Olivia Attwood talks #extra wellness treatments, manifestation and her ultimate self-care Sunday

Plus the £8 product she swears by for flawless make-up

Olivia Attwood

by Aimee Jakes |

We love a bit of self-care and all this time at home has really given us an excuse to look after ourselves inside and out. Each week, we'll be asking the celeb lot to share their Sunday self-care routines, because taking care of yourself is more important than ever.

This week it's all about Olivia Attwood, the absolute icon who stole our hearts during Love Island 2017. Since then she's become a huge name thanks to her hit TV show 'Olivia Meets Her Match', works with huge brands and has a babein' new fashion range with ISAWITFIRST.

We caught up with Olivia to talk skincare favourites, the Law of Attraction and the £8 skin hero that promises a flawless make-up application...

On self-care Sundays

Olivia Attwood

There's nothing quite like a self-care Sunday to catch up on sleep, beauty routines and a bit of me-time. Olivia shares that she's a huge fan of a pampering day and tbh, we love to see it.

"I'm a proper bath girl, I love a bath. So I would do a bath and then scrub off all my old fake tan and reapply. For me, fake tan is just a non-negotiable for self-care... I need to be tanned!

"Amanda Harrington is my favourite at the minute, I love the face mist (£28) and it's such a good tan, it doesn't give you any spots or block your pores or anything. I also love a face mask, I love Rodial face masks they've got a Vitamin C mask sheet (£14), which is so nice."

"I love bath salts I'm a real magnesium salt girl, they actually really do detox you, I don't know if it's a placebo effect, but it makes me feel better! "

On skincare routines

"I'm using VO which I get from my doctor who does my Botox and my facials and things like that and it's just great skincare to be fair."

Liv prides herself on being a proper skincare buff and her routine is quite frankly, screenshot-worthy.

"So I've stopped using face wipes, I'm very proud to announce because one, they're horrible for the environment and two, they're actually horrible for skin. I use a foaming cleanser every day, then use toner. I exfoliate every three days. I love a really heavy-duty moisturiser because I've got really dry skin, so hydration for me is key. I do a sheet mask once or twice a week. I do try and go in for a Hydrafacial to a local like Medispa if I sort of have time. I think a good facial is unbeatable."

On game changing make-up tips

Olivia Attwood make-up tips

Olivia is renowned for her glowy and glam make-up looks online and told us her ultimate tip for elevating your current routine. The secret? Don't forget primer.

"I would say priming is key and prepping your skin. So, clean, hydrated skin and using a good quality primer. If you have the base right, your makeup will just sit differently. If you don't prepare your skin before it doesn't stay on. I never used to really wear primers because I thought 'oh, I've got dry skin. I don't need a primer', but actually, it's a game-changer. "

Her go-to? "The NARS Cosmetics Radiance Primer (£29) is amazing!"

On favourite budget beauty buys

Olivia's favourite budget beauty buy is also loved by Molly-Mae Hague, Victoria Beckham and YouTuber Rachel Leary. It might just be the worst kept secret in beauty.

"This is such a makeup artist hack that I've definitely stolen from watching MUA's videos on Instagram, but it's the Weleda Skin Food (£8.42). I don't use it as my moisturiser, I actually use it under my foundation and it's such a nice base. Like I mix a bit of that with my NARS primer. The foundation just glides on top of it, it is lovely.

Oh, go on then.

On her new ISAWITFIRST collection

ISAWITFIRST olivia bowen

Olivia just dropped her second collection with fashion brand ISAWITFIRST, which has just been confirmed as the official fashion partner for Love Island 2021 👏🏻.

So what was the design process like?

"ISAWITFIRST let me have full creative control which is just so nice. There's nothing that ever goes into collections that I haven't chosen or gone through with their design team, which is a really nice feeling. We definitely just drew inspiration from the runways and the things that we're seeing at the minute like bold patterns, pastel colours, and it's a very 'Ibiza' kind of edit, with linen effect clothing, hot pants and blazers. "

Does Liv have a favourite piece from the collection, or is it like choosing a favourite child?

