TikTok’s Lucy Edwards talks beauty favourites, filming days and losing her sight aged 17

Lucy chats exclusively to heat about her self-care favourites...

Lucy Edwards

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We love a bit of self-care and all this time at home has really given us an excuse to look after ourselves inside and out. Each week, we'll be asking the celeb lot to share their Sunday self-care routines, because taking care of yourself is more important than ever.

Lucy Edwards is a content creator, journalist and disability activist who strives to improve the world for the visually impaired. She lost her own sight aged 17 due to a rare genetic condition called incontinentia pigmenti, but refusing to let it hold her back, she's launched her own TikTok channel, dedicated to changing how the world views blindness.

Her videos often start with the phrase, 'How does a blind girl...' and topics can range from applying make-up and catching a train, to sending a text message. Her positive energy is truly infectious and we're excited to see where her journey will take her.

Lucy chats exclusively to heat about her skincare favourites, advice to content creators and her incredible campaign with Pantene...

On losing her sight

Lucy Edwards holding a cup of tea

"I lost my eyesight in my right eye at age 11 and my left eye at age 17," Lucy shares, "I was in the middle of my A-Levels. All of my friends were off on a history trip and I was in hospital. The doctors couldn't save my vision and it was rehabilitation from there."

Lucy vowed that it would only be onwards and upwards from this moment.

"My auntie turned to me and said, 'Please, this is not the end of Lucy Edwards' even though I felt like it was at that time. I was heartbroken, but the only way is up from there. I said to myself that every day that passed was never going to be as bad as that day.'"

On TikTok

At the time of publication, Lucy has amassed an impressive 1.7 million followers on TikTok, thanks to her honest, educational and entertaining videos. But what made her decide to start her channel? It turns out it was down to a lot of free time in the first lockdown.

"I am a trained beauty journalist and I wasn't getting as much freelance work in, I'm sure everyone can relate! I had this list of ideas on my phone and I just started to shout, how does a blind girl at the camera. I realised that the hashtag #LearnOnTikTok was trending and some of my friends who don't live with me were like, 'Oh my gosh, I didn't know you did that, I want to click on the video!' Yeah, it just went crazy from there, really."

So, what's the most asked question Lucy gets on her channel?

"Can I dream in pictures? To be honest, I think that's quite interesting but the answer is no. I used to be able to but I don't have much visual memory anymore. I also get asked a lot about how I do my make-up and hair. People get nervous when they see me holding a curling wand, but I Iove being able to do it because it makes me feel like Lucy. I always like to say to people, it's not the same as just putting on a blindfold for the first time. Having been blind for eight years, I've really honed my craft."

On self-care

Lucy Edwards sat on the stairs looking very glam

"I'm really into self-care because having a routine when I was rehabilitating after my sight loss was just so integral to my wellbeing and how I cope as a blind woman. I absolutely adore candles, at the moment I'm loving this brand called cent.ldn they're just amazing. I always have to light one of those, I go through candles like nobody's business!"

"I absolutely adore Lush products, I'm always going in there. My new guide dog knows the exact route to Lush for mummy, she knows it's essential! I always need to do a hair mask, I do one every two to three days just because I adore my hair and I think it's something that needs to be nourished. I always use the Pantene Intense Hair Rescue Mask from the Silky & Glowing collection. I also adore The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector. If I'm doing a face mask, I love the Sleep Hero Overnight Sleep Mask by Skin Proud."

On skincare routines

"I love to do my skincare and I really prioritise it, because it makes my make-up sit way better. I wouldn't be able to do it as a blind woman without all this."

"So, I would start with CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, which I absolutely adore. I really love Drunk Elephants products, especially Baby Facial. It's really intense and I love using it once a week. I also love Dr Sam Bunting, she's a skincare expert who has a line of products and I love her Flawless Moisturiser. My favourite thing is putting a bit of theDrunk Elephant's Marula Oil in the moisturiser."

On budget beauty buys

Lucy Edwards holding a Real Techniques brush

"I would never buy the most expensive beauty blender because I absolutely love Real Techniques. I never buy any other brushes or any other sponges. I love the[Miracle Complexion Sponge {href='https://www.lookfantastic.com/real-techniques-miracle-complexion-sponge/11405789.html?' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'}), it was the first thing that allowed me to apply my foundation on my own."

On advice to budding content creators

"Just do it!" Lucy laughs, "I know it's Nike's slogan, but I was really timid when I did my first video, but you need to keep going. Whatever you want to do, whatever your niche is, just own it. Maybe have 20 or so ideas on your phone. I always like to film my content in one day and have scripts for things. I'll have around seven to ten videos to film on a content day. Also, don't put too much pressure on yourself to post all the time and see how it goes. Oh and don't look at the numbers too much at the start, it can be overwhelming."

On working with Pantene

Lucy Edwards is working with Pantene

Lucy has just been announced Pantene's newest ambassador for their Silky and Glowing range and she tells heat how the campaign is helping blind people become more independent in stores and on social media.

"The campaign is all about inclusivity. Pantone is partnering with NaviLens which is a company that empowers the visually impaired, by putting almost like little barcodes on to every single Pantene product in the line."

Designed to help visually impaired shoppers, the free NavLens app and will help find the products for you when you're in your local shop, whilst also sharing everything from the benefits to the ingredients of the products.

"Before now, I've had to have sighted assistance when I've got into the shop and Pantene is making it more accessible every single day."

Lucy is also partnering with Pantene to launch the Code of Conduct, which is working to make social media posts acessible for all.

"It's stating exactly how to make content more accessible online, my sister who's sighted has described around 2000 beauty tutorials to me over the years. The industry wouldn't be accessible without her and Pantene are pushing the boundaries by saying, 'Hey influencers, describe your tutorials!"

Find out more about the brilliant campaign and how you can make your Instagram posts more accesible, here.

Quickfire round:

Show you’re currently binging? I absolutely adore Netflix Audio Description, at the moment I'm loving Sabrina.

Go-to cuppa? I'm a Chegan! Part vegetarian, part vegan so I always take my cup of tea with oat milk.

Go-to loungewear brand? I love a bit of PLT.

Favourite face mask? Sleep Hero Overnight Sleep Mask by Skin Proud .

Go-to takeaway order? It has to be Dominos, I just love pizza.

Favourite candle? [Cent.Ldn's Brixton candle {href='https://www.centldn.com/product-page/brixton-candle-300g' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'}), I'm burning it as we speak!

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On life-changing podcasts

"The top thing I recommend to everyone at the moment because I've recently started my own business is a diary of the CEO by Stephen Bartlett, for because it just strips away a layer of what it means to be a business owner and I think it made it more accessible for me to think of myself as a powerful disabled business owner woman. You see the vulnerabilities in everyone and you know not everyone's perfect, so I adore that."

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