A CLEAR St Moriz tanning spray exists and we need it immediately

No more tanned bed sheets 😱

St Moriz

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Ah, St Moriz. The OG, our go-to... our one true love.

Some of our best nights out have been courtesy of the St Moriz Dark Mousse, which makes us look like we've just landed from a two-week stint in Mauritius.

Bronzed and babein', honey.

It's cheap as chips and honestly rivals any of the high-end tanning brands out there.

So, cue our excitement when St Moriz announced they have launched a CLEAR tanning spray that dries within minutes.

It doesn't even need rubbing in. A tanning mitt? So 2019.

The 'no guide colour' means that you can apply your spray tan with no transfer and no-mess precision - this new formula is a tan addict’s dream.

It also has shade control, meaning the longer you leave it on, the darker and deeper your tan will be.

Keep the tan on for one hour to achieve a light glow and leave it on for up to eight hours to develop a dark tan.

It is a little more spenny than the usual St Moriz offering, but reader, think how much you'll save on replacing stained bed sheets...

It's currently sold out at Superdrug, but you can bag yourself a bottle at Feel Unique, below.

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St Moriz Clear Tanning Spray

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CREDIT: St Moriz

St. Moriz Advanced Pro No Mess Spray Tan in a Can

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Tips for a flawless tan finish:

  1. Shake well before use.
  1. Stand on a towel or baby wipes to protect the soles of your feet. Spray lightly and evenly in a continuous sweeping movement, keeping the spray 15-30cm from the body and face. When applying to the face, avoid contact with eyes.
  1. The mist will fall naturally onto your feet as you spray your body. If your feet still feel wet once your body has dried, lightly buff them with a tanning mitt.
  1. The tan will begin to develop after 1 hour and will continue to build for up to 8 hours.
  1. Avoid washing, particularly with soaps, shower gels or shampoos as your tan is developing.
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