"There are the knitted hot pants (£18) and halter neck crop top (£15) that I'm going to wear for the launch party. That for me at the minute it stands out. Also, the blazers are really cute and they're a really good fit which was key for me because I think there's nothing worse than a bad fitting blazer."

On the law of attraction

"I rate it highly and I think I've seen it in motion in myself," says Liv. "In the same way putting out good vibes, you know, they come back, I also think when you're putting out negativity, it also comes back to you."

The reality queen shares how she likes to write down her goals and manifest them.

"I think visualising things that you want and the goals that you have and writing them down, it's just so important. I write these sort of little goal lists for myself every six months and then when I go back and I check them off, half of the things, I've actually forgotten that I've done them, so it's so nice to actually have that list."

"It's really easy to beat yourself up and I think we live in this like society where no matter what you're doing, even the people that you think are absolutely top of their game probably don't think they're doing enough. We all give ourselves such a hard time and all think we could be doing more, so I think keeping the old journals and lists is really good for that."

On #extra wellness routines

Olivia Attwood

"I'm quite big on my homoeopathic medicines and vitamins, I spend probably a small fortune on them every month which I guess is quite extra and when people see like my row of things that I take every day, they're like, "f*ng hell!' My mum is really into all that and she's kind of instilled it into me, I eat a very natural and clean diet".

"I'm not really into fad skincare or things like that because I think they can be a bit risky but I have had the Morpheus 8 treatment which is, essentially this little stapler head that they kind of staple all over your face and it's got little needles on the end. It increases collagen and it helps lift scar tissue and I really rate it. It f***ing hurts, but I rate it!"

A face stapler? We'll pass.

On life-changing books

Perhaps a cliche in ol' Celebsville, but Olivia loves the classic manifestation self-help books which every celeb worth their salt has proudly on their bookshelf.

"Everyone says it, but I really like The Secret (£9.98) and then The Magic (£7.83). I've read them both at least twice."

On nailing the ultimate selfie

Thanks to footballer fiancé Bradley Dack stepping in as her reluctant photographer, Liv has mastered the art of the quickie selfie. Quelfie?

"I'm really quick because I literally only have Brad to take photos of me for the last year and he gives me about five or six photos and he's done. So I've learned to literally get the picture quickly.

"Also, be in good lighting and have the sun on your face. Never have the light behind you always have it on you. Find your angle, for me, I like a higher phone angle. Some girls prefer the phone really low down, but find that angle. Don't be afraid to direct whoever is taking your photo because time is of the essence, so I'll be like, 'up to the left, make sure the light is on my face' and normally we're good to go!"

Quickfire round:

Show you’re currently binging? I'm not actually watching anything right now, but I'm waiting eagerly for the next series of Selling Sunset.

Go-to cuppa? I hate tea, always coffee. So I have a latte with one sugar and oat milk if I can have it.

Go-to loungewear brand? ISAWITFIRST or I really like those heavyweight tracksuits.

Favourite face mask? The Rodial Vitamin C Sheet Mask.

Go-to takeaway order? A Chinese, chicken chow mein, crunchy seaweed, fried rice, just the usual stuff.

Favourite candle? I love the Diptyque ones, they're really obnoxiously overpriced, but they're so good.

You can shop the Olivia x ISAWITFIRST collection online, here.

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Olivia is having a great 2021 because not only does she have a new range with I Saw It First, but the second season of her show Olivia Meets Her Match has started, she’s preparing to marry footballer boyfriend Bradley Dack and recently adopted a dog.

Posting a photo of her new addition she wrote, "think I have made you all wait long enough... Meet....Lola 🙊

"Brad and I have waited years to get a dog, and I can’t believe she’s actually here and she’s ours. And what I can believe even less is that we get to have this beautiful dog as part of our family because someone else deemed her not worthy of being in theirs 🥺

"We think she is a carpathian / German Shepard dog mix. 5ish months old."

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