11 best gradual tanners to up your beauty routine

Wave those pasty legs goodbye 👋

Best gradual tan

by Lily Anderson |

Nothing beats that feeling of landing somewhere new with the girls when the sun hits your face for the first time. Luckily, summer is almost upon us, which means more sundresses, short shorts and general skin bare-age.

Having said that, classic British weather has prevented us from being able to get a glowing tan just yet, so that golden glow is going to have to come from a fake tan bottle for now. On the plus side, you won't have to fret about a pesky sunburn - it's the little things, right?

Whether you’re heading out-out for some drinks after work or going on that hot date, some exfoliator and a gradual tanning lotion is the best way to turn up your winter beauty regime.

Now you’ve come to terms with the fact that you're going to spend an extra half an hour a week (or so) scrubbing and moisturising to make you look like your inner bronzed goddess, you better find the BEST gradual tan to make all this possible.

Forget scrolling through Insta to get recommendations, we’ve pulled all our faves, from tan mousse to tanning lotion, together in one place.

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How does gradual tan work?

Gradual tans, unlike traditional fake tans, use added moisturisers to achieve a more even, subtle tan. They pretty much resolve the bugbears associated with traditional fake tanners (streaks, patches and dryness) by hydrating the skin and developing the colour over a series of days, rather than several hours. So, because gradual tanners are usually made up of less potent, or lighter, tan tones, to make the most of your product, you should apply it daily over the course of a week and layer up to your desired shade of golden glow.

How long does gradual tan take to work?

Now, this depends on the gradual tan you're using but, in our experience, we'd say most gradual tans get the job done in under a week. Just apply daily and, after five to seven days (though, we have known it to work quicker), you'll be looking fresh off the plane from a sunny week in Marbs with the gals.

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