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V. important question: where would we be without LUSH?

Thanks to the fresh handmade cosmetics brand we've become bath snobs (Avobath Bath Bomb, please and thank you), can't go to bed without slathering on Sleepy Lotion and we've tried, tested and loved their eco-friendly shampoo bars.

LUSH even started bringing out their own make-up products and to let you in on a little secret, their mascara LUSH Lashes is phenomenal.

So when we discovered our friends at ASOS are now stocking LUSH on-site? Reader, we are living.


It's officially never been easier to stock up on your favourite handmade bath and body cosmetics.

To celebrate the partnership, the LUSH team have even created an exclusive bath bomb duofor ASOS. Pretty adorable, huh?

Check out below all the bath bombs, lip scrubs and gift sets you can now buy on ASOS. We knew our Premier Delivery would be a fantastic investment...

SHOP: the best LUSH bits you can now buy on ASOS

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ASOS1 of 6

LUSH Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar

ASOS2 of 6

LUSH X ASOS Exclusive Bath Bomb Duo Set

ASOS3 of 6

LUSH Best for Feeling Sleepy Bodycare Set

ASOS4 of 6

LUSH Best for Big Hair Set

ASOS5 of 6

LUSH Best of Bath Bombs Duo Set

ASOS6 of 6

LUSH Best of Lip Scrubs Set

Shop the full LUSH x ASOS collection,here.

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