Molly-Mae Hague reveals the £8.85 priming moisturiser she swears by for glowy skin

"My make-up artist Holly always uses this on me"

Molly-Mae Hague shares the Amazon product she uses for hydrated skin

by Aimee Jakes |

Love Islander and relatable influencer Molly-Mae Hague has shared her go-to priming hack and it's a cult-favourite in Celebsville.

In fact, Zara McDermott, Anna Vakili, Kady McDermott and Victoria Beckham herself all swear by the green tube of dreams.

Meet the £8.85 Weleda Skin Food, which is famed for its hydrating and dewy formula which leaves you with the 'wet skin' vibe. Because in 2021, we're all about looking glowing 'n' hydrated, hun.

Where to buy: Weleda Skin Food

Weleda Skin Food for Dry and Rough skin, 75ml

Weleda Skin Food

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Luckily it's a complete STEAL on Amazon.

Weleda Skin Food, 30ml

Weleda Skin Food, 30ml

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...Or a smaller version is available if you want to test it out first!

Molly-Mae revealed she is a huge fan of Welada Skin Food during a YouTube tutorial, where she attempted to recreate Maddison Beer's glowy make-up routine with Vogue.

Talking through the first step in her routine, Molly-Mae explained, "to prime my face and to moisturise, I'm using the Weleda Skin Food."

"My make-up artist Holly, well when were allowed to do make-up, she always always uses this on me."

She adds, "it's a super, super thick product and it's quite oily. If you have oily skin I don't know if this will be for you, but your skin feels so so moisturised and hydrated when I use it."

Luckily, if you do have oily skin, Weleda also has a 'light version' for just £8.83 so you can reap the benefits of Skin Food without a sticky face.

Where to buy: Weleda Skin Food Light

Molly-Mae may use the product as a priming moisturiser, but you can also use it for dry elbows, knees or anywhere that you need a hit of moisture.

Kady McDermott previously told heat how she loves using Skin Food, especially in the colder months.

She said, "This time of year I get really dry around my nose and chin area, it’s not spots but dry skin. When I put that on, it’s like a blanket for my dry marks... if that makes sense! It’s really good."

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"Bought this on the recommendation of Katie Jayne Hughes on Instagram," one chuffed customer said in a product review.

"She swears it is her holy grail product and has beautiful glossy skin. Well what can I say? I have been using this for less than a week and it is a wonder product. Use a tiny amount, warmed up in my hands first, across my cheekbones and forehead and then patted into the skin. I feel there has almost been a ‘blurring’ effect on my skin. Like a real life filter! This is such a reasonable price and I would recommend at least giving it a go. I don’t know why I waited so long!"

We're sold.

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