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Growing up, I had truly awful skin. Awful. I was forever covered in spots and blemishes and my face would be perpetually blotchy.

Circa '08 me would occasionally remove my caked-on Dream Matte Mousse with a make-up wipe (if I could be bothered), SPF didn't exist to me and I avoided any sort of moisturiser in fear it would make my spots worse.

Reader, I was a mess until I became acquainted with YouTube tutorials, acids and Caroline Hiron's bible.

Now, thankfully my skin is a lot healthier and clearer and I can often forgo foundation, which my younger self would be equal parts shocked and ecstatic to learn.

The biggest difference I noticed in my skin was when I'd banished make-up wipes and began double cleansing each evening with a fresh flannel.

...a flannel?

Yep, a multipack of £7.99 flannels truly saved my skin.

Flannels ensure every scrap of SPF, make-up and general grime is removed from your face and neck, meaning your pores aren't blocked and your skincare products are actually able to fully penetrate the skin.

If you don't cleanse properly, you're basically wasting that expensive serum you bought, hun!

Since using a flannel and taking the time to double cleanse, my skin gleams.

Skincare guru and all-around person in the know, Caroline Hirons, dedicated a whole page to the humble flannel in her best-selling book, Skincare.

Caroline Hirons
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She wrote: "Flannels get your skin CLEAN. Think of your parents: how did they wash you when you were a kid? They used a flannel."

"They are more substantial than wipes of muslin and are far more effective at removing dirt, and help exfoliate the skin, too.

The blogger insists that any flannel will do. "You don't need to spend a fortune on the plushest, fluffiest flannels. Any will do. But go for white so you get the satisfaction of seeing the muck come off."

Oh, it's satisfying.

For best results, use one flannel per day. Use it during your morning cleanse and then for your double cleanse at night. Simply chuck it in the wash and then it's good to be used again and again.

So get rid of those bloody make-up wipes and get cleansing.

Flannels saved my skin: where to buy the best one

Adore Home 6 x Premium Quality Wash MittsAmazon
Price: £7.99


I really enjoy how these are flannel mitts. Cool, huh?

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