes worth it?

If you’re someone who loves adding to the beauty collection or just need to refresh your make-up bag, then they’re totally worth it. You’ll get major discounts on some full-sized products and easy to access samples that you may never have used before. It’s convenient, plus super exciting getting a cute AF package for yourself every month. You’ll discover new brands and save money doing it. Can’t complain about that.

What to look for when buying a beauty subscription box:

Before choosing the perfect box for you, it's worth thinking about a few things:

Which products will you get the most use out of? If make-up is your holy grail, you may wish to stick to a box that offers this above all else. Similarly, if skincare or cruelty-free products are most important to you, opt for one of those. You don't want to end up with loads of products you'll never use.

What's your budget? Finding a box with a flexible plan is beneficial if your bank balance is a little unpredictable, or if you're saving for something like a holiday or Christmas presents. You don't want to be tied in and end up sliding into your overdraft.

How often would you like a beauty subscription box delivered? Again, flexibility with your plan is key, as you may not actually need a box every month - maybe three-monthly or six-monthly would work for you.

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