Love Island’s Cheyanne Kerr shares her £15 secret product for glowing skin

It's giving sunkissed.

by Caitlin Casey |

Now that Love Island's over, we're a lil bit sad we won't see the Islanders' best outfits and beauty routines on our screens every night. Dw, though, because almost all of them have been showing us what they've been up to on their socials - esp red lip saviour Cheyanne Kerr, who's a total TikTok queen, BTW.

Cheyanne has just posted the BEST top-tip for her to-die-for glowy chest that you can grab for only £15. We can't promise that her perfect bazoomas will be included, but we can only hope.

The trick to the flawless glow on her arms, shoulders and chest is in fact the Revolution x Love Island Liquid Lava (£15) which is super affordable and also super easy to use. Cheyanne took her followers through a tutorial on her TikTok.

She said: "This is not even an ad or collaboration or anything, I just saw it in Boots and I liked it."

"So I literally just put three or four pumps - or five - on my chest like this and then rub it in. It never looks like really glittery at the beginning but it really is."

"You can literally see how glittery it is on my hands so you have to wash your hands after... So I only put it on my chest and my shoulders."

Glowy skin AND glitter involved? Count us in. Thanks, Cheyanne.

SHOP: The £15 illuminating face and body glow that Cheyanne Kerr is obsessed with


Love Island x Revolution Liquid Lava as seen on Cheyanne

Revolution x Love Liquid Lava
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Coming in a liquid pump with a glowy gold shade, all you need to do is pop a few drops onto your face or body and see your skin shine. Illuminate your body in no time.

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