Kady McDermott shows off ‘porn’ earrings and we know where you can buy them

Plus some extremely banging, reasonably priced, dupes

kady mcdermott

by Eden-Olivia Lord |

Love Island 2016 legend Kady McDermott has shown off her 'porn' earrings (her words not ours) and it's left her fans with a lot of questions.

The Islander has turned into a full on influencer following her stint on the ITV2 show six (yes really, SIX) years ago, and it seems her 'porn' earrings have inspired her followers.

The reality star recently shared a photo of her new earrings with the caption, "Some earn porn for you guys x".

kady mcdermott's earrings
kady showed off the latest addition to her jewellery collection ©Instagram / kadymcdermott

And it's safe to say that a lot of her fans were desperate to know exactly where she got them from because Kady admitted on her Insta Story that the majority of DMs were asking about her jewellery.

"I’ve got new earrings. Stepping up my game, these aren’t my every day ones," she told her fans.

She then revealed that she bought her Maria Black earrings from Selfridges quite some time ago but has only just started wearing them.

kady mcdermott earrings
kady's new earrings ©Instagram / kadymcdermott

"I literally bought them a year ago maybe even longer, but I know you can get dupes from other places.

"The Selfridges one are real gold but the rest are just plated so they’re not every day ones."

She went on to add, "My normal hoops are gold because I leave them in all the time and I know they won’t rust so the Astrid & Miya are more jewellery ones but the Maria Black one are real gold.

"I could leave them in to be honest but they’re quite extra for every day…"

Either way, if you want Kady's earrings or a high street dupe we've got you covered...

Check out: Kady McDermott's earrings and high street dupes


Kady McDermott earrings and dupes

Molten Duo Ear Cuff in Gold
1 of 8
CREDIT: Astrid & Miyu

ASOS DESIGN hoop earrings with pearl row in gold tone
2 of 8

Kady's crystal gold cuff
3 of 8
CREDIT: Astrid & Miyu

ASOS DESIGN 14k gold plated hoop earrings with baguette crystal design
4 of 8

Kady's tornado earrings
5 of 8
CREDIT: Maria Black

Topshop faux pearl and chain drop earrings in gold
6 of 8

Kady's diamond hoops
7 of 8
CREDIT: Astrid & Miyu

Kingsley Ryan triple crystal micro piercing in gold plated
8 of 8

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