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Like just about everyone, I was sceptical when it came to press on nails. I'd never been any good at applying them - and whenever I did, they'd just fall off after a few hours anyway. So, I honestly can't tell you what possessed me to give them a proper go. I didn't think I had the patience to apply a full set of nails when I'd only just learned how to apply false eyelashes without bursting into tears out of sheer frustration.

This time around, I had to miss my usual monthly nail appointment. But, realising I had an event a few days later: eek, panic! I was not prepared to go for a Valentine's Day meal with bitten-down nails. So, If I'm being totally honest, it was desperation that eventually drove me to add a set of press on nails to my Amazon basket.

Naturally, having bad experiences with other false nails, my expectations were on the floor. (Just like I thought my nails would be in five minutes time). But... OH. MY. GOODNESS. I can officially say that these press on nails are a game-changer. Not only did they exceed my expectations beyond belief, but I was shocked at how easy they were to apply, especially with the Elegant Touch Brush On Nail Glue 6ml.

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To start with, I went for a more natural nail design that I thought would work with most looks. Coming from someone who is definitely not a DIY beauty girly, I was left super impressed with the overall result, if I do say so myself. Most of the BTArtbox Short Almond French Tip Press On Nails set lasted near enough two weeks, which I was more than happy with. I did lose one nail after a week, but it was incredibly easy to replace. Top tip: Throw the glue in your bag with a spare set of nails on a night out in case of a nail emergency, and you're good to go.

I also tried the 'glazed doughnut' BTArtbox Short Almond Glazed Press On Nails design that were so ethereal-looking that I fell head over heels in love. Despite being so reasonably priced, the designs looked chic, expensive and quite frankly, immaculate. I could almost get away with looking like I'd just taken a trip to the salon.

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So, if you're after a new set of nails for those short-notice plans, these babies have got your back. Here's our full review of the best press on nails from Amazon for your next DIY manicure.

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BTArtbox Short Almond Glazed Press On NailsAmazon
Price: £14.97

After trying the other pair, I had high hopes for these BTArtbox Short Almond Glazed Press On Nails being the #1 bestseller in the press-on nail category at Amazon with a whopping 5,000 reviews. I loved that they came in trending designs, including the 'glazed' look that Hailey Bieber brought back to popularity.

I have to say, I do prefer the French manicure design by a tiny margin. Although, the 'Aurora Cat Eye' glazed nails are super cute too. They're in a chrome finish that literally look like they're glowing, and have a slight glitter look in the sunlight. I absolutely love the design.

Like the other pair, I can't comment on the effectiveness of the adhesive tab as I used the brush on nail glue. Additionally, I can't comment on how long they have lasted as I've only just applied them - but I can imagine they'll last around about the same time as the other design I've tried. All in all, I love these nails, and the affordability mean that they're a real contender too.

Customer review: "Really nice nails and easy to put on. The length is great (these are classed as short but I have petite hands and I would say they are medium/long) love the effect. Looks like I've had them professionally done. Feel very secure. Will be purchasing other products from this brand."


  • Thousands of glowing reviews on Amazon
  • Nine different designs to try
  • Look like they're good quality


  • The adhesive tabs may not be as effective as glue

BTArtbox Short Almond French Tip Press On NailsAmazon
Price: £13.97

I was so impressed when it came to the BTArtbox Short Almond French Tip Press On Nails from Amazon. When first applied, they almost looked like a fresh set of acrylic nails and I loved the clean French tip design. There are also endless designs to choose from if you're after a different look.

Instead of using the adhesive tab, I went straight in with a nail brush glue, so I can't comment on the effectiveness of the sticky tab on this pair. I did notice that around the one-week mark, there was one nail casualty that I quickly patched up with a new nail from the set with no problems. However, I do wish there were more variety of sizes as there were a lot of replacements for the index finger as opposed to the others, if I was being picky.

Despite staying on for so long, they were also really easy to remove. I love my acrylic nails - so I will say I'll go back to getting those done as a monthly treat - but if you're ever in a pinch or strapped for cash and in need of a quick manicure, I absolutely wouldn't hesitate to recommend these. They've had my back when I've had a few short-notice plans. A total life-saver.

Customer review: "These press-on nails are amazing! They are so easy to apply and look just like a professional salon manicure. I received so many compliments when I wore them. The glue is also very strong and lasted for about 10 days on my nails. I would highly recommend these nails to anyone looking for a quick and easy manicure."


  • 17 different designs to try
  • Has an immaculately painted French nail tip design
  • Look like they're good quality


  • Could be more variety of sizes

Elegant Touch Brush On Nail Glue Clear 6mlAmazon
Price: £3 (was £3.30)

Tired of messing around with the annoying tube of glue that you get with a set of false nails? Desperately squeezing the tube to an inch of its life to get the slightest bit of glue out is long gone. Introducing: brush on nail glue.

I used this glue to apply the sets above and they lasted well over a week, with only one nail falling off the entire time. The glue dries clear so any messy edges aren't too obvious, and it also dries pretty quickly so that you can have a brand new set of nails done within the hour. It couldn't be easier, and gives you all of the precision you need to apply a full set.

Customer review: "This is such strong glue my nails stayed on for well over a week even though they normally fall off within days. The glue dries very fast so you do need to be quick but it's so easy to repaint if it dries. I got the brush one because it's a lot easier to control how much product you use and it's very effective."


  • Thousands of glowing reviews on Amazon
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Effortless to apply


  • Can get messy if you apply too much



How long do press on nails last?

Depending on the glue you use, press on nails can last anywhere from a week to two weeks if you look after them properly. If you're an active person, your nails might take some wear and tear. Try to protect your hands as much as you can while using them to stop your nails from taking the hit.

Press on nails don't last as long as acrylic nails (which can last anywhere up to three to four weeks before needing infills), but they're also fairly low maintenance to apply and remove as well - and they cost a little bit less too. They might need replacing more often as they're not as sturdy as an acrylic nail, but most sets will come with spare sets in case they do fall off or break.

How do you put press on nails on?

Your nails should come with a few different sizes to suit. Before glueing, find the size of nails that suit you best, trying a few on top of your own nails. When you're satisfied, lay them out on a table in front of you for ease, in order from your little finger to your thumb. (Do this for both hands).

Then, apply some glue to your own nail. Brush glue is often easier to apply, so this is what we'd recommend. Repeat by adding a bit of glue to the acrylic nail, being sure to get the edges so that they stick down properly. Do this for the whole set, holding each nail down for thirty seconds to make sure they're secure. Voilà, a fresh new set in no time.

Can press on nails damage your nails?

If they're done right, press on nails shouldn't damage your nails. Choosing the right glue and removing them properly as recommended shouldn't cause any damage to your nail beds. Press on nails do have a slight bend to them, whereas acrylic nails are more sturdy. However, this means if you do catch your nails or knock them, press on nails will simply break off instead of hurting your real nails underneath.

How do you remove press on nails?

Any professional will recommend soaking false nails in acetone to make them softer before they eventually fall off. If they're stubborn, gently encourage the edges off with a nail tool and they should come off with no problem.

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