Your guide to every celebrity who uses THIS cult £9 ‘glowy’ moisturiser

It's beauty's worst kept secret

Your definitive guide to every celebrity who uses this £8.99 moisturiser

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If you were to take a peek into any MUA, celebrity or beauty guru's make-up kit there's one holy grail you'll be sure to find.

The worst-kept beauty secret of all time, this cult-favourite £9 moisturiser has an enthusiastic fan club that includes a multitude of high-profile celebs and influencers.

Used by all, this green tube of dreams has become renowned as everyone's favourite budget beauty buy and all for different reasons? From primer to moisturiser and even glow-getter, the very cult moisturiser, without fail, will work for everyone.

Meet the £8.98 Weleda Skin Food, famed and adored for its hydrating and dewy formula which leaves you with the 'wet skin' vibe.

Weleda Skin Food, 75ml

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What is Weleda Skin Food?

Weleda Skin Food is a multi-purpose cream that can be used as a moisturiser, skin salve, overnight treatment or primer. The £8.98 dream product works to hydrate your skin, leaving a dewy 'wet skin' glow.

It helps to soothe irritation, harnessing the power of pansy, chamomile and calendula, and also smells absolutely delicious. Weleda’s Skin Food has become a travel essential for many jet setters, to restore radiance to lacklustre skin. It is ideal to protect and replenish skin blasted by drying air conditioning on the plane whenever you’re travelling, or on the ski slope in biting winds.

What used to be something of an insider secret between makeup artists and the skincare industry has now wormed its way into the Love Island Villa, backstage at London Fashion Week and beyond. The life-changing moisturiser, primer and soothing balm has become quite literally the most in-demand beauty product, EVER.

From Love Islanders, to the Spice Girls and Euphoria Stars, these are all the celebs that swear by the £8.98 product.

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Every celebrity who uses Weleda Skin Food

Molly-Mae Hague1 of 11
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Molly-Mae Hague

Molly-Mae revealed she is a huge fan of Weleda Skin Food during a YouTube tutorial, where she attempted to recreate Maddison Beer's glowy make-up routine with Vogue.Talking through the first step in her routine, Molly-Mae explained, "to prime my face and to moisturise, I'm using the Weleda Skin Food.""My make-up artist Holly...she always always uses this on me."

Olivia Attwood2 of 11
CREDIT: Getty Images

Olivia Attwood

Talking to heatworld, Olivia Attwood shared her fave budget beauty buy, explaining, "this is such a makeup artist hack that I've definitely stolen from watching MUA's videos on Instagram, but it's the Weleda Skin Food. I don't use it as my moisturiser, I actually use it under my foundation and it's such a nice base. Like I mix a bit of that with my NARS primer. The foundation just glides on top of it, it is lovely."

Victoria Beckham3 of 11
CREDIT: Getty Images

Victoria Beckham

Weleda Skin Food has won beauty awards the world over and garnered loyal celebrity fans like Victoria Beckham. Victoria has used Weleda Skin Food for years and even stocked up on the holy grail balm backstage at her SS20 fashion week show to ensure the make-up artists had all they needed to give the waiting models a glow-up.

Mary Bedford4 of 11
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Mary Bedford

Mary Bedford discovered that Weleda Skin Food doubles up as the best make-up base when working as a model for Boohoo. She revealed all in a YouTube video, "this is so hydrating, nearly everywhere I work [as a model] uses this on me, it must be the best thing to use."Since her discovery, Mary has shared her holy grail with all the girls in the Love Island villa, and now they're all as obsessed.

Chloe Burrows5 of 11
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Chloe Burrows

In a YouTube video titled, 'MY BOYFRIEND DOES MY MAKEUP CHALLENGE!!' Toby Aromolaran hilariously applies Chloe Burrow's go-to products with as little help as possible. The #content for The People.Chloe does however interject when Toby goes to apply her foundation (Nars Sheer Glow, FYI) and forgets a crucial step - a glowy primer."What is the primer?" Toby asks with the same level of confusion as we had in GCSE Chemistry."Well, Mary actually got me into this on Love Island," Chloe tells her Love Island beau. "It's the Weleda Skin Food and it's bloody brilliant."

Kaz Kamwi6 of 11
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Kaz Kamwi

Discussing her self-care favourites with heatworld, Kaz Kamwi revealed, "I love Weleda Skin Food which was introduced to me by the girls on the show [Mary Bedford and Chloe Burrows are both big fans]. I use it as a primer and it's so good. It really hydrates the skin and gives you a glowy, healthy look. You literally look like you've put a little bit of oil on your face, it's so good. It's a really great primer but it's universal. It works for all skin types and tones, too."

Sophie Kasaei7 of 11
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Sophie Kasaei

Another fan of the infamous balm is Geordie Shore's Sophie Kasaei. For dewy skin, Sophie revealed she loves "Weleda Skin Food, it is so cheap and it's under a tenner. I've got quite dry skin, so I use the original one and I put it on before bed. Honestly the next day, the glow!"

Anna Vakili8 of 11
CREDIT: Getty Images

Anna Vakili

Anna and Mandi Vakili sat down with heatworld to chat about all things skincare and beauty. When asked about their skincare routine, Anna revealed she loves "the Weleda Skin Food, it's amazing for really dry skin."

Chloe Cherry9 of 11
CREDIT: Getty Images

Chloe Cherry

Speaking to Dazed Beauty,Euphoria's Chloe Cherry says: "I discovered this product because my make-up artist on Euphoria would put this on my skin every day; Alex French, she's very talented. She used to always say that it was the best thing to make your skin really dewy. It's the Weleda Skin Food, oh my god, it's so, so, so good."

Kady McDermott10 of 11
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Kady McDermott

When heatworld asked Katy McDermott what her ultimate budget beauty buy is, she shared, "I love Weleda Skinfood, it's a face and body moisturiser. This time of year I get really dry around my nose and chin area, it's not spots but dry skin. When I put that on, it's like a blanket for my dry marks... if that makes sense! It's really good."

Rachel Leary11 of 11
CREDIT: Instagram / Rachelleary

Rachel Leary

Rachel Leary talked make-up tips, YouTube wisdom and the primer she swears by for glowy skin with heatworld, revealing: "I literally rave about this in all of the make-up videos that I do, it's by a brand called Weleda and it's their Skin Food (£10). Oh my goodness, it's amazing. It's a really intense moisturiser and it has a little bit of a tack to it. So it's become my number one way of priming my skin before makeup. It's just insane. But then if you've got really, really dry patches of skin, and you just want a thick intensive moisturiser before you go to bed, this is just amazing. Honestly, I heard people rave about it and then I finally jumped on the hype and it is absolutely worth it."

BRB, off to stock up. Buy Weleda Skin Food.

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