Ella Rae Wise talks make-up for filming, manifestation and the £5.99 moisturiser that cleared her skin

The TOWIE star chats through her self-care Sunday favourites...

Ella Rae Wise

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We love a bit of self-care and all this time at home has really given us an excuse to look after ourselves inside and out. Each week, we'll be asking the celeb lot to share their Sunday self-care routines, because taking care of yourself is more important than ever.

This week it's all about Ella Rae Wise, the 21 year old best known for starring in the new generation of TOWIE and making us LOL on Celebrity Ex on the Beach alongside Megan Barton-Hanson and James Lock. Ella tells us that it's been a nice change shooting this season of EOTB.

"We've obviously filmed a lot differently to TOWIE and it's a bit more like it's a bit more relaxed," says Ella, "They have fixed cameras so you don't have a camera in your face 24/7 and you have more of a chance to be you. I really look forward to watching it because I love seeing what I do randomly."

Ella talks exclusively to heat about self-care routines, budget beauty buys and the best advice she's ever been given...

On self-care

Ella Rae Wise

"Self-care for me is always on a Sunday, it's the end of the week and it's time to relax. Sunday is definitely a day of rest.

"I love dermaplaning, I've been dermaplaning since I was younger which probably wasn't the best idea as now I have a bit of a beard, so on Sundays, I shave! I like to dermaplan my peach fuzz and dead skin. Then I really like to use Obagi products, they're my favourite because I have quite sensitive skin. I like that they have no smell and are very natural and plain. I like to properly cleanse, so I'll add their cleanser to my LumiSpa and have a good ol' scrub.

"I don't feel clean unless I wash my hair, so I will have to wash it on a Sunday. I have extensions so my shampoo and conditioner have to be sulphate-free. I've been sticking to Beauty Works Shampoo and[Conditioner {href='https://www.lookfantastic.com/beauty-works-pearl-nourishing-argan-oil-conditioner-250ml/11115147.html?' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'}) as that's where my extensions are from. I love thePhilip Kingsley Elasticiser, I will just apply that to my natural hair. on the ends. You use so much heat when styling extensions and your real hair takes the brunt of it, so I like to keep my hair hydrated.

"At the end of my self-care day, I'll definitely light a nice-smelling candle. Recently I bought a Grace Cole one fromHomeSense and honestly, it's the nicest smell ever. I love to have freshly shaved legs because there is nothing better. Fresh bedsheets, fresh pyjamas, a nice candle, a nice series on the tv... you can't go wrong."

On make-up for filming

Ella Rae Wise

"When filming TOWIE, we'd have events days on Thursdays where all the team would schedule the cast and that could be a day where it's someone's birthday or a big event. For those sorts of things, we would get our make-up done. But for everyday filming, just normal chit chat in a coffee shop? I mean, come on, let's be honest - who gets their make-up done to sit in a coffee shop?! I don't really think that's real. I quite like doing my make-up myself because I do it how I like it. I'll try not to do it too cakey so it doesn't look false.

"When I'm filming, it's all about priming the skin because obviously on camera you don't want your make-up to look as if it's sitting in your pores. I really love priming my skin with Bobbi Brown Face Base, it's so lovely and a little goes a long way.

"For foundation, I like good coverage and I tend to go for matte, because sometimes if you go too glowy, it can make your face look sweaty on camera. At the moment I'm using Nars Cosmetics Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation in shade 'Barcelona' .

"To be honest, my make-up routine is a little weird. I'll sort of put a bit of Maybelline concealer under my eyes and then blend it out. Then I'll use the Huda Beauty Contour Stick and put it on my cheekbones as a sort of bronzer. Then I'll have no make-up on my lower cheek so I will get my Nars foundation and put a little faint line from underneath my cheekbone and I'll just blend that so I have a little bit of coverage.

Then I'll use a nice brow gel, someMAC Bronzer in shade 'give me sun!'on my forehead. I don't put anything on my forehead, just a bit of bronzer. It's quite natural, I don't like to feel like I've got too much on my face."

On budget beauty buys

"I love the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer . I absolutely swear by it for a cheaper primer.

"The Pixi Beauty make-up products are really nice as well. They do a balmy, blusher which comes in like a stick and it's a three-in-one. So you can use it as a blusher, a lip tint or eyeshadow. I love shade 'Fleur' .

"Also, nothing beatsAstral Cream. You can use it on your body as well. It's a thick moisturiser and it's great for hydrating your skin. I've sworn by it for years. I think it's the reason I stopped getting spots because when I forget to use it, I get a spot. I always think, "Oh my god, it's because I've stopped using my Astral Cream!"

ASTRAL Face & Body Intensive Moisturiser Cream

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On daily wellness habits

Ella Rae Wise

"I have a dog, my little Woody. He's still a puppy and he's eight months, so I'll make sure I'm out of bed by the latest half eight, quarter to nine and will take him for a really nice dog walk. I go every day and it gives me a routine which I love because the nature of the industry means it's normally the opposite. There's no better feeling than walking down the seafront. I use it as thinking time and I am always listening to a podcast or thinking about what I'm going to do this year and what goals I want to achieve."

Ella is also a huge fan of manifestation, and regularly updates fans with her methods, telling a follower recently, "Visualise your dreams as they have already happened & how you will feel emotionally when it happens. I do this every morning & best time to do it is before bed time too."

She's also a big fan of the law of attraction, the idea that positive thoughts will bring a positive life and vice versa, "I have been manifesting a lot more recently & it really is becoming real life. I have manifested my next few months."

On book recommendations

"I've just finishedManifest: 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life by Roxie Nafousi and I really enjoyed it. My mum bought it for me a few weeks back. It's about this lady whose life at 27 took a turn for the worse. She lost her job, lost her get up and go, but she was traveling, she was drinking a lot, she was partying with the wrong people. Her life sort of went down the wrong avenue. Then she got into manifesting and turned her life around, so it's her tips on law of attraction and how to get the things you really want."

On journalling

Ella Rae Wise

"I do have a diary and I'll have a little write down in my diary every so often when I have a really shit day. Sometimes I won't want to rant to my mum and stress her out so I'll put all my thoughts down on paper. I really feel that is a good way to let go of the negative energy that I've had that day."

On great advice

"The best advice that I've ever been given is 'be you, do you, for you', because I'm not gonna lie, people are going to hate you either way. Not everyone's gonna like you in this world and not everyone's gonna love you in this world. Whether you do well or you do bad, people have always got something to say. So just do you for you."

Quickfire round:

What show are you currently watching? On a Tuesday, obviously Ex On The Beach!

How do you like your cuppa? I love a tea. Obviously, I'll have a PG Tips tea bag and I'll have just half a teaspoon of sugar because I'm trying to cut down. I like it the same shade as my foundation!

Go-to loungewear brand? I do like a tracksuit or Bo+Tee gymwear.

Favourite face mask? I am obsessed with the Wishful Chin Lifting Sculting mask. It makes you look really snatched without filler.

Go-to takeaway order? If I'm ordering from the Chinese, I'll have to have special fried rice, I like to have a chow mein noodle, spicy chilli beef, a salt and chilli chicken, some chips, some spring rolls and some curry sauce.

Favourite candle? The Grace Cole candle in Grapefruit, Lime and Mint .

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